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This Drunk Guy Making His Own Food At Waffle House While Employees Sleep Is All Of Us

Nothing but respect for MY drunk president.

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After spending a night out drinking with friends last week, the drunken munchies hit Bowen hard, so he did what any self respecting Southerner would do: He went to Waffle House.

Now when Bowen entered the restaurant the only employee in sight was a worker fast asleep at a table. So, after waiting around for 10 minutes Bowen, like many a hero before him, took matters into his own hands and went behind the grill.

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Armed with drunken confidence and a fully stocked kitchen, Bowen made his usual order, a Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt. He then cleaned the grill and headed on his merry way.

Alex Bowen

Bowen returned to the Waffle House later that day to pay for the meal he made.