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15 Mom Threats That Are Brutally Savage, Weirdly Hilarious, And Just Totally "Mom"

"I will reverse Pilgrim you!"

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1. This mom, who issued a gentle reminder:

"I trust you boys will make the right decision."
mandyblakelukelex / Via

"I trust you boys will make the right decision."

2. This mom, who will never forget what she went through for you:

Ungrateful ass.
jesusbackwards / Via Twitter: @jesusbackwards

Ungrateful ass.

3. This mom, who got all the way scientific with her threat:

Kristen / Via Twitter: @callmekrobb

4. And this mom, who got historical with hers:

"I will reverse Pilgrim you!"
maxxsilly / Via

"I will reverse Pilgrim you!"

5. This mom, who knows how to hit 'em where it hurts:

Angela Hatfield / Via Twitter: @anghatfield

6. This mom, who doesn't mince words:

Dayum, Momma.
*sparks* / Via Twitter: @Sparkle4you

Dayum, Momma.

7. This mom, whose threat may just be the most 2017 ever:

Justine / Via Twitter: @_justinemarieC

8. This mom, who really said all she needed to:

"Touch ---> Die"
princessjazminexo / Via

"Touch ---> Die"

9. This mom, whose threat burns, oh it burns.

Lisa Askey / Via Twitter: @LisaAskey

10. This mom, who can probably make anything sound scary:

Jessi Drago / Via Twitter: @facetheday

11. This mom, who is not here for your status update:

kate / Via Twitter: @kate_rota

12. And this mom, who somehow makes a throat punch sound really sweet:

millygrace96 / Via

13. This mom, who went with the tried and true:

Tania Taekema / Via Twitter: @dhbmom1

14. This mom, who is probably hurting herself more than her kids:

15. And perhaps the most savage mom ever, who took it way, way too far:

Sidnie / Via Twitter: @prayandscrub

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