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December 6, 2016

Refrigerator Ruled Out As Cause Of Deadly Oakland Warehouse Fire

Investigators are still looking for what sparked the deadly blaze that claimed the lives of 36 people.

19 Places Everyone Should Eat And Drink In Hobart

Nobody leaves Tassie with an empty stomach.

28 imagens que você vai ver na exposição "Silvio Santos Vem Aí"

Prepare-se para visitar cenários de programas antigos e olhar muitas fotos do apresentador.

Teen At Centre Of Royal Commission Plans To Go On Hunger Strike

"He will start a hunger strike to fight for his own safety."

How Do You Take Care Of Yourself After A Really Bad Day?

For all the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.

17 Gift Ideas From Typo For That Person Who's Always Hard To Buy For

Need something in a hurry for your Secret Santa?

These Cute Dolls Share Kids' Information With A Military Contractor

A complaint filed by privacy groups alleges that two talking dolls collect children's personal information and send it to a company that also contracts with the US Army.

Guy Friends Give Each Other Fake Eyelashes

“If I were wearing these for a night out, I’d probably want a redo."

26 Quirks Americans Don't Realize Are Super Weird

From three-liter bottles of wine to going to the store in your PJs, here's what the French think is super strange about good ole 'Murica.

This Genius Project Shows The Plus-Size Women Who Ads Ignore

For once, women sizes 24 and up get to show their style.

This Athlete Rushed To The Bedside Of A Dying Fan With "Roughly Four Hours To Live"

Former professional rugby league player Beau Ryan answered the call.

Victims In Oakland Fire Texted Loved Ones, Embraced As They Died

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday provided new information on how the 36 victims of the warehouse fire spent their final moments.

27 Gifts For The Medical Nerd In Your Life

Give a gift from all four chambers of your anatomically correct heart.

12 Badass Pictures That Capture The Spirit Of Rock & Roll

Michael Zagaris' new book and exhibition chronicles his life as witness to rock ‘n’ roll’s golden era.

Snapchat, Headed To Major IPO, May See Twitter In The Mirror

If you focus on Spectacles, Snap (formerly Snapchat) looks great. But challenges beneath the surface could turn pre-IPO hype to post-IPO hardship.

The Things Other Countries Call "American" Are Absolutely Hilarious

"American mustard is weak-ass shit that goes perfectly on a hot dog, and only a hot dog."

Only A True "Saw" Fan Can Get 11/11 On This Quiz

Pass or fail... make your choice.

Democrats Warn Against GOP Efforts To Fast-Track Trump Nominee In Spending Bill

Senate Democrats say Republicans are risking a government shutdown if they include language to expedite General James Mattis' confirmation process for secretary of defense in a must-pass spending bill.

Black Beauty Products Are More Likely To Contain Risky Chemicals, Study Says

Less than 25% of products marketed to black women got high safety ratings in a new study, compared to 40% of products aimed at the general public.

People Can’t Stop Laughing At Montreal’s Ugly Christmas Tree

"...looks like an erectile dysfunction."

Show Us Your Most Awkward Holiday Card Photo

Show us your favorite fail.

"Hamilton" Isn't The Only Show Standing Up To Donald Trump

The president-elect condemned Hamilton for directing a controversial curtain call speech at Mike Pence. But theater artists won't shy away from letting their voices be heard.

Por incrível que pareça, tudo isso aconteceu no Brasil nas últimas 24 horas

Além da briga entre Senado e Supremo, entre segunda e hoje ocorreram: críticas à reforma da Previdência, a prisão da ex-primeira-dama do Rio pela Lava Jato e um confronto violento em frente à Assembleia do Rio.

People Knew Exactly What To Do With This Rate My Professor Page For Ross Geller

"He gave me 4 zeros for missing assignments I didn't show up for but WE WERE ON A BREAK."

26 presentes de Natal que você nunca ganhou

Se você teve alguns desses brinquedos, você provavelmente era o primo rico.

14 pesadelos de quem ODEIA receber visita

Fim de ano chegando e a família inteira decide acampar na sua casa.

Japanese Billionaire Celebrates Trump, Who Celebrates Him Back

One of Asia's most successful technology entrepreneurs says his company will plow $50 billion into the US during the Trump administration.

Order A Drink And We'll Guess How Old You Act

You can't hide what's inside!

Latinos Try Coquito For The First Time

"Coquito is the way to go."

16 Fotos que te harán decir "Yo en diciembre"

Porque hay que cerrar el año con humor.

A Man Allegedly Shot And Killed His Ex-Girlfriend's Three Children

The 45-year-old man shot his ex-girlfriend and her three children, and then fatally shot himself, police said.

15 dicas da vida real para fazer as unhas em casa

Acredite: comece a pintar com o pincel no meio da unha.

We Know Which "Fast & Furious" Movie Is Your Favorite

One thing we can all agree on: R.I.P. Paul Walker.

The Battle Over A Revolutionary Gene Tool Headed To Court Today

Who invented the hottest biotech tool in modern history?

All The Badass Queer Women You Crushed On In 2016

The most lovely stroll down memory lane.



This Was The Year America Finally Saw The South

In 2016, from music to television, the experience of black Southerners was everywhere.

How Nutty Are Your Peanut Butter Opinions?

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who prefer chunky and those who prefer smooth.

Why “Wild” Played Such A Big Role In “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life”

Wild author Cheryl Strayed, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, and executive producer Daniel Palladino talk to BuzzFeed News about the book’s influence on the revival.

There's Been An Increase In Reported Hate Crimes In New York City Since Trump Won

In five days, three Muslim women were allegedly attacked in hate crimes around the city.

The Word "Torture" Is As Overused As "Racist," Says Guy Who Set Up CIA Torture Program

James Mitchell, a military psychologist who engineered the now-defunct program, defended the severe interrogation practices that are favored by many Trump advisors.

Como Renan descumpriu decisão do STF, deu olé no oficial de Justiça e ficou por isso mesmo

Marco Aurélio tirou alagoano da presidência do Senado, ele não recebeu oficial de Justiça, senadores pegaram em armas contra decisão e ele foi ficando no cargo. Cidadão comum que descumpre decisão judicial vai preso.

Tell Us Your Favorite Quote From A 2016 Book You Read

"There is never a perfect answer in this messy, emotional world." — Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

24 Cosas que probablemente no sabías sobre "Home Alone"

La imagen de la novia de Buzz es en realidad de un niño.

Boeing CEO Says Air Force One Will Still Cost Less Than $4 Billion After Trump Meeting

The president-elect had earlier called for canceling Boeing's contract citing high costs for the planes. The source of Trump's $4 billion figure was unclear.

Trevor Noah Still Doesn't Get It

The Daily Show host and biracial South African comic’s recent comments suggest a profound misunderstanding of the way racism works in America.

This Woman's Hilarious Horse Haikus Were Selected For Her University's Esteemed Journal

U of T's literary journal will publish Danica's poetry, titled "Horses Are the Frat Boys of Farm Animals."

Deep-Fried Sticky Ribs

Sticky Ribs that will make you lick your fingers clean !

People Are Excited That You Can Finally Like Comments On Instagram

There's a bunch of other changes coming to Instagram, too!

14 conversas que toda pessoa perfeccionista vai reconhecer

"Você tem razão." "Eu sei que eu tenho."

Você se arruma de manhã como todo mundo?

Sua rotina X a rotina dos outros.

25 coisas que podem te ajudar em momentos de luto

Não há um jeito certo para lidar com isso, mas essas sugestões podem ajudá-lo a encontrar o seu caminho.

A Hilarious Twitter Story About A Girl In A Closet With A Gucci Flip-Flop Is Being Turned Into A Film

Creator Xavier Burgin said: "YouTube and Twitter gives people of colour, especially black people, the space to be creative and no one can silence them."

How It Feels To Be A Syrian Refugee In America

After surviving 3 years of war and the shelling of their home, 20-year-old Omar Muawiyah and his family fled their home in Douma, a suburb of the capital, Damascus. This is their story.

26 Amazing Gifts You'll Want To Share With Your Best Friend

Sharing is caring and your BFF would probably borrow it without asking anyway. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Bob Dole’s Law Firm Was Paid $20,000 A Month To Lobby For Taiwan

Dole said on Monday his firm helped broker a controversial phone call between President-elect Donald Trump and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

Qual frase-clichê da internet você é de acordo com seu signo?

Você é uma pessoa "apaga que dá tempo" ou "desenhando para quem não entendeu"?

This Is Why Campaigners Want Theresa May To Raise Human Rights Concerns In Bahrain

May is taking a two-day trip to Bahrain this week to "turbo-charge" trade deals between the UK and the Gulf.

Right-Wing Blogger Tried To "Silence" Jewish MP With Racist Articles, Court Hears

Joshua Bonehill-Paine is on trial for the racially aggravated harassment of Jewish MP Luciana Berger.

Georgia Executes Man For Murdering His Father-In-Law

William Sallie's lawyers had appealed to the US Supreme Court to stop his execution over claims of jury bias during his trial.

Which Type Of Chair Are You?

Because you've always wanted to know....

Ava DuVernay Shows The Humanity In An Inhumane System

With a tender portrait of one family in Queen Sugar and a searing indictment of the prison system in 13th, DuVernay deepens her career-long commitment to addressing injustice.

Theresa May Accepts Labour Demand To Publish Brexit Plan – But There's A Catch

The government has tabled an amendment that would mean MPs who vote for the Labour proposal would also have to formally accept Brexit and the PM's timetable on triggering Article 50.

17 De las tendencias de cabello más bonitas que vimos este año

¿Puedes terminar esta publicación sin desear teñirte el cabello?

26 questions qu'on a sur «Westworld»

Les amis, préparez-vous à des questions sur le caca et les orgies.

Russian MPs Think The "FIFA 17" Video Game Is "Gay Propaganda"

A Russian newspaper has reported the contents of a letter from a group of ministers demanding authorities take action against the game for "inviting users to support ... a massive campaign for LGBT".

Man Who Fatally Shot Former NFL Player Joe McKnight Arrested For Manslaughter

Louisiana police had previously released Robert Gasser from custody after he confessed to the crime the same day of the shooting.

23 Gifts For Others That Are Secretly Gifts For Yourself

Just think of them as smart investments.

19 Cosas que seguro te pasarán al ver 'Moana'

*Se hace un tatuaje de mantarraya*

Esta esponja mágica caseira é uma heroína da limpeza

Remova manchas e borrões em segundos.

Bernard Cazeneuve, un bon ministre de l'Intérieur, vraiment?

Depuis que Bernard Cazeneuve a été nommé à Matignon, de nombreux responsables politiques encensent le bilan du ministre. C'est oublier les polémiques suscitées par son ministère.

The Murder Case That Could Foreshadow The Future Of Abortion Under Trump

A Queens doctor faces a manslaughter charge after his patient died following an abortion. The unusual case may offer an inadvertent glimpse into life without Roe v. Wade.

17 De las cosas más pervertidas que las personas hicieron en 2016

Las personas tenían que hacer algo para olvidar lo malo que fue el año 2016.

This Cable News Commentator Will Have Trump's Ear On All Things Security

The controversial general who'll be advising Trump on national security, will have KT McFarland as his deputy, someone who advocates torture and profiling Muslims.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Madewell, and more!

Here's The Inside Story Of How Momentum Ended Up Racked By Infighting

Momentum helped Jeremy Corbyn's re-election as Labour leader – but leaked emails show the extent of its internal disputes.

Congressional Leaders Downplay Trump Call With Taiwan

Republicans called the hubbub over Trump's call with the Taiwanese president "much ado about nothing."

Christmas In America Vs. Christmas In Scotland

"Deck the halls with cans of Strongbow (fa la la la la la la la la)"

Every Time James Blunt's Twitter Clapbacks Won 2016

His tweets are beautiful, it's true.

Supreme Court Sides With Samsung In Patent War With Apple

The justices ordered the case to be resettled by a lower court, throwing out a $399 million judgment against Samsung for infringing on Apple's iPhone patents.

18 scènes de sexe de 2016 que vous devez absolument voir

Du salami, des dessins animés, des plans à trois... L'année 2016 a été chaude.

27 Of The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Get On Amazon

The holidays are all about outdoing one another.

¿Qué % de americanista eres en realidad?

Este es el quiz más odioso que harás hoy.

This Photographer Transforms One Room Into A World Of Colours

Karen Jerzyk created a fantastical scene for each colour of the rainbow.

This Hillary Clinton Quote Was The Most Shared US Tweet In 2016

Here's what was big on Twitter this year.

Pour la première fois un ministre de l'Intérieur veut bien débattre sur le cannabis

Pour la première fois, un responsable politique favorable à l'ouverture d'un débat autour de la dépénalisation du cannabis est nommé place Beauvau.

Voilà comment nettoyer ces objets qu'on oublie souvent

Oui, il faut laver vos écouteurs.

Previdência dos militares é a mais cara, mas foi poupada na reforma de Temer

No ano passado, a previdência das Forças Armadas gastou R$ 35,1 bilhões, mas arrecadou R$ 2,6 bilhões. Algumas das regalias a que os militares têm direito incluem pensão para filhas, tempo de contribuição menor e aposentadoria com soldo integral.

33 De las más poderosas fotos de Argentina en 2016

El resúmen del año en imágenes.

Réfugiés, musulmans, Hollande: quand Valls se contredit lui-même

Faites ce que je dis, pas ce que j'ai fait.

How Well Do You Know "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York"?

Or, "the best Home Alone film", as it's otherwise known.

Lady Gaga Revealed She Struggles With PTSD After Being Raped

Gaga made the comment after she visited an LGBT youth centre in New York City to surprise the teens there with gifts.

Este vídeo do Claudinho e Buchecha no Faustão vai te dar uma saudadinha gostosa dos anos 90

“Sabe, tchurururu, estou louco pra te ver… Oh yeish!”

18 coisas que com certeza vão acontecer no seu Natal

É sempre bom lembrar daquela comida que você só come uma vez por ano.

29 Gifts Only True Makeup Addicts Will Appreciate

::starts singing "Rudolph the Red-Lipped Reindeer"::

14 coisas que ninguém te conta sobre como é comprar um vestido de noiva

Desculpe, mas você vai descobrir que mais de um vestido é "O Vestido"!

DNA Biohackers Are Giving The FDA A Headache With Glow-In-The-Dark Booze

A biohacker thought he could sell something cool without consequences. The FDA thought otherwise.

Beyoncé Has Earned The Most Grammy Nominations This Year Because Duh

Drake, Rihanna, and Kanye have also done well. Here's the list of the major categories:

What % Addicted To Dating Apps Are You?

Do you regularly suffer from "Tinder Finger"?

32 Gorgeous Christmas Decorations You Won't Want To Take Down

Christmas is an all-year affair, fight me.

Justice Secretary Vows To Stamp Out “Scourge” Of Prison Corruption

Liz Truss has promised to tackle corruption in prisons in response to a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Test: à quel membre du gouvernement appartient ce crâne chauve?

Certainement le quiz le plus dur que vous ferez sur les crânes chauves des membres du gouvernement.

Google Wifi Makes Wireless Internet At Home Suck Less

It’s an easy-to-use router replacement that eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and works right out of the box.

14 Messages Anyone Who Lives With Other People Has Sent

A passive aggressive group chat message > passive aggressive note.

Scottish Tory Leader Calls "Enemies Of The People" Front Page "An Utter Disgrace"

In a speech to the Institute of Directors, Ruth Davidson said she worried nuance was being lost in political coverage.

16 Cute Free Phone Backgrounds To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

'Tis the season to have a cute background.

Autor de projeto que proíbe Uber no Brasil recua e agora defende apenas regulamentar

Sob o risco de ser banida, empresa pediu aos usuários que pressionassem deputados. Segundo a companhia, permitir funcionamento do aplicativo ajudaria "inclusive a colocar fim em atos de violência" por parte de taxistas.

MPs Demand Proper Compensation For Small Firms Harmed By RBS

The Treasury committee called on the Financial Conduct Authority to force the bank to pay “reasonable compensation” to businesses harmed by the “bad practice” exposed by BuzzFeed News and the BBC.

Pence: Next Attorney General To Decide If Federal Charges Against Michael Slager Remain

The Department of Justice under the Obama administration charged the former South Carolina officer with civil rights violations after he fatally shot Walter Scott

How Well Do You Remember Billy Mack's Song From "Love Actually"?

Just make sure you replace "love" with "Christmas."

22 Secret Thoughts Every Girl Has Had At Some Point

"Did I get my period, or is that just butt sweat?"

Do You Know All These Disney Animals?

Only a Disney-phile can get a 10/10.

People Showered This Cleaner With Gifts After He Was Mocked For Looking At Jewelry

"The world is still a good place as long as there are people who live to do good."

What Type Of Chef Would You Be?

Let us serve you some options.

16 Unique Tattoos That'll Make You Say "Ink Me"

From teeny-tiny to full effect.

Germany's Angela Merkel Says She Backs A Burqa Ban

The full facial veil is "not appropriate and should be banned wherever it is legally possible," she said during her party conference speech on Tuesday.

How Popular Are Your Opinion's About Men's Clothes?

Are you team cargo shorts or nah?

27 Gifts For Anyone Whose Life Revolves Around Snacking

Snack unto others as you would have them snack unto you.

19 Times Tina Knowles Was Peak Mum In 2016

Rest assured, the one constant this year has been Tina Knowles' hilariously cute Instagram.

O nhoque de brócolis com queijo é perfeito

Um toque vegetariano no clássico italiano.

This Gay Man Just Got The Law Changed In South Australia To Recognise Same-Sex Relationships

Marco Bulmer-Rizzi, who spoke out after his husband died on honeymoon and their marriage wasn't recognised by the state, told BuzzFeed News: "It's as close to happiness as I can be."

Tendência de STF manter Renan fora do cargo fragiliza PEC do Teto

Caso seja confirmada a decisão de Marco Aurélio Mello, Jorge Viana assume definitivamente o Senado e chance de PEC do Teto ser aprovada é mínima.

23 Gifts The Person You Barely Know Will Totally Love

Cool -- but generic enough -- to fit the semi-acquaintances in your life from your Secret Santa to your sister's terrible boyfriend.

Kylie Jenner's Christmas Tree Is The Best One You'll See This Year

It's probably the best Christmas tree in the world.

17 der besten Haartrends, die wir dieses Jahr gesehen haben

Schaffst du es durch diesen Post, ohne deine Haare färben zu wollen?

16 People Who Really Failed To Meet A Celebrity In 2016

It's been a great year for not meeting Game of Thrones stars.

23 Dinge, die du nur verstehst, wenn du heimlich für Drama lebst

"Ich schwöre, ich bin keine Drama Queen."

Valls dénonce la stigmatisation des musulmans, Twitter se marre

«Rappel. Seuls les musulmans discrets seront autorisés à éventuellement déposer un bulletin Valls dans l'urne.»

A UKIP Millionaire Is Arguing With Mary Beard About Roman History And People Are Taking The Piss

Arron Banks says the Roman Empire was destroyed by immigration; classical historian and "fancy academic" Mary Beard says it wasn't.

36 Of The Cutest Hello Kitty Gifts You've Ever Seen

For everyone on your list who likes their kitty with a bow.

20 plats de La Réunion à tomber par terre

Des épices, des fruits, du rhum. What else?

The Secret Prison Corruption Epidemic The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About

Corrupt officers are smuggling hard drugs, phones, and weapons to inmates – fuelling a rise in violence inside HMP Pentonville and other prisons across Britain – but the authorities don’t want you to know about it.

22 Times Twitter Totally Got The Internet

"Password must contain a capital letter, a number, a plot, a protagonist with some character development, and a surprise ending."

People Are Super Pissed At A Publication For Calling Jayalalithaa A "Bollywood Actress"

"Wrong headline... Tamil film industry is not Bollywood."



Non, ce calendrier ne présente pas des agriculteurs sexy

Ce sont des mannequins ou des acteurs professionnels. Désolé.

Here's What Bollywood Celebs Wore To Manish Malhotra's 50th Birthday Bash

Everyone dropped everything to get together and celebrate the fashion designer's milestone birthday.

Here's How A Group Of "Ordinary Citizens" Took The Government To Court And Changed The Brexit Game

BuzzFeed News spoke to the people who took the government to court.

Oakland Mayor Booed Offstage At Warehouse Fire Vigil As Emotions Flare

At a vigil near Oakland’s Lake Merritt, residents told BuzzFeed News they feel the mayor's response to the tragedy will do further harm to a grieving community.

24 Things Brummies Are Tired Of Hearing

"Iym from Burrrrrrminghammm Iy am."

A Tale Of Two Bills: SA Passes Trans Reform, Victoria Cans It

Significant transgender reforms were debated in two Australian states and met very different ends.

This Rare Interview Simi Garewal Interview Shows The Vulnerable Side Of Jayalalithaa Not Many Saw

"I’m a person who hates the limelight. I was propelled by fate into two high-profile careers. But I’m really a behind-the-scenes person."

19 Things That Make 2016 Seem Relatively OK

Britain's had some shitty times.



22 Heart-Rending Celebrity Tweets Mourning The Loss Of Jayalalithaa

"Leaders like you do not die, they live on forever.. in the hearts of millions.. AMMA u will be with us forever."

The Audacity Of Becoming "Amma"

Jayalalithaa was a fair-skinned Brahmin in a party that thrived on Dravidian anti-class rhetoric; a glamorous actor who wasn't taken seriously; above all, she was an unmarried, childless woman trying to ascend to power in 1980s Tamil Nadu. And she won against all odds.

Hundreds Mourn Oakland Warehouse Fire Victims At Emotional Vigil

People gathered at Lake Merritt to mourn at least 36 people who perished in a fast-moving fire that tore through a warehouse Friday night.

Torture Has Gone Unpunished In Fiji Where Military Is "Above The Law"

"Not only do the security forces know that torture is taking place, they have stood in the way of accountability."

This Man Got A Second Crack At Life Thanks To Homelessness Services

"I think that actually sparked my trust in people again."

18 Touching Stories That Made All Aussies Cry Happy Tears In 2016

2016 wasn't the dumpster fire everyone is making it out to be.

Privacy Advocates Ask Uber To Reverse Decision To Track Users After Rides End

The Electronic Frontier Foundation said users should have the ability to opt-out of an app update that tracks riders five minutes after they’ve been dropped off.

Nordstrom Is Selling A Rock In A Leather Case For $85 And People Are Confused

"Only Mother Earth can take credit for rocks," a Nordstrom spokesperson told BuzzFeed News when explaining the product.

17 Really Good Gifts That Won't Cost You More Than $10

Cheap + thoughtful = bloody perfect.

Rolling Stone Wants Defamation Verdict In UVA Rape Case Thrown Out

A jury ruled last month that the magazine defamed a former University of Virginia dean over the handling of a discredited campus rape story. But Monday, Rolling Stone asked a judge to toss out the verdict.

Rod Culleton Is On The Verge Of Abandoning Pauline Hanson And One Nation

"I am not here as a puppet for the Liberals, Nationals, Labor, Greens, Independents or even other One Nation MPs."

そろそろ発表「今年の漢字」! あなたならどれにする?


Guys Try Using Bioré Strips For The First Time

"It looks like a little forest."

People Ate Waterlogged Food And It Was...

People ate food dunked in water.

安倍さんまで毎年変わっていた首相 覚えているかな?


19 Impossibly Cool Gifts That'll Make You Want To Go Camping

Why sleep on a bed when you can sleep suspended in air?



Commenters Cry Foul After Popular Silicon Valley Forum Bans Politics

Hacker News, the forum run by Y Combinator, is trying out a "Political Detox Week." Commenters are crying foul.

24 Of The Funniest Tweets About Australia In 2016

"Fantastic news: Apple Maps recognises 'bottleo'."

GOP Not Thrilled With Trump's Plan To Keep Jobs In The US

Trump suggested imposing a 35% import tariff for companies that move their operations overseas, but congressional Republicans argue that the move could start a trade war.

18 Questions America Really Needs To Answer About 2016

You have a lot of explaining to do America.

28 Gifts For People Who Love Words

Don't worry — it's not just books.

An Easter Egg Might Reveal The Fate Of This "Westworld" Character

And we won't know until 2018. Spoilers ahead!

Why Did Google Say China's Currency Crashed Today?

If you trust Google Finance, the yuan dropped by 10% against the dollar. But don't trust Google Finance on this one.

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, And YouTube Team Up To Target Terrorist Content

Tech companies agree to share information to combat terrorist content on their platforms.

Facebook Account In The Same Name As 18C Student Appears In Secret Racist Facebook Group

A "Calum Thwaites" account has appeared in a secret Facebook group discussing the QUT racial discrimination case.

¿Qué personaje vas a ser en la fiesta de Navidad de tu trabajo?

¿El que se emborracha de más o el que se pone ligador?

Upending The Stereotype Of The Careerist Ice Queen

How an old stereotype about working women gets examined, challenged, and turned inside out in a trio of new movies.

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