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17 Adorable Older Dogs Who Want To Come Home With You In 2017

Don't buy a puppy, take in one of these loving veterans instead. H/t Oldies Club UK.

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2. Cooper (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Cooper is a gorgeous, slightly nervous 11-year-old labrador cross who has been stuck in kennels for years. He likes to go for walks, loves a fuss, and deserves to spend his twilight years in a loving home instead of a shelter. More info here.

3. Mac (Senior Staffy Club, Worcestershire)

Mac is a smiley, sweet 11-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who ended up in kennels when his owner passed away. Like most staffies, he's great with kids, and likes kisses and cuddles. Can you offer him a forever home? More info here.

4. Evie (Safe Rescue, Norfolk)

Evie is a three-legged, 7-year-old whippet cross with a lot of love to give. She was rescued from a grim shelter in Romania, and she's since discovered soft blankets (and can't get enough of them) but she still needs to find a home. More info here.


5. Shiva (Wythall Animal Sanctuary, Birmingham)

This 11-year-old Labrador lady was born in Gibraltar and came to the UK with her owner, who had to work long hours and couldn't keep her. She's super playful (despite a touch of arthritis), so could you be her new playmate? More info here.

6. Hoshi (Foal Farm, Kent)

This gorgeous floof is a 10-year-old Akita, and her name means "star" in Japanese. Hoshi has diabetes, and is mostly blind, so you'll have to visit her a few times so she can get to know you before you take her home. Find out more about her here.

7. Hester (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Hester is a clever, bright 7-year-old crossbreed, who was found abandoned and taken to the local pound, but no one came to claim her. She's been trained and knows all her basic commands. All she needs now is a home. More info here.

8. Barney (Yes Spaniel Rescue, South Yorkshire)

This handsome gent is Barney, an 8-year-old English springer spaniel who has been in kennels in Sheffield for ages. He loves walks on the beach, and enjoys going for a swim. He doesn't deserve to be behind bars. More info here.


9. Gigi (Safe Rescue, Norfolk)

Gigi is a dapper fox terrier/corgi cross. He was rescued from terrible conditions in Romania, and he's only about 8, so there's plenty of life in this old dog yet. He loves other dogs, but he's looking for a child-free home. More info here.

10. Pippa and Milly (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

These sweet 12-year-old ladies are actually sisters, and they've lived with each other all their lives. Their owner sadly passed away, which is why they need a new home together. Is there space in your house for them both? If so, click here.

12. Harold (Manchester Dogs Home)

Handsome Harold is an 11-year-old Jack Russell cross, with loads of energy (he loves to play fetch) and a really cheeky, fun personality. He just wants someone special (i.e. you) to take him home and let him curl up on their lap. More info here.


13. Reggie (The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Reggie is part Great Dane, which means he's a real gentle giant. He's 10, but he's still very active and loves jumping in puddles. If you want to offer a safe, happy retirement home to this big, loveable boy, you can find out more info here.

14. Max (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Glamorous Max is basically the George Clooney of the OAP dog world. He's an 8-year-old collie cross who loves cuddles, rolling in mud, and watching TV. If you adopt him, the Dogs Trust will cover his vet bills in future. More info here.

15. Groovy (Romford Greyhound Homing, Essex)

This lovely, 9-year-old ex-racing greyhound has lived in kennels her entire life. She's nervous but sweet, loving, and affectionate. At her old age, she deserves to know what its like to have a home. If you can help this groovy dog, click here.

16. Minnie (RSPCA Radcliffe, Nottingham)

This beautiful, 7-year-old chocolate lab adores other dogs, and children over the age of five. She's active, fit, and lively, and doesn't act her age at all. She just wants lots of cuddles, and (like all dogs) someone to love. Is that you? If so, click here.

17. Rusty (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

OAP staffie Rusty loves treats, people, and kisses, and just wants a sofa to spend her retirement snoozing on. Could you give her that? Oh go on, she's dressed in her best Christmas outfit: how can you resist? Click here to adopt this sweet pup.

A shelter dog needs peace and quiet to help them settle into a new home, so its best to wait until after Christmas and New Year to adopt any of these oldies. If you can't adopt a dog but want to support the work that Oldies Club do, you can sponsor an oldie as a Christmas gift, or make a donation to their vet fund.