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December 7, 2016

Charleston Church Massacre Trial Starts: "I Watched My Son Die"

Dylann Roof, an avowed white supremacist, gunned down nine black parishioners at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, prosecutors say.

21 Ideas geniales para tener el arbolito más original de esta Navidad

¿Quién dijo que el típico pino era obligatorio?

How Terrible Of A Roommate Are You?

Maybe you should just live by yourself.

Which Beauty Fail Are You Actually?

Face it, you're not always Pinterest perfect.

18 Cosas que nadie te dice sobre tener relaciones cuando eres autista

¿Crees que las relaciones son difíciles para ti?

What It Was Like For Queer Women To Watch Television This Year

There was a lot of heartache this year, but it wasn't all bad. Some serious end-of-year spoilers ahead.

13 Beauty Trends From 2016 That Will Make You Question Everything

2016: The year makeup was just as confusing as the rest of the world.

These Women Went A Day Without Using Any Period Products

Not all women can afford period products. So, we decided to see what that felt like.

A Skeptical Senate Prods AT&T And Time Warner On Their Mega-Merger

The chief executives framed the deal as a boon to cord cutters, HBO super fans, and a step closer to cheaper internet TV.

Oakland Warehouse Fire Victims Were Trapped With "No Way Out"

Investigators said Wednesday there were no fire alarms or sprinklers installed inside the warehouse to warn victims of the deadly fire.

Donald Trump And The End Of "Time"

Time has long chosen controversial, notorious, or reviled figures as their “Person of the Year.” But in the age of Trump, has the nuance of “winning” the honor disappeared?

The Adriana Lima Quote About The Guy Who Fucked A McChicken Is Fake

"This doesn't even have to be a real quote, it's still true."

Koch Network Announces Layoffs, New Firm, And Upcoming Policy Battles

As part of a post-election merger, the network will lay off about 80 staffers and start a new communications firm. It's also gearing up for policy battles on the state level and looking at which Senate races it will be active in during the 2018 midterm elections.

Another Restaurant Was Reportedly Targeted By "Pizzagate" Conspiracy Theorists

Roberta's in Brooklyn reportedly received two threatening phone calls as result of being dragged into the "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory.

You Have To Hear What Michelle Obama Did On Election Night

Also, how do the Obamas manage to slay every single photo shoot?!

The New "Bachelor" Cast Is Here, And It's Spectacular

Nick Viall's journey to find love begins on Jan. 2.

Students Are Getting Their ATAR Results Early Due To A Technical Glitch

"Lol, some kids are traumatised because they weren't expecting to have their results spat back at them in seconds."

16 gatos que poderiam muito bem ser você

Principalmente se seu sonho é viver deitado.

A Man Threatened "People Offended By Christmas" And It Totally Backfired

"If this country loses its identity, the rest is meaningless."

Congress Scrambles To Pass Funding For Flint Before Leaving For The Year

It's been nearly a year since the White House declared a federal emergency over water contamination in Flint, Michigan. Now, a fight over drought relief in California is putting funding for the city in danger.

The Ultimate "Would You Rather" For Salty Snack Lovers

Let the chips fall where they may.

Esta é a forma mais limpinha de usar um banheiro público, segundo a ciência

Algumas pessoas se agacham, outras cobrem o assento com papel. Mas qual método é o mais higiênico?

17 Style Moments That Make You Wonder Why You Even Try

Why is looking good so damn hard?!

People Try Gefilte Fish For The First Time

"In jellied broth is not really an appealing concept"

Kardashian Sisters Try To Block Blac Chyna's Kardashian Trademark

Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney have filed papers opposing Chyna's request to trademark the name "Angela Renee Kardashian."

House Democrats Want An Investigation Into Russian Hacking During The Election

Reps. Elijah Cummings and Eric Swalwell introduced legislation to create a bipartisan commission to look into "foreign interference" during the 2016 election.

How Popular Are Your Hanukkah Opinions?

Eight days of pure bliss.

El Papa Francisco dice que difundir noticias falsas es "Probablemente el mayor daño" que los medios de comunicación pueden hacer

También comparó el escándalo que los periodistas hacen con una fascinación por las heces.

2 Minors Charged With Arson In Deadly Tennessee Wildfire

Fourteen people were killed and at least a thousand buildings damaged after fire tore through resort towns in the Great Smoky Mountains.

32 Of The Most Beautiful Book Covers Of 2016

Do judge these books by their covers.

What Weird Christmas Ornament Are You?

Don't lie: You've always wanted to know.

12 Increíbles historias en fotos que no te puedes perder

Aquí están los más interesantes y poderosos ensayos fotográficos de toda la web.

STF salva Renan Calheiros e ele continua presidente do Senado

Vitória de Renan, por 6 votos a 3, fortalece o senador e o próprio Senado, que em meio à Lava Jato trava queda de braço com o Judiciário. Decisão tranquiliza Planalto que terá aliado presidindo votação final da PEC do Teto.

Two Georgia Police Officers Killed By Gunman Were Best Friends

Nicholas Ryan Smarr and Jody Smith were responding to a "domestic disturbance" call near a Georgia university when they were shot.

Reversal Of Standing Rock Victory Might Undermine Environmental Law

The Army Corps’ decision to consider alternate routes for the Dakota Access pipeline was historic and hard-won, but legal experts fear that it could soon be reversed.

Former Students Say Stanford Tried To Buy Its Way Out Of Title IX Investigations

The elite university is trying to escape multiple federal probes into how it handles sexual assault, which critics call a “cold and calculating” move.

This Numbers Game Will Reveal What Your 2017 Will Be Like

This is totally, completely, 100% accurate.

17 Faces You'll Understand If You Hate Going Out

If you prefer staying in, you’ll understand.

21 coisas que você só vai entender se for uma garota que odeia sentimentos

Este abraço já durou 5 segundos a mais do que deveria.

La gente no deja de hablar sobre Donald Trump como la "Persona del Año"

Trump se une a la colección de portadas polémicas junto a Putin, Hitler y Stalin.

Here's Why Beyoncé Is The Only Thing That's Right In This World

The Queen proved yet again that we're all just lucky to live in a world where she exists.

Trump Picks Oil And Gas Ally For Environment Post

Pruitt is the attorney general of Oklahoma and has antagonized the US Environmental Protection Agency through letters and lawsuits during the Obama administration.

Take This Fast-Food Test And We'll Guess Your Exact Age And Height

The most delicious quiz you'll ever take.

Drug Makers Get The Brakes Taken Off FDA Drug Approvals

The 21st Century Cures Act sailed through the Senate, 94–5, and is headed for presidential signature. Critics call the bill's promise of faster drug approvals dangerous for patients.

Meatball-Stuffed Garlic Bread

The best of both worlds.

As fotos mais curtidas de 18 políticos brasileiros no Instagram

Katia Abreu fazendo lembrancinha e Alckmin engraxando os próprios sapatos.

Spongebob Fans Are Loving The Birthday Cake A Girl Got Her Brother

"I thought of something funnier than 24..."

How Petty Are Your Big Boobs Actually?

Like, how petty are they really?

30 Things You Should Know About Shemar Moore

The Bounce Back actor takes our Q&A!

Testamos usar óleo de coco para tudo

Desde tentar aliviar roncos até lustrar móveis!

Ohio Passes Bill That Bans Abortion After A Month And A Half

Many women do not know they are pregnant until the second month of a missed period.

One Less Competitor In The US Airline Market

Alaska Airlines can buy Virgin America, the Department of Justice said, as long as it limits its partnership with American Airlines.

How Popular Are Your Pop Diva Opinions?

Which diva will come out on top?

This Teen Got A Makeover To Help His Girlfriend Pay For A Concert Ticket

"Why is he so much better looking than me tho?”

Esto es todo lo que sabemos sobre la celebración de XV años de Rubí

Operativos de Protección Civil, un show de Niurka, un concierto de Bronco. TODO ESTÁ CONFIRMADO.

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter e YouTube se unem contra a disseminação do terrorismo nas redes sociais

Empresas concordam em compartilhar informações que identifiquem conteúdos relacionado ao terrorismo em suas plataformas.

21 Kids Who Know Exactly What They Want For Christmas

"A shark that goes underwater and grabs me corndogs that are already baked."

This Numbers Game Will Determine What Your Neverland Life Would Be Like

If there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start...

People Are Mourning Pakistan's Junaid Jamshed After He Died In A Plane Crash

"Those who grew up in Pakistan during the '90s lost an integral figure of their cultural experience today."

Testamos a receita da pipoca com calda de Jurupinga

Não deixa bêbado mas quem gosta de pipoca BEM doce vai curtir.

Which Disney Kid Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Adults are only kids grown up anyway.

49 Fotos, die dich ratlos zurücklassen, wie bisher nichts in deinem Leben

Bilder, die dich einfach nur "WAAAAAAAS" sagen lassen.

UHS Near You

BuzzFeed News investigated Universal Health Services, America’s largest psychiatric chain. Here is a list of the company’s U.S. psychiatric hospitals.

“What The Fuck Just Happened?”

Lock them in. Bill their insurer. Kick them out. How scores of employees and patients say America’s largest psychiatric chain turns patients into profits.

What Is The Best Beauty Product You Bought In 2016?

Tell us about your must-have makeup.

18 cadeaux pour vos potes qui en ont marre des hommes

Livres, bijoux, séries, accessoires... du girl power partout dans votre vie!

Chris Pratt As Santa Claus Is Exactly What You Need Today

All I want for Christmas is Chris Pratt.

Holyrood Has No Veto Over Brexit, Says Scotland's Top Lawyer

"That decision is ultimately, I say, for the Queen and parliament," said the Lord Advocate.

Pope Francis Says Spreading Fake News Is "Probably The Greatest Damage" Media Can Do

He also compared scandal-mongering by reporters to a fascination with feces.

10 coisas que só quem não é uma pessoa ciumenta entende

Você já aprendeu que não adianta nada.

Do Your Lady Gaga Opinions Actually Suck?

♫ You and me could write a bad romance ♫

Já que o mundo vai acabar em 2017, confira 17 dicas para ficar na moda mesmo no apocalipse

Não é porque o mundo está indo pro buraco que você vai ficar todo desleixado, né?

The Menagerie: A Chirping, Blinking, Data-Streaming Zoo For IoT

At the 2016 BuzzFeed Open Lab Showcase, Christine Sunu exhibited as series of internet connected objects with unusual sensors and displays.

21 Rude Scottish Gifts That All Sweary Cunts Will Love

Because everyone needs a bawbag tote, and fucknugget lights.

What % Into You Is Your Crush?

Does your crush feel the same way or is time to pack up and move on?

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Anthropologie, Fossil, J.Crew, and more!

Quem você namorou em uma vida passada?

O amor transcende o tempo.

What Do People Think Of You When They First Meet You?

What do strangers really think of you?

Este papá perdió el control de la forma más adorable al conocer a una alpaca

"Este era definitivamente el animal MÁS SUAVE y ABRAZABLE que ha existido".

Which 2016 Movie Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

♫ Let's go to the movies, let's go see the stars ♫

25 Bathroom Secrets Guaranteed To Gross You Out

“Sometimes I have trouble with bowel movements, so at times I have to reach ~up there~ and pull them out.”

19 Imágenes que sólo las mujeres entenderán

Esa varilla, nuestra peor enemiga.

MPs Have Just Voted To Leave EU By 2019

Keir Starmer MP said Labour will fight to "head off hard Brexit" but the majority of his party's MPs have now voted to leave the EU by 2019.

18 Secrets No One Tells You About Dating With Autism

You think dating is tough for you?

Did You Set Out To Put On Weight?

No matter why you put on weight, we want to hear your story.

Neo-Nazi Troll Jailed For Racially Harassing Jewish MP Online

Joshua Bonehill-Paine was handed a two-year sentence for racially aggravated harassment against Labour MP Luciana Berger.

Nunca foi tão fácil fazer lasanha

Uma receita ideal para curar a ressaca das festas de final de ano.

Qual "homão da porra" você merece?

Descubra quem deve ser o galã que melhor te acompanharia na vida.

Cette gomme qui mange des trucs est la seule chose à garder de 2016

Cette gomme s'appelle José, et tout le monde l'adore.

A IstoÉ escolheu Temer como brasileiro do ano e o pessoal ficou doido

E teve gente que shippou o casal Aécio e Moro.

18 Of The Most Savage Responses Women Had For Fuckboys In 2016

Get ready for this year's Tinder takedown.

34 Cozy Onesies For The Laziest Person You Know

Onesies that'll warm your bunsies.

This Dad Had The Most Adorable Meltdown When He Met An Alpaca

"This was the absolutely SOFTEST and most HUGGABLE animal EVER."

This "Westworld" Fan Theory Is Either Fucking Insane Or A Huge Coincidence

It doesn't look like anything to me. OR DOES IT?

Will You Be Naughty Or Nice In 2017?

Because not everyone can be nice.

Trump Says He's Asked Obama For Advice On Cabinet Appointments

“I do like him. I love getting his ideas.”

Rihanna Had The Best Response When Fans Pitted Her Against Beyoncé

"We don't need to be putting black women against each other! We deserve to be celebrated, and the Grammy Academy agrees!"

Lady Gaga revela que sofre com o transtorno de estresse pós-traumático desde que foi estuprada

Cantora trouxe o assunto à tona após visitar um centro de acolhimento LGBT em Nova York.

Você é limpinho?

Ou é um lixo ambulante?

42 Times The "Stranger Things" Kids Hung Out IRL In 2016

Their friendship on a scale of one to ten? Eleven.

What % Adult Baby Are You?

Are you really a grown up or just a really big baby?

24 Harrowing Pictures From The Attack On Pearl Harbor

Dec. 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy.

CPI da Merenda vai terminar poupando políticos suspeitos de receber propina

Presidente da Assembleia de SP, Fernando Capez (PSDB), foi citado por delatores como destinatário de suborno da merenda mas relator não pediu o indiciamento dele.

Die 33 witzigsten Jodel 2016, die jeder Student ganz, ganz tief fühlt

Dein Jahr ganz emotional auf Jodel zusammengefasst.

Estes são os 100 melhores posts do BuzzFeed Brasil em 2016

Fizemos rir, falamos sério e tentamos te ajudar a ter uma vida melhor. Relembre seus posts preferidos e conheça os destaques que você ainda não viu!

The Chennai Cops Have Been Unsung Heroes Since Jayalalithaa's Demise

Over 20,000 police personnel have been working tirelessly to hold the city together over the past couple of days.

Iowa Governor Offered Post As US Ambassador To China

Gov. Terry Branstad has a long, positive relationship with China and President Xi Jinping, that could help Trump to improve his standing with the nation he often criticized on the campaign trail.

12 Delicious Cornbreads You Need To Try Before You Die

The perfect side dish for any meal.

Circulation alternée: on a compté les plaques et c'est pas glorieux

Beaucoup d'automobilistes n'en ont rien à faire de la circulation alternée. Beaucoup trop.

26 choses que toutes les filles des années 90 voulaient à Noël

Les produits Diddl étaient sur toutes les listes.

Plane Carrying At Least 47 People Crashes In Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-661 crashed after disappearing off radar en route to Islamabad.

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Cake mix for dogs, Sasquatch poop, an affordable highlighting kit, and 17 other things you'll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Podemos adivinar cómo te irá con tu mejor amiga en 2017

Esperanza Gracia aprueba este test.

How Normal Are Your Christmas Food Opinions?

We need to know-ho-ho the truth.

24 Jokes About Everyone On The Internet That Are Way, Way Too Real

*guy bumps my shoulder* "You're lucky this isn't the Internet pal"

21 Of The Best Dry Shampoos You Can Get On Amazon

A lazy, clean start -- even for the raven-haired beauties.

41 WTF British TV Moments From 2016

It's been a confusing year for news but a belter of a year for TV.

A Man Has Been Arrested Over Threats Made Online Against Gina Miller

Miller is one of the most prominent public faces of a legal challenge against Brexit.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

Fake news headlines fool American adults about 75% of the time and Facebook is a major source, according to a new poll conducted for BuzzFeed News. At least 97 people died after a powerful earthquake hit Indonesia. And the Grammy nominations are here — Beyoncé leads the pack with nine nods, including for Album of the Year.

Can You Recognise These Celebrities With A Teeny-Tiny Face?

This is exactly what Photoshop was invented for.

17 Adorable Older Dogs Who Want To Come Home With You In 2017

Don't buy a puppy, take in one of these loving veterans instead. H/t Oldies Club UK.

Was für eine schreckliche Schwester bist du eigentlich?

*verlässt das Zimmer, ohne die Tür zu schließen*

23 choses que les personnes courageuses ne comprendront jamais

Votre but dans la vie: utiliser aussi peu de couverts que possible.

21 Great Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Running

Stuff that will make runners (even more) obsessed with running.

19 desserts de Noël ratés qui vont vous faire rire, c'est garanti!

Moi quand j'essaye de faire des recettes trouvées sur Pinterest.

20 Dinge, die echt nur kurzsichtige Menschen nachvollziehen können

Wenn eine Kontaktlinse in deinem Auge verloren geht.

Estas 21 cosas cumplirán 18 años en 2017 y te va a parecer una locura

¡Ya son mayores de edad y tú eres un vejestorio!

17 trucs agaçants qu'il faut arrêter de faire sur Snapchat

Ces trucs qui énervent tous vos amis.

32 Things All British Mums Do At Christmas

They're all about the Quality Street and tinsel.

13 Nurses Told Us Horror Stories From Their Student Days

"He asked me to massage his poo out for him."

31 Presents You Had No Idea You Could Find At Burlington

They really are more than great coats.

Cette graphiste compile les phrases reloues qu'on dit aux vegans

«En tant que vegan, je me suis retrouvée confrontée plusieurs fois à un interrogatoire où t'as pas le droit à l'erreur et je ne pense pas être la seule!» raconte Anne Wiss à BuzzFeed News.

Almost 1,000 Women In The UK Have Been Killed By Men In The Past 6 Years

Men killed 936 women between 2009 and 2015, the Femicide Census found.

The Lib Dems Failed To Declare £185,000 Of Spending In The General Election

The Electoral Commission has given the party the maximum fine possible of £20,000.

16 Alt-Right Christmas Carols

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas."

The Accidental Privilege Of Being A Young Girl In Amma's Chennai

I didn’t always agree with Jayalalithaa’s politics, but I’m mourning the loss of Chennai in the ‘90s, where it was ordinary for women to run the world.

なぜ、DeNAは著作権問題で批判の的だった人物を採用したのか 南場会長の思いは




11 Heartfelt Stories Of South Indian Women About Living In A World With Amma

"Amma was a complicated woman and I never liked her. But I already miss her."

This Animal Test Will Reveal Your Favorite Thing About Christmas

Although choosing just one is near impossible!

Trump Supporters Say Fake News Is Just As Big Of A Problem On The Left

At a stop on his "thank you tour," supporters of the president-elect said they believe news outlets report just as many "fake stories" as discredited sources.

Estos fueron los videos más populares de YouTube en 2016

Los que más vistas, comentarios y likes tuvieron en el año que se termina.

Hundreds Protest White Nationalist's Speech At Texas University

"We've got to define what this continent means," Richard Spencer told a crowd gathered at Texas A&M. "America at the end of the day belongs to white men."

At Least 102 Dead After Powerful Earthquake Strikes Indonesia

About 45,000 people have been left homeless following the magnitude-6.5 quake.

This Town In Malaysia Has The Prettiest Windows You'll Ever See

Just a bunch of windows you've never seen before, probably.

How Shopping For Wigs Helped Me Come To Terms With My Alopecia

For a long time, I was afraid that wearing a wig would be hiding who I really am.

South Australia Passes New Law Allowing Gay Couples To Adopt Children

The state is one of the last to make the change.

Apple Music Subscriptions Doubled In 2016

But it still hasn't closed the gap with Spotify.



28 Nail Art Ideas That Will Inspire You To Rethink Your Next Manicure

The most stylish (and easiest!) nails in the world.

Woman Who Fatally Stabbed Her Abusive Ex-Partner Cleared Of Manslaughter Charges

"One day her son can read about her harrowing ordeal of brutality and she survived."

Flirting: Straight Guy Vs. Lesbian

Who’s got more game?

14 High School Students Hospitalized After Eating Gummy Bears

More than a dozen students at an Illinois high school were sent to the hospital after experiencing rapid heart rate, dizziness, and dry mouth.

Here's Why You Can Drink VB Again, Guilt Free

You can drink VB guilt-free again.

Most Americans Who See Fake News Believe It, New Survey Says

An exclusive Ipsos poll conducted for BuzzFeed News found that 75% of American adults who were familiar with a fake news headline viewed the story as accurate.

18 Gift Ideas For People Who Fucking Love Wine

You might want to buy one or two for yourself, too.

Childcare Workers Just Chained Themselves To The Treasurer's Office

Some qualified educators are paid as little as $20 per hour – around half the average wage.

11 Life Lessons We Learned From Janet Mock

Writer, filmmaker, trans activist, and beautiful human Janet Mock stopped by BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast to tell us about her skincare routine, why coral is her power color and her new film The Trans List.

Here Are 9 Things Trump's National Security Adviser Pick Actually Thinks About Islam

Enter the world of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's book, The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies.



Angelina Jolie Rep Says Reports Of London Move "Absolutely False"

Jolie has no plans to move to London and is pushing back work commitments to focus on her children while going through her divorce from Brad Pitt, a source told BuzzFeed News.

Here's Who Voted For Brexit – And Who Didn't

Leave voters were older, poorer, less educated, and far more likely to think the country was getting worse than Remain voters, new research shows.

Are You A Bad Texter?

If no one else will tell you, we will.

21 Gifts For That Person You Can Never Think Of A Good Gift For

Would it kill them to just give you *some* idea of what to get them?

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