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December 13, 2016

Loretta Lynch Is Preparing To Hand Over Her Justice Department To Trump

The US Attorney General spoke with BuzzFeed News about what the transition means for LGBT Americans.

Anti-LGBT Activists Launch New "International Organization For The Family"

The new group is led by Brian Brown of the US's National Organization for Marriage and includes prominent conservatives from Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Nigeria.

How Malik Obama Became A Twitter "Shitlord" And Alt-Right Darling

Barack Obama's half-brother had help transforming into a pro-Trump, anti-cuck memester: notorious troll Chuck Johnson.

Oklahoma Is Requiring Bathrooms To Have Anti-Abortion Signs

All facilities licensed by state health officials that have public restrooms will be required to post signs directing pregnant women to seek services other than abortions.

¿Cuántos estados de la República Mexicana has visitado?

No se vale haber pasado en la carretera.

How Overprotective Of Your Pet Are You?

Do you go above and beyond for your little (or big) friend?

Flash Briefing For Dec 13

Flash Briefing For Dec 13 [test]

Oklahoma Supreme Court Tosses Law Restricting Abortions

The law required abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privileges.

16 Regalos que tu papá rockero necesita en su vida

O para ese chavorruco que todos tenemos en nuestra vida.

9 Beyoncé Would You Rather Questions That Will End You

Because Bey is high stakes and we don't play.

Justice Department Sues Virginia County For Denying Mosque A Permit

A total of 26 similar permits have been granted by Culpeper County since1992 for commercial and religious use — nine of which were granted to churches.

23 Reasons You Should Have Been Following Adam Liaw In 2016

MasterChef? More like Master of the Internet.

Weird Things Girls Do In The Bathroom

"Don't touch your face..."

Women Tried The NFL Combine And Totally Kicked Ass

"I now have a much greater appreciation for football."

These Warning Signs Could Save You From A Potentially Violent Relationship

Has your partner ever monitored your whereabouts?

Trump Transition Lawyer Has Spent Years Suing For Climate Emails

David Schnare left the Environmental Protection Agency in 2011 after starting a nonprofit that sues universities for climate scientists’ emails. “For some of us, it's in the blood. We commit ourselves to public service and we never stop,“ he said.

28 Magical Stocking Stuffers For Every "Harry Potter" Fan

What did the last-minute gifter say to these products? Mischief Managed. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

These Are (Probably) The Hottest Parenting Trends Of 2017

According to the experts at Pinterest.

Do You Really Know French Food?

There's only one way to find out!

Ohio Governor Vetoes "Heartbeat Bill," Signs 20-Week Abortion Ban

John Kasich signed a bill into law Tuesday banning abortions in the state after 20 weeks of pregnancy, tossing out the more controversial of the two.

Why Do We Keep Trying To Solve A Problem Like Mariah?

Mariah Carey’s kitschiness has long confounded critics. But with her new reality show, she can finally embrace the in-betweenness that is her complex legacy.

De que cor é sua aura?

Ou você não acredita nessas coisas?

Russian Meddling In The Election Is Already A Partisan Fight

The leak that the CIA briefed Congress on the hacks, which took place weeks earlier than reported, has officials worried that further investigations will be tainted by politics.

23 Personas que tuvieron un 2016 mucho peor que el tuyo

"Le di un beso negro a un tipo y accidentalmente soltó un pedo líquido en mi boca".

Um cachorro "celebridade da internet" morreu e seus fãs ficaram arrasados

Ninão tinha mais de 500 mil seguidores no Facebook e partiu nesta terça-feira para o céu dos cachorros.

Governo do Ceará compra dois helicópteros por R$ 80 milhões sem licitação

Compra foi anunciada na mesma semana em que o governador Camilo Santana (PT) divulgou um pacote de corte de gastos. Procurado pelo BuzzFeed Brasil, o governo ainda não se pronunciou.

27 Cheap Ways To Improve Your Gross Bathroom ASAP

Say you're at the spa this weekend when you're really staycationing in your ultra-glam bath.

16 gifs que misteriosamente vão acalmar sua alma

Você só precisa de algo para se distrair por um segundo.

As 16 pessoas mais encalhadas de 2016

O maior sonho dessas pessoas é beijar na boca.

Man Sentenced To A Year In Prison For Grabbing Officer's Gun At Trump Rally

Prosecutors said the British man told authorities he wanted to kill Donald Trump.

Qual é seu percentual de perfeccionismo?

Você se orgulha de trabalhar mais do que as outras pessoas?

18 coisas que homens querem dizer sobre sexo oral

As dicas de nossos leitores para as mulheres e outros homens mandarem melhor nos trabalhos.

Auction For Ivanka Trump Coffee Date Canceled After Questions Raised

While the money was set to be donated to charity, the auction was canceled after questions were raised about selling access to the future First Family.

24 Gift Ideas For Vegans

Presents for the hardest person to shop for that you know.

Attorneys Clash Over Allowing 13 Alleged Victims To Testify In Bill Cosby Trial

The start of a two-day hearing on whether to allow the women to testify in Cosby's sexual assault trial got off to a heated start on Tuesday.

14 dicas para comer o que quiser e ainda ser saudável

Sim, lanchinhos deliciosos também podem fazer parte da dieta!

13 coisinhas que quem sofre de ansiedade precisa saber

As coisas grandes ajudam, mas as coisas pequenas também.

The United Nations Just Fired A Greek Princess From Her Ambassador Role

Wonder Woman's role as an honorary UN ambassador for women's issues lasted less than two months.

22 Cosas que pasan cuando vives en el conurbano

Más allá de sus calles asfaltadas hay un mundo ideal y sabemos vivirlo.

Which Starbucks Holiday Drink Should You Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Got a lot of Starbucks lovers... under the mistletoe.

16 coisas maravilhosas que rolaram no mundo da música em 2016

As mulheres dominaram o sertanejo e o Twitter jurou que a Sia foi mantida em cativeiro pela Beyoncé. Deu pra entender como foi maravilhoso?

Ce que la reprise d'Alep va changer pour le monde

La chute sanglante d'Alep est un coup dur pour la rébellion mais cela ne va pas mettre fin à la guerre. Et encore moins au casse tête que les chancelleries tentent de résoudre.

Firma que recebeu R$ 15 milhões tinha como endereço oficina mecânica

O suposto esquema de desvio de recursos envolve a construção do Museu do Trabalhador em São Bernardo do Campo, conhecido popularmente como "Museu do Lula".

People Are Losing It Over This Lit Parade

"Who let Dora get that lit?"

The Twitterverse Of Donald Trump In 26,234 Tweets

How you can scrape social data and analyze it

Sleeping Rice Bear with an Egg Blanket

Perfect for dinner in bed!

Your Chinese Food Order Will Determine What % Good And Evil You Are

The battle between good and evil is taking place in your stomach.

18 séries na Netflix com 4,5 estrelas ou mais porque você merece o melhor

Todos títulos listados aqui tem 4,5 estrelas ou mais. Pra você que não quer saber de perder tempo com bobagens.

20 De los looks más WTF de las celebridades en 2016

Alerta de spoiler: La moda WTF es la mejor clase de moda.

18 Caricaturas que reaccionan a lo que está ocurriendo en el este de Alepo

El mundo ha observado con horror los continuos ataques aéreos y la violencia dentro del este de Alepo, culminando en el asedio del martes por las fuerzas a favor del gobierno.

Can You Date A Friend's Ex?

Your friend doesn't want them, but are they still off-limits?

32 Tweets About "House Hunters" That Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

"Watching House Hunters and once again wondering if it should be renamed Can We Save This Marriage?"

Trump's Secretary Of State Pick Belongs To A Pro-Trade "Emergency Committee"

The Emergency Committee for American Trade supported passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Silicon Valley Engineers Pledge To Never Build A Muslim Registry

Engineers and employees from major tech companies — including Google, IBM, Slack, and Stripe — have pledged never to build a database of people based on their religious beliefs.

Google Parent Alphabet Spins Out Self-Driving Car Company As Waymo

Founded in 2009 as a Google X moonshot, Google's autonomous car project becomes a real company.

A Student Cried After Receiving This Touching "Thank You" Email From Her Professor

Strangers who came across the email online are tearing up too.

18 dessins de presse à travers le monde sur ce qui se passe à Alep

Le monde regarde avec horreur les frappes aériennes et la violence en cours dans l'est d'Alep qui a culminé mardi avec le siège par les forces pro-gouvernementales.

6 Sencillas formas de comer un poco más saludable cada día

Algo delicioso y saludable para cualquier momento del día.

Republicans Suddenly Think The Economy Is Great Again

After years of surveys showing deep pessimism about the US economy, things rapidly turned around in early November.

Quem seria o orientador do seu TCC em Hogwarts?

Haja feitiços para superar essa prova.

Canadians As Young As 18 Could Soon Be Legally Buying Pot

People should be limited to four plants at home and 30 grams in public, a government task force's report says.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at American Eagle, Shutterfly, Necessary Clothing, and more!

This Cartoonist Is Illustrating What It's Really Like To Transition

"I found it can be easy for transitioning to feel incredibly isolating and I want people to know they're not alone."

Top Candidates For DNC Chair Pitched CBC For Their Support

As part of rounds made in Washington last week, DNC candidates Rep. Keith Ellison and Jaime Harrison sought support at the CBC in private meetings.

MPs Despair At Their Inability To Act As Aleppo Is Recaptured By Syrian Government

"The tragedy tomorrow will be of ours, for failing to stop this happening and for the consequences," said Labour MP Ben Bradshaw.

What's Your Favorite Creepy Christmas Movie?

For those who want a spookier holiday season.

Com governo nas cordas, Caiado pede novas eleições e nomes de Jobim e Cármen ganham força

Ao mesmo tempo em que consegue importante vitória aprovando a PEC do Teto dos gastos, governo vive em clima de velório e parte dos aliados passam a duvidar se Temer encerrará mandato

23 Datos que arruinarán tu percepción del tiempo

Aparentemente la Universidad de Oxford es más antigua que los aztecas. Los AZTECAS.

It Wasn't Just You: Chipotle Also Had A Terrible Year

Sales are down by nearly 20%, and many of the customers who still eat there aren't having a great experience.

17 Imágenes que prueban que no hay nadie mejor que "yo merengues"

Dile a tu novio el fresón que se haga a un lado.

Le progressisme discret mais efficace de «Rogue One»

En deux films, Star Wars est devenu la franchise la plus inclusive de l’Histoire d’Hollywood.

16 jolis pulls de Noël que vous aurez envie de porter cet hiver

Désolé mamie, mais tu ne fais pas le poids face à ça.

27 Festive Movie Quotes That Will Make You All Warm And Fuzzy

If you want to get in the seasonal mood, these should do the trick!

23 Fakten, die deine Zeitwahrnehmung völlig durcheinanderbringen

Ähm, also, die Universität Oxford ist älter als die Azteken. DIE AZTEKEN.

17 personas a las que se les va la vida con la ortografía

"No, no quiero hablar contigo por WhatsApp, mejor te escribo".

Can You Make It Through The '00s Rap Lyrics Challenge?

All you have to do is complete lines from some of the most famous rap songs of the 2000s.

Teenage Hackers Admit £42 Million TalkTalk Data Breach

A 17-year-old has been given a 12-month rehabilitation order for hacking into the communications company's website in 2015, while a 19-year-old has pleaded guilty to the same charge.

Who Said It: The "Home Alone" Edition

Do you really remember who said these lines?

Adivinhe em quais músicas o brasileiro mais deu play em 2016

Tudo bem que você deve ter enjoado de tanto ouvir algumas músicas, mas você é capaz de acertar quem ganhou de quem?

Ce livre scientifique pour enfants est accusé d'être sexiste

«Ce texte reprend le cliché le plus basique du sexisme, qu'il justifie par des arguments scientifiques faux», explique à BuzzFeed News un psychiatre qui a critiqué le livre. L'éditeur, L'École des loisirs, plaide l'humour.

21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wishlist

A pair of Bob Ross socks, cactus candles, a champagne bong, and 18 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Exclusive: Documents Implicate Brazilian President Michel Temer In Corruption Scandal

A former VP at one of Brazil's largest construction companies told prosecutors the firm gave the president $3.3 million in "undeclared" funds.

18 coisas que é bom saber antes de praticar sexo anal

É hora de usar a porta dos fundos.

Kanye West Just Met With Donald Trump Because 2016 Has No Chill

They discussed "life," according to the president-elect.

36 Of The Funniest “Game Of Thrones” Jokes From 2016

Remember when the phrase "hold the door" didn't make you cry like a baby?

18 Funny-Ass Posts About Panic! At The Disco

"You've heard of Panic! At The Disco, now get ready for Anxiety! In The Target Parking Lot."

French Nuclear Plant Technician Continued Working While Under Investigation For Terrorism

Rida E. was put under investigation for suspected ties to terrorist groups in Syria, but that didn't prevent him from working for several months at a nuclear power plant.

Can You Guess Which Disney Movie Has More Women Speaking Than Men?

♫ Speakin' free, wish I could be, part of that world. ♫

People Can't Get Enough Of The Girl Who Discovered Her Twin In A Museum

"The moment I saw this person, I could feel fate at work!"

Labour MP Says It Is "Highly Probable" Russia Secretly Intervened In The EU Referendum

"I don't think we have even begun to wake up to what Russia is doing when it comes to cyber warfare."

How Popular Are Your Dinosaur Opinions?

Ankylosaurus fans of the world, unite!

27 Awesome '80s Toys You Probably Don't Remember Wanting

Sure you wanted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jem dolls! But do you remember how much you also wanted M.A.S.K. figures and Sweet Secrets?

18 Cartoons Reacting To What's Happening In East Aleppo

The world has watched on in horror to ongoing airstrikes and violence inside of East Aleppo culminating in Tuesday's siege by pro-government forces.

24 Of The Worst Things Hipsters Did To Food In 2016

I'll take my coffee in a test tube and my dinner in a shoe, please.

23 Monthly Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

A (lazy) monthly reminder of your love...and good taste!

Sunny Leone Says There's More Sexism In Bollywood Than In Porn

"I was never questioned about my sexuality. Sexism on sets? Not once."

What Truth Did You Learn About Yourself In 2016?

Something good must have come out of this year... Right?

Trump Picks Rick Perry As Energy Secretary

Perry, if confirmed, would head a government agency he had once vowed to eliminate.

New Survey Finds That Teens Are Doing Fewer Drugs

But, with a painkiller and heroin epidemic raging among adults, some experts argue that national survey results don’t give the full picture.

CPI da Merenda, que poupou políticos, termina com confusão

Estudantes, que protestaram contra o relatório aprovado, foram retirados da Assembleia Legislativa pela PM.

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Queefing

First of all, they're not actually farts.

19 personnes qui devraient juste être envoyées au bagne

Certaines personnes sont absolument cruelles.

21 Times British Women Were The Funniest People On Twitter In 2016

"I like my tea how I like my men... thoroughly minted."

Terrifying Photos Of How Aleppo Has Changed Over The Last Year

From December 2015 to December 2016, this is what Aleppo has looked like from the inside. WARNING: The following post contains photos some may find distressing.

Apple's Wireless AirPods Will Ship Before Christmas

After an unexpected and unusual postponement, Apple's new wireless earbuds are ready to ship. They'll arrive in stores on Dec. 21.

Here’s What The Syrian Regime’s Capture Of Aleppo Means For The World

The city’s bloody fall may doom the Syrian uprising, but that’s unlikely to end the war and headaches for other countries.

10 questions pour repenser à votre vie sexuelle en 2016

Il est temps de réfléchir à tous les rapports sexuels que vous avez eu (ou pas) cette année.

19 Chemistrees To Give You Nerdy Christmas Goals

Oh chemistree, oh chemistree...

Jeremy Corbyn Joins Cross-Party Effort To End Violence Against Women

A spokesperson for the Labour leader told BuzzFeed News that he would be backing a bill from an SNP MP to ratify an international convention on tackling violence.

How Electronic Music Made By Neo-Nazis Soundtracks The Alt-Right

"Fashwave," the sound of young white nationalism.

Argos Delivery Drivers Are Planning To Strike Just Before Christmas

“There will be a lot of very unhappy Argos customers if they don’t receive the iPhones, TVs, and white goods that they have ordered this Christmas.”

19 Times J.K. Rowling Was Sassy AF On Twitter In 2016

They see her Rowlin', they hatin'.

These Scientists Just Discovered A Spider That Uncannily Looks Like The "Harry Potter" Sorting Hat

Eriovixia gryffindori, as it was later christened, is named after one of the Hogwarts founders, Godric Gryffindor.

Preparar um peixe inteiro não é tão difícil quanto você pensa

E nem leva muito tempo para ficar pronto.

¡Comprueba si tienes más feromonas que Rafa Mora!

¡Cuidado! ¡Tiene un 85,47% de feromonas!

Louis Tomlinson Has Broken His Silence After His Mother's Death

Louis has thanked his fans for their "incredible support."

Comet Ping Pong "Pizzagate" Suspect Allegedly Tried To Recruit Others To Join Him

Welch was charged with entering a DC restaurant armed to investigate false reports of a child sex slave ring. He could face up to 10 years behind bars.

25 cadeaux parfaits pour les gens casaniers

C'est leur droit, après tout.

Heartbreaking And Terrifying "Final Messages" From People Trapped Inside East Aleppo

"I am talking to the world now live from East #Aleppo. This is my last moment to either live or die.”

What's Going On Around The World?

The United Nations said it has reliable evidence that 82 civilians have been shot by Syrian pro-government forces in what remains of rebel-held east Aleppo, Syria. President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state. And you can ~finally~ use a facepalm emoji in the latest iOS update.

I Drink Cheap Pink Wine And You Can Too

Half the price, twice as nice.

Trump's Secretary Of State Nominee Already Has Republican Opposition

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson can't afford to lose many Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Sen. Marco Rubio has already expressed skepticism over the pick.

Trump Nominates Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State

The oil executive has a history of strong ties to Russia and beat out several other candidates for the job, including Mitt Romney.

Ed Sheeran Has Broken His Social Media Silence And OMG Is 2016 Saved?

He just posted a picture of a blue square. What does that even mean?!

47 Things Guaranteed To Happen When You Move Up North From London

Trying really hard not to use the phrase “when I was in London…”

The Vigil Idiot Reviews “Befikre”, Or: Why The Olds Shouldn't Make Films About The Youths

If this Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor-starrer is what being a millennial is about, I've been committing way too few crimes and wearing way too many shirts.

Top Five Star Movement MP Says Talking About Fascism In 2016 Is "Irrelevant"

Alessandro Di Battista also said he was "super proud" of his father, who has openly described himself as a fascist.

How Much Of A Picky Christmas Eater Are You?

Turkey sandwiches? Christmas pudding? Brussel sprouts?!

14 personnes qui ont passé la même année que vous

Ça suffit maintenant 2016, il faut rentrer chez toi.

UK Inflation Hits A Two-Year High As Brexit Price Rises Start To Bite

"This ... continues the rather volatile movements observed during 2016, especially over the latest 3 months."

Voici la preuve que tout ira mieux en 2017

Déjà, parce qu'on ne sera plus en 2016.



29 Cats Who Just Want To Help You Decorate Your Tree

They're just making sure you've got an even distribution of ornaments going on.

Fierce Fighting In Aleppo Halts Planned Evacuation Of Civilians

There are reports from activists within the enclave that a ceasefire, declared late Tuesday, has been broken.

Labour's Welsh Leader Says His Party Is Being Damaged By Fake News

“The left’s been slow; the far-right has taken up social media more quickly than the centre-left."

Are You A Champion Crier?

Could you compete in the crying olympics?

This Quiz Will Reveal The Scottish Place You Should Visit In 2017

Should you roam the wilderness, or cuddle up with a sexy Scot in a wee cottage?

This TV Actress Called Out Jet Airways For Not Helping When She Was Sexually Harassed On A Flight

"(He) Started touching me inappropriately, at first I thought it's a kid but when I turned behind I was horrified to see it was a full grown man."

Reading Kylie Jenner's Instagram Comments Reveals Her Biggest Fan Is... Well, Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh might be one of the country's biggest celebrities, but the dude has a lowkey creepy crush.

MLB Bans "Offensive" Hazing Of Rookie Players, Including Dressing As Women

Major League Baseball is unveiling a new anti-hazing and anti-bullying policy that will prohibit wearing costumes of women or characters.

The Funniest Reactions To The Plan To Build A MOAT Around Parliament House

Yes, you read that correctly. A moat. Filled with water. Or crocodiles.

16 Gifts For The Wine Mom In Your Life

Get them for your favourite wine mom.

23 Aussie Christmas Traditions That The Rest Of The World Is Missing Out On

We all have that aunt that brings the Chang's noodle salad.

What Will The Freedom Caucus Protest Now?

After years of fighting their own leadership, the House’s conservative rabble-rousers will have to adapt to having a Republican in the White House.

Parole Board Rejected Offer To Rehabilitate Teen At Centre Of NT Royal Commission

Exclusive: Dylan Voller is being "made an example of", claims an organisation that works with disadvantaged young people.

37 Most Astonishing Photos From Australia In 2016

It's been a looooooooooooooooooooooooong year.

Who Was The Biggest Loser Of 2016?

No matter who wins this poll, they all lose.

29 Old-School Toys That Were Secretly The Best Thing Ever

These were definitely on your X-mas list back in the day.

19 Funny Chinese Dating Show Quotes That'll Make You Say, "Me"

These contestants from China's If You Are the One will remind you that we're all the same.

The Election Recount Is Over And Trump Is Still Going To Be President

Courts stopped recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania, while those in Wisconsin and Nevada upheld Donald Trump's victory.

18 Objetos para regalarle a tu amigo el de alma negra

La lista de regalos para el darks en tu vida.

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