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This Is Why Rupert Grint "Can’t Enjoy 'Harry Potter'" Anymore

"It's just not the same."

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You know Rupert Grint. He played Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter's best friend.

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Well, in an interview with Radio Times on Sunday, the actor opened up about why he doesn't enjoy Harry Potter anymore.

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"I think being in things ruins them for me," he said. "I can’t enjoy Harry Potter any more, not as a fan. It’s just not the same."

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Grint added that he loves the attention he gets from fans, but it can be hard. "I end up having to take a selfie most days, but I’ve never really minded if it makes people happy – though I hate it when people take pictures without asking."

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Grint added that the fame was more exciting when he was 11 or 12, but now it is harder. "Sometimes you just want to be invisible."

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Honestly, understandable. You may not be able to enjoy the series anymore, Rupert, but your portrayal of Ron will always be ICONIC.

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