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Thousands Of Accounts Linked To The Chinese Government Have Been Kicked Off Of Social Media

The decision to pull the accounts comes after BuzzFeed News and other outlets reported that Chinese state-run media outlets were running ads about Hong Kong on Facebook and Twitter.

Jane Lytvynenko • 4 days ago

Have You Seen These Ads About Hong Kong's Protests? China Certainly Hopes You Have.

As the Hong Kong protests continue, Chinese state media outlets are hoping paid ads on Facebook and Twitter will shift the narrative online.

Ryan Mac • 4 days ago

Hong Kong Protesters Are Worried About Facial Recognition Technology. But There Are Many Other Ways They're Being Watched.

“We don’t know what this government can do. We don’t know what these police can do."

Rosalind Adams • 6 days ago

Chaos At Hong Kong's Airport As Riot Police Charge Protesters

Riot police with batons and pepper spray charged protesters outside the terminal after days of extreme tension. One video showed a police officer drawing a gun.

Rosalind Adams • 10 days ago

This Hong Kong Pop Star Told Protesters To Stay Strong Against Chinese Scare Tactics

“If we scare ourselves that easily, it’s going to be so easy for the police to break us apart. We have to stand strong and stand together,” Denise Ho told BuzzFeed News.

Rosalind Adams • 11 days ago

These Intense Photos Show Just How Big Hong Kong’s Airport Protest Has Grown

Pro-democracy demonstrators, wearing bandages in solidarity with a woman reportedly shot in the eye with a beanbag round by police, occupied Hong Kong's airport for a fourth day Monday.

Matthew Champion • 11 days ago

Chaos In Hong Kong As Police Fire Tear Gas Sold By The US And A Car Rams Protesters’ Barricade

One person was injured when a car struck a barrier set up by protesters as Hong Kong’s head of government said the city was on the “verge of a very dangerous situation.”

Rosalind Adams • 18 days ago

Hong Kong Protesters Smashed Their Way Through Glass And Metal To Get The Government’s Attention

Limbs wrapped in plastic. Hard hats at the ready. The smell of spray paint thick. This was the scene in Hong Kong as protesters forced their way inside the government’s headquarters.

Rosalind Adams • One month ago

Huge Protests Are Tearing Hong Kong Apart. And This Family.

Au wants to protest a controversial bill that has divided Hong Kong. Au’s father wants police to crack down on protesters.

Rosalind Adams • 2 months ago

A Lyft Driver With A Criminal Record Was Charged With Rape. So Why Was He Even Behind The Wheel?

The world’s largest background check company screens job applicants for thousands of companies — but employees describe a process prone to errors that allegedly led to serious harm.

Rosalind Adams • 2 months ago

US Universities And Retirees Are Funding The Technology Behind China’s Surveillance State

Millions of dollars from US university endowments, foundations, and retirement plans have helped fund two billion-dollar Chinese facial recognition startups: SenseTime and Megvii. The Chinese government is using their technologies to surveil and profile its own citizens.

Ryan Mac • 2 months ago

There’s A Growing “Boycott Apple” Movement In China Because Of The US Trade War

There’s been a flurry of anti-Apple and anti-US messages posted on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, following new US–China tensions over Huawei.

Rosalind Adams • 3 months ago

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince’s New Company Is Operating In Iraq

Frontier Services Group has not publicly stated it is working in Iraq, but documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show it was registered there last year.

Rosalind Adams • 3 months ago

If You're Drugged And Raped, The Police May Never Know. Here's Why.

Everything about date rape drug tests — from the way they are performed to how the results are interpreted — is deeply unreliable. So why does the legal system treat them like gospel? A BuzzFeed News investigation.

Rosalind Adams • 6 months ago

A Leaked Memo Says Chinese State TV Registered As A Foreign Agent "In The Spirit Of Cooperation"

"It's already hard describing who we work for," one CGTN source said. "This makes it even more complicated and uncomfortable when talking to anyone on the outside."

Mark Di Stefano • 6 months ago

Her Reporting Led To The Firing Of Canada’s Ambassador. That’s Made Her A Target For China’s State Media.

“I’m starting to feel unsafe even though I’m in Canada,” Joanna Chiu wrote on Twitter.

Rosalind Adams • 6 months ago

Two Chinese Skating Judges Have Been Suspended For Favoring Their Country's Skaters

The judges were named in a recent BuzzFeed News investigation.

John Templon • One year ago

Figure Skating Just Changed Its Rules To Fight Judges' National Bias

The rules follow a BuzzFeed News Investigation that showed judges frequently up-score skaters from their own country.

Rosalind Adams • One year ago

March For Our Lives Rallies Made A Huge Push To Register Teen Voters Across The US

Registering young people to vote was a top priority for the thousands of people who rallied across the US Saturday as part of the March for Our Lives protests against gun violence.

Caroline O'Donovan • One year ago