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14 Of The Best Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Moments From This Year

Adopt me.

1. When Blake gave a shout-out to the most influential man in her life.

2. And when Ryan wished her a very happy birthday.

3. When Blake answered a question about Ryan's Twitter presence by saying this.

4. But when she found her password and put her tweeting skills to good use for Ryan's birthday.

5. When they both looked incredibly dapper at a premiere...

6. ...though Blake couldn't resist calling out Ryan.

7. When Ryan posted this image of Blake on set with the caption "#nofilter".

8. And when he uploaded this photo and joked it was the first time he had met Blake after "marrying her online".

9. While Blake uploaded a different shot calling Ryan "the balls to my basket".

10. When Blake shared this disgustingly happy photo.

11. When every red carpet moment was basically just the two of them having eyes for each other.

12. Honestly, they're ridiculous.

13. Adopt me.

14. And when Ryan really had his priorities sorted.

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