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29 Infuriatingly Bad Storylines From TV Shows In 2017

This article may contain spoilers, so readers beware (or don't if that's what you're into).

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for the worst storylines from TV shows in 2017. Here are the best answers.

1. A.D.'s reveal in the final episode of Pretty Little Liars.


"I felt more let down by I. Marlene King than I did by my asshole ex. The entire final season, and that last episode in particular, was such a let down. It left unanswered questions, and introduced characters and storylines that needed more background for us to feel as connected and interested."


2. Rayna's shocking death on Nashville.


"Like...WHAT THE HELL?! They should have just ended the show."


3. Jackson and Maggie's polarising relationship on Grey's Anatomy.


"The whole Jackson/Maggie thing came out of the blue and it's so terrible. First off, they're stepsiblings so that's just ick. Secondly, every interaction between them is just so awkward. There's no chemistry between the two actors and it's just ruining the show for me right now."


4. And the resurfacing of Owen's presumed dead sister.


"It frustrated me that for Owen was an important character on the show, but we never heard about this sister that he supposedly never stopped thinking about until Riggs came into the picture. It felt cheap and more than a little insulting to someone who has been watching it all this time."


5. The complete lack of twists and turns in American Horror Story: Cult.


"American Horror Story is either a hit-or-miss for me, this year being a major miss. This season was just so predictable and the suspense was lacklustre."

Kevin Dix

6. And the revelation of S.C.U.M as the Zodiac Killer's "real" identity.


"I thought this plot was just ridiculous and totally unnecessary. It felt unrealistic because GET THIS: Remember in Season 4 of AHS: Hotel when James March had a dinner with serial killers on devil's night? Well, the zodiac killer that was there was portrayed as ONE LONE KILLER. Make up your mind AHS."


7. The entirety of 13 Reasons Why.


"Not even one particular plotline. The whole thing was just terrible."


8. The child abuse allegations against Olivia in Law & Order: SVU.


"The bullshit plot line of Olivia abusing and almost losing her gtfo."


9. The stupidity of Crowley's death on Supernatural.

The CW

"The character had been around for so long that he deserved better. He needed a super-meaningful death, and they just kind of pointlessly killed him off."


10. Everything about Season 7 of Once Upon a Time.


"The diverging timelines so we can get more Hook? Goethel and the alternative timeline Hook baby? Drizz casting curses? The fact that Henry actually probably isn’t her real dad? Closing the Belle storyline? So many things. Too many things. Entirely too convoluted, too soon."


11. Archie and Ms Grundy's out-of-bounds relationship in Riverdale.

The CW

"The whole thing was just creepy! And how she checks out other high schoolers before driving away? Ugh."


12. And the cringeworthy formation of the Red Circle.

The CW

"I literally laughed out loud at the video Archie made. It was so ridiculous and over the top. Everything about Archie is so boring. Just give me more Cheryl, please."

—Iveta Marinopolska, Facebook

13. The change in Olivia's character on Scandal.


"Maybe I’m just not getting it, but Olivia seems like the total opposite of her character when the show started. She was a boss-ass bitch as it was, but now she’s just an ass."


14. The unsatisfactory ending on Bloodline.


"The ending was so weak. My husband and I were legit pissed off after religiously watching for three seasons, only to have it end the way it did. What a complete waste of an amazing show."


15. Jane and Rafael not becoming a couple despite everything they've been through on Jane the Virgin.

The CW

"Last season they hyped up how great of friends they were and how Jane’s feelings were coming back, and then suddenly they hate each other?! And start dating other people? What is that?"

Sophie Miller

16. And Michael's sudden but heartbreaking death.

The CW

"It makes no sense. They made Jane and Michael have an off-and-on relationship, then a beautiful wedding, and then they KILL HIM. All because they are trying to grow Jane's character. I stopped watching after that. Killing a character does not make your show better — it makes you lose audience members."


17. The direction of Season 6 on New Girl.


"I absolutely hate the way New Girl spun out of control. It used to be so lovable, like a low-key, nonoffensive HIMYM with cute characters. Now within one season, major developments were rushed and it felt like its own parody."

—Emily Marie, Facebook

18. Kara and Mon-El's turbulent relationship in Supergirl.

The CW

"It completely bled any feminist leanings out of the show, putting Kara in a constantly resetting relationship with a guy who repeatedly disrespected her. And yet we're expected to view that as ~true love~? Then they brought him back for Season 3. Blech. I couldn't finish the season."


19. Mindy's lack of independence in the season finale of The Mindy Project.


"The whole series was supposed to be about feminine ambition and independence. Yet they broke up her marriage to a supportive guy, only to make her suddenly get back with her emotionally abusive ex, and have him save her business from going under. For a show about female empowerment, they sure ended on a 'I need a man' note."


20. The disappointing ending of Teen Wolf.


"The final season sucked! I love the show and I expected an amazing ending for my favourite characters, but instead a lot of stuff felt unresolved and unexplored. We deserved better."


21. And the cringeworthy pairing of Scott and Malia.


"They were literally the only single people left and they paired them together, despite the lack of chemistry and the cringeworthy scenes that seemed nothing short of forced. And they were in love after only a few episodes of nonexistent development."


22. The introduction of Billy in Stranger Things 2.


"Billy's character was an abusive asshole to Max who tried to run over the boys and beat up Steve. Lots of the women in Hawkins thought he was sexy, but his creeper vibes put me off immediately. And no, that throwaway scene of his dad being abusive didn’t make me particularly sympathetic towards him."


23. Nancy and Jonathan’s (unwanted) romantic subplot.


"I just don’t see it! Plus Steve is way better anyway (cool hair, great babysitter, 10/10 gentle boy)."


24. And the exploration of Eleven's past in THAT episode.


"I get why it had to happen, but damn was it boring and poorly executed. It just felt SO out of place."


25. Everything about The Walking Dead.


"I can’t even pinpoint an exact storyline that makes me angry because this whole season has. It just drags now and has long lost my interest, which is a shame because it used to be one of my favourite shows."


26. The three-day timeline in Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black.


"The whole shitstorm could have finished after a few episodes and moved on!"

—Brendan Swift, Facebook

27. The increased speed at which characters are suddenly able to travel in Game of Thrones.


"Traveling from north to south Westeros had previously taken a while and in the latest season it was like BAM they were there. It really took away the magic and left me feeling disappointed." —beckyc40ab022f4

28. The ridiculous feud between Sansa and Arya.


"It was pointless and was probably just added so that there was another story besides Jon Snow and Dany."


29. And the whole kidnapping-a-wight storyline that was bound to never work.


"That was so pointless and stupid — Cersei was NEVER going to help them destroy the White Walkers, and they lost a FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON!!"

—Samantha Bisese, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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