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December 26, 2016

17 TV Moments We Were Obsessed With In 2016

Warning: this post contains spoilers.

16 Crimes That Captivated Australia In 2016

Unbelievable trials, shocking arrests and not-so-cold cases.

Tell Us The Hair Products That Changed Your Life This Year

We wanna know all about the ones you're lost without.

Cheap Knife Vs. Expensive Knife

"I feel like this is really dangerous for my hand."

21 Moments All Guys With Short Girlfriends Will Understand

Sometimes it feels like you're in a long distance relationship just because of your height difference.

The People You Needed To Read About In 2016

From the world's greatest gymnast to the world's youngest dictator, these were some of our favorite profiles of the year.

The Most Unforgettable Feature Stories Of 2016

Mysterious maladies, Montreal melons, Munchausen's and matricide, music mavericks, momentous mass murders, and more of our favorite stories from the past year.

The BBC Said Goodbye To "Bake Off" In A Devastating Montage

"I've enjoyed every minute" — Mary Berry.

「沖縄デモ集団の正体は中国」というnetgeek記事は本当か ソースの「公安調査庁レポート」を読んでみた

netgeek記事の中で今年の公安調査庁のレポートとしてリンクされているのは2年前のものでした。BuzzFeed Newsは今年のレポートも入手して、読み込んでみました。

27 Hilarious Tweets That Will Make Every Wine Lover Feel Understood

People who say laughter is the best medicine have clearly never had wine.

Banana Bread Tiramisu

Two dessert classics combined!

23 Comics That Are Already Over Winter

Because let's face it — this season has no chill.





11 French Fries Recipes That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Mmmm, I love the sweet sound of oil popping.

Are You More Ross Geller Or Michael Scott?

Which of TV's funniest guys are you?

Decisão de Fux sobre auxílio-moradia já custa R$ 1,89 bilhão ao Brasil

Para agradar 16 mil juízes, ministro do Supremo está há dois anos impedindo que o tribunal derrube a medida.

Russian Visa Center In US Target Of Apparent Hack

The hacker allegedly behind the breach, who may have swept up the personal information of thousands of Americans who have applied for Russian visas, claims he will not publicly disclose the information.

Here Are 10 Times Tech Failed In 2016

Shut-downs, acqui-hires, and literal explosions.

16 Things You Never Knew About The Greatest Movie Ever, "Hitch"

Will Smith as a smooth, charismatic date doctor = pure gold.

10 Food Photos Everyone Instagrammed In 2016

It was the year of pink drinks, rainbow bagels, and funfetti everything.

As It's Christmas, Here's 25 Photos Of "Bake Off" James Wearing Woolly Jumpers

Jumpers in Bake Off beat jumpers in The Killing, hands down.

27 Times Chris Pratt Ruined Men For You In 2016

Just your daily reminder that Chris Pratt is the best.

Wine Lovers Try Wine Lip Tints

Because wine not?

26 Celebs Who Had Very Merry Christmases

Onesies, presents, and lots of cute babies!

22 Struggles You'll Recognize If You've Got An Average Body...Whatever That Means

You'd say you've got an "average" body type, but WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!

Essas histórias dão uma ideia de como George Michael era generoso

O músico, morto nesta semana aos 53, mantinha em anonimato muitas das ações de caridade em que ele participava.

50 Hilarious Dog Tweets From 2016

2016 was bad but these dogs are always good boys.

Agressores perseguem e matam ambulante que protegeu morador de rua gay

Luiz Carlos Ruas, que vendia comida em frente ao metrô há 20 anos, foi espancado dentro da estação Pedro II por dois homens, na noite de domingo (25).

Inmates Escape Prison Through Hole Behind Toilet

Two of the six escaped inmates from the Tennessee prison have been found while authorities search for the other four.

21 Hilarious Tweets About Lactose Intolerance That Are Way Too Real

"If for any reason you're lactose intolerant and decide it magically went away because you decided you wanted milk, don't."

11 Life-Changing Products People Use To Organize Their Clothes

Products for clothes, shoes, and accessories, all tested and loved by Amazon users.

Why Iran’s Mullahs Bless Sex Reassignment

Iran has the death penalty for homosexuality but subsidizes sex reassignment surgery. BuzzFeed News looks at how Iran became a center of sex reassignment in the Middle East, and why many trans Iranians still find life impossible in the Islamic republic.

23 Pictures You'll Laugh At If You're An "Overwatch" Fan

"If you hear angry yelling in Japanese, start running."

Adults Try '90s Infomercial Toys

"They're things that you never knew you wanted."

23 Times Christine And The Queens Won Most Stylish 2016

In praise of French singer Héloïse Letissier, style icon.

Não tem um abridor de garrafas? Experimente estes seis truques

E nunca mais fique sem tomar aquela cervejinha por não conseguir abrir a garrafa.

This Guy Gave His Brother The Most Thoughtful "RuPaul's Drag Race" Gift

Stuart Forward told BuzzFeed: "The world of drag and drag race is so far removed from his everyday life."

16 Depressing AF Science And Health Stories From 2016

Rising temps, medical failures, harassers, those poor giraffes. :(

Here's What Happened To People From Some Of The Biggest Viral Stories Of 2016

And what they've learned undergoing the fast, finicky current of internet fame.

23 Hilarious Tumblr Posts For Anyone Who Wears Glasses

Anyone who says they can keep their glasses clean is a LIAR.

Hackers Apparently Fooled A Bunch Of People Into Thinking Britney Spears Had Died

Now everyone's celebrating the fact the queen of pop is alive and well.

ソニーミュージック公式アカウントがハッキングか ブリトニー・スピアーズ死亡とツイート


The New Stillness At Standing Rock

What happened after the chairman asked everyone to leave?

Tamannaah Bhatia Shut Down A Sexist Director Who Said Actresses Are Meant To Look Glamorous

"We are actors and are here to act and entertain the audiences and should not at any point be objectified as commodities."

Two Singers Covered Every Pop Hit Of 2016 In 3 Minutes

Watch them blow your minds once again.

13 Truly Shitty Drawings That Summarise 2016 In India

Here's your special tour of the past year.

11 Iconic George Michael Recordings That You Absolutely Must Listen To

From "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" to "Outside".

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

An acrylic cosmetics organizer, a pink Fujifilm instant camera, a Gryffindor tapestry, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 10 Indian Memes In 2016

It was a glorious year for the internet.

People Are Sharing Stories About How Generous George Michael Was

The singer quietly raised thousands of pounds for charities throughout his life.



This Is How Celebrities Reacted To George Michael's Death

"I am in deep shock. I have lost a beloved friend - the kindest, most generous soul and a brilliant artist." –Elton John.



10 secrets de tournage de «Rogue One»

BuzzFeed Mexique a eu l'occasion d'interviewer Diego Luna (alias Cassian Andor) et le réalisateur Gareth Edwards, qui ont partagé quelques anecdotes du tournage de Rogue One.

128 photos qui vont vous faire dire «MAIS! C'EST. C'EST... pas un pénis»

Probablement la liste la plus longue de trucs qui NE SONT PAS des pénis.

佐川急便が配達員の荷物叩きつけ認める 「弊社の従業員で間違いありません」

配達員とみられる男性が、苛立ちながら荷物や台車を手荒に扱う様子が見られる。BuzzFeed Newsは、佐川急便に問い合わせた。


世界中のさまざまな食材が集まるスーパー。ワインにスパイス、お惣菜…いったい何を買えばいいの? 年末、何も作りたくないときの救世主に。

Do You Eat These Fruits Like Everyone Else?

Or are you just a weirdo? ;)

羽生三冠、渡辺竜王も巻き込んだスマホ不正 疑惑の棋士に「不正の証拠なし」


What Should Your College Major Be Based On Your TV Choices?

Before you make any major career moves...

People Are Thanking George Michael For Proving "There's No One Right Way To Be A Man"

"George Michael's defiance was everything if you were a gay teenager in the 90s."

Here's George Michael In The First Ever Carpool Karaoke Video

"There's a joy in here. We couldn't really work out why," Corden said of his first Carpool Karaoke segment with Michael.



佐川急便の配達員が荷物を放り投げ、叩きつける動画 本社は「事実確認中」

配達員とみられる人が、荷物や台車を手荒に扱う様子が見られる。BuzzFeed Newsは、佐川急便に問い合わせている。

George Michael, ícone pop dos anos 80, morre aos 53 anos

O cantor inglês despontou para a fama com a banda Wham! antes de se lançar para uma bem-sucedida carreira solo.

Which Hilarious 2016 Ryan Reynolds Tweet Are You?

There were many, many 140-character gems this year.

17 Things You Have To Know Before You Watch "Rogue One"

Spoiler: The movie that is fascinating everyone.

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