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29 Infuriatingly Bad Storylines From TV Shows In 2017

This article may contain spoilers, so readers beware (or don't if that's what you're into).

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for the worst storylines from TV shows in 2017. Here are the best answers.

1. A.D.'s reveal in the final episode of Pretty Little Liars.

2. Rayna's shocking death on Nashville.

3. Jackson and Maggie's polarising relationship on Grey's Anatomy.

4. And the resurfacing of Owen's presumed dead sister.

5. The complete lack of twists and turns in American Horror Story: Cult.

6. And the revelation of S.C.U.M as the Zodiac Killer's "real" identity.

7. The entirety of 13 Reasons Why.

8. The child abuse allegations against Olivia in Law & Order: SVU.

9. The stupidity of Crowley's death on Supernatural.

10. Everything about Season 7 of Once Upon a Time.

11. Archie and Ms Grundy's out-of-bounds relationship in Riverdale.

12. And the cringeworthy formation of the Red Circle.

13. The change in Olivia's character on Scandal.

14. The unsatisfactory ending on Bloodline.

15. Jane and Rafael not becoming a couple despite everything they've been through on Jane the Virgin.

16. And Michael's sudden but heartbreaking death.

17. The direction of Season 6 on New Girl.

18. Kara and Mon-El's turbulent relationship in Supergirl.

19. Mindy's lack of independence in the season finale of The Mindy Project.

20. The disappointing ending of Teen Wolf.

21. And the cringeworthy pairing of Scott and Malia.

22. The introduction of Billy in Stranger Things 2.

23. Nancy and Jonathan’s (unwanted) romantic subplot.

24. And the exploration of Eleven's past in THAT episode.

25. Everything about The Walking Dead.

26. The three-day timeline in Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black.

27. The increased speed at which characters are suddenly able to travel in Game of Thrones.

28. The ridiculous feud between Sansa and Arya.

29. And the whole kidnapping-a-wight storyline that was bound to never work.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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