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December 3, 2016

Drunk Men Yelling “Donald Trump” Attempt To Remove Woman’s Hijab On NYC Subway

“No matter how ‘cultured’ or ‘Americanized’ I am, these people don't see me as an American,” Yasmin Seweid, who was born in Brooklyn, wrote on Facebook. UPDATE: The woman was arrested on Dec. 14 for filing a false police report and obstructing government administration, police said

Secret Things You Do When You're Home Alone

Because your roommate's treats are simply begging to be eaten.

Cuba Gets Ready To Bury Fidel Castro

"When I'm old, I will say to my grandchild, 'I went there when Fidel died.'"

Latinos Try Colombian Hot Chocolate

There's a surprise at the bottom...

原発事故を語る「小さな人間の声」の力とは? ノーベル賞作家が見いだしたこと


We Made Actual Pinterest Employees Tackle Some Of The Most Popular Pins

Hot dog spaghetti? Weirdly yes. Ombre Mason Jars? Not as much.

These Questions Will Reveal The Christmas Sex Position You Should Try

Warning: This quiz is NSFC (Not Suitable For Christmas).



Trump Call With Taiwan Signals New Age Of Uncertainty

“I think the Chinese are being cautious because they have no idea why Trump did this — and honestly neither do we," one US diplomat told BuzzFeed News.

Debaixo de chuva, Chapecó chorou e cantou em memória dos seus campeões

Hino da Chapecoense exalta a "força imensa de sua fiel torcida". Os versos estavam vivos em milhares de corações que batiam na Arena Condá, durante despedida do time.

Kanye West Is Recovering "At Home" And "Doing Well," Source Says

The rapper is recuperating at home and not a separate residence, a source told BuzzFeed News.

26 Questions About Westworld That Keep You Up At Night

Brace yourself for poop and orgy questions folks.

Show This To Your Partner And Get The Most Relaxing Back Massage Ever

Literally the greatest gift ever after a long day.

Remove Four Common Stains With These Easy Cleaning Hacks

Oil, coffee, wine, and grass are no match for these solutions.

This 75-Year-Old Grandpa Learned To Draw Again For His Grandchildren

"He has made hundreds of drawings and hasn't stopped."

Philippines Leader Says Trump Praised His Deadly Crackdown On Drugs

More than 5,500 people have been killed in police and vigilante killings as part of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs.

Você nunca viu quadradinhos de chocolate com menta como estes

Além de maravilhosos, eles ainda têm pouco açúcar.

Here's Where Donald Trump Gets His News

BuzzFeed News analyzed all the links Donald Trump tweeted since he launched his presidential campaign to determine where the president-elect gets his news.

Are You Actually Best Friends?

Are you as close as you think you are?

The Average Ages When Every Major Event Happens In Your Life

The average person loses their virginity at 17 years old.

These Women Are Behind Some Of Your Favorite Lesbian Sex Scenes On TV

Lesbian sex on the small screen has a reputation for lazy, pornographic shots tailor-made for men. Queer female writers and directors behind shows like Transparent, The L Word, and Orange is the New Black are determined to change that.

California Professor Stabbed To Death On Campus By Student, Police Say

University of Southern California psychology professor Bosco S. Tjan was killed on Friday afternoon.

Death Toll From California Warehouse Party Fire Rises To 36

Officials are continuing to recover bodies from inside the Oakland warehouse, which was hosting a party Friday night when the blaze broke out.

Boyfriends See Their Girlfriends Without Makeup

“To never wear makeup again!"

CDC Urges States To Adopt Needle Exchanges To Avoid HIV Outbreaks

Mike Pence’s resistance to needle exchanges during Indiana's HIV outbreak last year “really committed whole communities of people to death,” a public health expert said. State officials defended the response.

21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts Only People With Sisters Will Get

"One time my sister turned around to me and said 'You know what? We've never been formally introduced.'"

18 Tweets About Hypochondria That Are Way Too Relatable

"Joking about OCD and hypochondria is all fun and games until I convince myself I have skin cancer for the 23rd time this week."

17 Of The Prettiest Hair Trends We Saw This Year

Can you get through this post without wanting to dye your hair?

19 Genius Gifts For Anyone Who Loves To Be Cozy

The snuggle is real. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

14 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Dress Shopping

You're gonna find more than one dress that feels like "the one," sorry!

15 Tried And True Recipes You'll Make Again And Again

From my personal recipe files to yours!

39 Dresses That Scream "Holiday Party"

We show stoppin'. We show, show stoppin'.

Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

An emergency hangry kit, a Triwizard cup, and a really insane toilet paper holder: How far can *you* get without buying something?

32 Products Every Awkward Human Will Deeply Relate To

*does mannequin challenge to avoid talking to people*

14 Actually Pretty Solid Pieces Of Mom Advice

From sex to weddings and beyond.

49 Celebs Who Nailed The Whole #TBT Thing In 2016

A truly fantastic year for looking back.

17 Gifts That'll Make You The Cool Aunt Or Uncle

Someone has to teach them to curse... that someone is you.

38 Creepy Cool Gifts Every Skull Lover Will Want

Bad to the bone is an understatement.

How Many Of These Items From The McDonald's Menu Have You Tried?

How obsessed with McDonald's are you actually?

17 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Every Black Girl's Hair Experience

When your petty scalp only itches before your relaxer.

7 Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

What to read, watch, play, and more.

How Being Crap At Video Games Made Me A Better Brother

My twin brother and I rarely hung out. Until I bought a PS4.

Pro-Corbyn Group Momentum Tries To Work Out What It's Actually For

Ahead of a high-level Momentum meeting this weekend, one activist said the organisation, with no leadership battles to fight, was yet to adjust to "civilian life".

13 trucs à savoir sur les sorciers en Amérique du Nord

Les puritains, les procès pour sorcellerie de Salem et un congrès magique, bon sang!

This Is What Chemsex Is Doing To Young Men

When Stephen Port was convicted last week of the rape, drugging, and murder of four young men, police began to look again at dozens more cases involving date-rape drugs. But an investigation by BuzzFeed News into the hidden world of "chemsex" reveals, through unprecedented first person testimony, that this is just the beginning.

Pourquoi le cinéma doit arrêter de prétendre que le sexe lesbien se limite à la position des ciseaux

Mademoiselle est le dernier exemple de ces films réalisés par des hommes, mettant en scène des lesbiennes et où le corps des femmes ne se réduit qu'à un très beau spectacle. Pourquoi le sexe lesbien est-il si mal représenté au cinéma? [Attention, cet article contient des spoilers]

Je me suis fait épiler les sourcils pour la première fois à 26 ans

Ou comment j'ai réveillé le Emmanuel Chain qui sommeillait en moi.

7 Small Changes To Try This Week

One step at a time.

Zenefits CEO David Sacks To Step Down

David Sacks, who took over as Zenefits CEO amid a scandal in February, is open to the possibility of working in the administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

友達に自慢したくなる一冊 ありそうでなかった「ななめリングノート」はどう生まれた?


Will Wearing Our Single Status On Our Shirts Get Us A Date?

“I’m not sure what this shirt is trying to say…"

Donald Trump Spoke With Taiwan's Leader And China Is Not Pleased

The president-elect spoke with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, a move that could raise tensions with China, which does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country and claims it as its own.

Seja light com este macarrão de frango com aspargos

Além de leve é super prático.

Norman Is Actually Back On "Bake Off" For Christmas

Chetna is back, too — AND HOWARD.

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