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    Show This To Your Partner And Get The Most Relaxing Back Massage Ever

    Literally the greatest gift ever after a long day.

    Does sitting in a chair all day make your lower back ache? We have just the thing to make your partner do to make you feel so much better. Show them this easy partner lower back massage and let the relaxation begin!

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    Start off lying face-down on a flat surface. Have your partner begin the massage by pressing firmly along both sides of your back with both hands.

    Next, have your partner use alternating hands to firmly press down and slide away from each side of the spine. Are you feeling relaxed yet?

    Then, have your partner make their hands into an L-shape. They should slide their hands up and down the sides of your back for ultimate tension-relief.

    Then, have your partner make a fist and glide their knuckles firmly down the sides of your back. Once they reach the bottom, pause for a moment on the sciatic nerve to help with back pain.

    Now, thank your partner for the BEST MASSAGE EVER! Are you going to return the favor?