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    The World Is Bullshit, But These 16 Pure And Wholesome Posts Aren't

    Everything in this post is Grade A Pure and Wholesome.

    1. These photos of a Victorian-era couple who couldn't keep a serious face.

    preggit / Via

    2. This dad's explanation of Alzheimer's.

    3. This post about supportive lion dads.

    4. This pup who shared with his stuffed friend.

    5. This very exciting moment between strangers.

    6. This story of the bravest lil' dog.

    7. This kid's important breaking news story.

    8. This turtle owner who found a good show for their lil' baby.

    9. This sweet comment on a news story.

    10. This post about the inner life of clumsy bumblebees.

    11. This post about a very cozy dog.

    12. This very good boy statue.

    13. This grandma, who downloaded Pokémon Go.

    14. This post from The Rock about his Christmas gift to his mom.

    15. This story about a person learning English and hearing the word "pom-pom" for the first time.

    16. And finally, this comment that's unexpectedly pure.

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