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December 15, 2016

Labor MP Terri Butler Settles Defamation Suit From 18C QUT Student

"I can't confirm that there was a confidentiality clause and I can't confirm who initially sought it, because that would be in breach of the clause. If there was one."

Democratic Group, Clinton Aides Team Up To Sink Trump Nominees

David Brock's American Bridge has fanned out researchers to look into cabinet picks in partnership with Senate leaders, as new anti-Trump efforts emerge and Democrats formulate just how they’ll oppose him. "Our goal is to keep Trump unpopular."

Hugh Jackman Just Trolled The Shit Out Of Ryan Reynolds

"Feel free to urinate on my section of the sidewalk."

What Simple Change Has Made Your Life A Tiny Bit Better?

Have you feng shui'd your house? Taken up a hobby? Started exercising in the morning?

17 Cosas que TIENES que saber antes de entrar a ver 'Rogue One'

Spoiler: La película le está fascinando a todo el mundo.

Meet The Aboriginal Women Standing Up To Domestic Violence In The Central Desert

"I don't know any other service in Australia that would see the amount of stabbings, machetes to the head."

FYI, People Around The World Throw "American" Theme Parties And They're Incredible

American parties are a real thing and they are hilarious.

Will Trump Have Any Latinos In His Cabinet?

Hispanic Republicans are split on whether it matters, and while Trump is said to not be too concerned with the race or ethnicity of his picks, allies say diversity is important to him.

Can You Guess Which Is The Real Santa Claus?

Sometimes he's hard to find.

María Barracuda fue golpeada por un extraño porque esta ciudad se está saliendo de control

La vocalista de JotDog propone que, ante la ineficiencia del gobierno de la ciudad, aprendamos a defendernos nosotros mismos.

8 Meaty Game Day Recipes

Here's 8 recipes for Meat Lovers that are perfect for Game Day!

25 Iconic Taylor Swift Moments From 2016

All this while supposedly on a break.

15 Jokes That Only Make Sense To Pokemon Sun And Moon Players

Harken back to a time when Poké Balls never missed.

Watch These Celebrities Star In A 2016 Version Of "12 Days Of Christmas"

"On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me / Five tickets to Hamilton."

18 Razones para seguir a BuzzFeed México en Instagram

La mejor de todas es que no atascamos con hashtags.

Will My Brother's Keeper Continue In The Trump Administration?

Top Democrats like Boston Mayor Marty J. Walsh are hoping the president-elect keeps My Brother's Keeper. Amid silence from Trump camp, it's really anyone's guess.

24 Of The Best Gadgets You Can Give This Year

All of 2016's standout tech, to gift (or get for yourself).

Newt Gingrich Says Trump Will Make Opioid Epidemic A Priority

The former House speaker said that Trump is “keenly aware” that the opioid crisis is hitting red states hardest and Republicans would not “leave millions of people in the lurch,” as Obamacare is repealed.

1st Glass Of Wine Vs. 4th

From sophistication to yelling at your ex boyfriend over text.

26 Holiday Ideas You’ve Probably Never Considered Before

Who knew Siberia was an ideal holiday destination?

Feel Bad About Your Career? Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling Did At One Point, Too

“It is funny how the things that happen in your life can feel terrible in the moment but lead you to those places," La La Land actor Emma Stone told BuzzFeed News.

People Try The Venezuelan Diet

“If this doesn’t scream crisis, I don’t know what does."

Which Of These Classic Christmas Songs Is The Oldest?

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, Santa Baby.

For-Profit College Giant Agrees To Pay $100 Million Over Deceptive Advertising

DeVry University, a giant of the for-profit college business, has settled charges that it misled prospective students about their likelihood of finding a job.

The Cast Of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" Play Who's Most Likely To...

The stars dish on everything from which cast member was the biggest Star Wars nerd to who secretly took home items from set.

Assad Regime Is Carrying Out "Nothing Short Of A Massacre," John Kerry Says

The US Secretary of State condemned the attacks in the ravaged Syrian city on Thursday.

14 coisas que acontecem todo final de ano quando você mora longe da família

Nas datas em que você vai poder viajar os vôos custam o PIB de um pequeno país.

29 Gifts You Can Get On Amazon That Kids Will Actually Like

A bajillion positive reviews have spoken.

Carla encontrou uma bala de revólver dentro do frango que comprou no supermercado

Ela percebeu que tinha algo estranho quando começou a cortar a carne. A Seara e o Pão de Açúcar dizem que irão investigar o caso.

Airport Workers Get First $15 Hourly Wage And A Union

The Fight for $15 movement to raise the minimum wage has expanded beyond fast-food to include other industries, and airport workers just clocked their first major victory.

Sportscaster Craig Sager Dies From Cancer At 65

The NBA broadcaster known for his colorful suits was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014.

Faraday Future Plagued By Lawsuits, Unpaid Bills Ahead Of Electric Car Reveal

The electric car startup is heading into a hyped-up reveal of its first production car after a year fraught with financial troubles, employee attrition, and lawsuits.

This Couple Had The Best Solution After Being Constantly Asked About Kids

"Happy to announce that the Jansen family is growing by four paws!"

Antigo alvo de Doria, Denise Abreu ganha cargo na prefeitura de SP

Tucano nomeará Denise Abreu, símbolo da crise aérea do governo Lula. Em 2007, Doria criou o movimento Cansei, logo depois do acidente da TAM, que matou 199 pessoas. Na época, Denise dirigia a Anac.

Dylann Roof Found Guilty In Charleston Church Massacre

The white supremacist who shot and killed nine people at Emanuel AME Church was convicted Thursday. The jury will now decide whether he should get the death penalty.

Federal Law Now Guarantees Your Right To Leave A Bad Yelp Review

President Obama signed the Consumer Review Fairness Act into law on Wednesday, banning businesses from suing customers who post negative online reviews.

What's The Worst Secret Santa Gift You've Ever Gotten?

Socks? Candy? Something clearly not meant for you?

Slow Cooker Nacho Soup

The perfect lazy comfort food.

Aides To Brazil's President Say Trump Didn't Discuss Scandal-Tainted Hotel When They Spoke

Donald Trump's organization said Tuesday it was pulling out of managing a Rio de Janeiro hotel after it came under investigation. Hours earlier Trump and the Brazilian president spoke — but aides told BuzzFeed News they didn't discuss the scuttled deal.

Hundreds Of Fake Articles About Family Murder Are Spreading In Germany

Each hoax article is exactly the same, except for one important detail.

Justice Department Sues Michigan City For Denying A Permit To Build A Mosque

The permit application sparked protests and one appeal at a planning commission meeting to "remember 9/11."

This Teen Might Be The Most Lit Ping Pong Player In The Professional League

Wang told BuzzFeed News he thinks table tennis is in need of "a little extra spice."

What More To Life Is There Than Being "Beautiful" Or "Average"?

Well, according to Dove, life is defined by these two labels and NOTHING else!

Proposta de Trump sobre agenda econômica com Brasil surpreendeu Temer, dizem assessores

Segundo fontes do Planalto, americano não mencionou os negócios que mantém no Rio, em telefonema. Nesta semana, as Organizações Trump desistiram de operar o hotel de luxo, que é alvo de investigação do Ministério Público Federal.

Super Mario Run finalmente está disponible y la gente tiene mucho que decir al respecto

"Todo es bonito hasta que te dicen que tienes que pagar por los demás niveles".

The Hardest "True Or False" Christmas Movie Quiz You'll Ever Take

How well do you know-ho-ho your favorite Christmas movies?

The Best Sports Photography Of 2016

Here are the most captivating sports photos of the year.

Quem é você na festa da firma?

Você é a pessoa que está contando os minutos para ir embora ou a que bebe e pega o colega de trabalho?

42 Insanely Clever Storage Ideas For Your Whole House

Your mother-in-law will be totally impressed.

Você é atraente, de acordo com este guia adolescente dos anos 1960?

É mais importante ter um corpo sexy ou um rosto bonito?

Eyebrows Throughout History

Brow history on FLEEK.

18 Fotos que entenderás si tienes una cicatriz permanente hecha por un lápiz

Puede que olvides que la tienes, pero nunca olvidarás cómo te la hiciste.

Las 46 fotografías más impactantes de 2016

Aquí están las fotografías más impactantes y hermosas de 2016.

Binge Watch Ashly Perez's New Series Right Here

Things are about to get awkward.

17 Thoughts You've Definitely Had In The Waiting Room At The Doctor's Office

Why do they even bother scheduling appointments if they know that the doctor will never, ever be ready to see anyone at their appointed time?

Conheça a dona Rúbia, uma dona de casa que virou uma estrela do YouTube

Com vídeos do tipo "arroz cozido em 1 minuto", ela conquistou milhares de admiradores e já tem até fã clube.

O que os seus sonhos revelam sobre a sua personalidade?

Você é alguém que se preocupa demais ou é um espírito livre?

How Many Of These Cocktails Have You Actually Tried?

♫ Do you like piña coladas? ♫

Facebook Is Turning To Fact-Checkers To Fight Fake News

The company is giving content from fact-checking organizations unprecedented visibility in the News Feed.

This Whole-Roasted Chicken And Veggie Recipe Makes Dinner Easy

Impress all your friends with your fancy cooking skills.

Everything You Need To Know About The Scottish Government's Spending Plans

The SNP government has set out its first budget in which it has powers to change income tax rates – but decided not to use them.

29 Ways To Own This Whole Adulting Thing

You're an adult: It's about time you fooled people into believing it.

Trump Team Doesn't Say Whether He Will Repeal A New Rule Protecting Planned Parenthood Funding

A transition team aide said Trump's policy team is "reviewing a number of different options."

Video Reveals School Bus Driver Behind Fatal Tennessee Crash Was Holding Cell Phone At The Wheel

Johnthony Walker, who has been charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, was also found to have been driving 20 miles above the speed limit.

Most Americans Say Fake News Causes "A Great Deal" Of Confusion About Current Events

American adults also think they're pretty good at spotting fake news.

19 Cosas que sólo entenderán quienes odian los intercambios navideños

Desde la repartidera de papelitos todo está mal.

17 Fotos, die beweisen, dass Boracay auf deiner To-Do-Liste stehen sollte

Im Wesentlichen ein tropischer Himmel auf Erden.

Alep: les photos des 24 dernières heures

«Nous reviendrons un jour.»

12 "Friends" Gifts To Give To Your Lobster

Because you can't get a gift card to Central Perk. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Moreira e Padilha são alvos de fogo amigo na bancada do PMDB

Em conversas reservadas, parte dos deputados do PMDB da Câmara diz que o melhor para blindar Michel Temer seria a saída de Moreira e Padilha do governo

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Missguided, Amazon, ModCloth, and more!

Você é a pior pessoa do mundo?

Você já deixou de telefonar para os seus pais porque "é um saco" ou você estava "muito ocupado"?

Former Milwaukee Cop Charged In Fatal Shooting Of Sylville Smith

Dominique Heaggan-Brown was charged with first degree reckless homicide for the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Smith that sparked heated unrest in Milwaukee.

Lava Jato denuncia Lula por suposta propina da Odebrecht

Caso diz respeito a terreno em São Paulo que seria comprado para o Instituto Lula e apartamento em São Bernardo que o ex-presidente usava para armazenar objetos. Defesa de Lula diz que denúncia é vazia e critica procuradores.

10 Things To Know If You're Having A Mental Health Crisis

Knowing what to do can be hard, but doing nothing isn't the answer.

18 Times Netflix Totally Won 2016

And they show no signs of chilling in 2017.

18 personas que corrigieron titulares y dieron en el clavo

Solo hace falta un boli rojo para hacer las cosas bien.

16 Pinches regalos para tu amigo el mal hablado

Puras chingaderitas bien chingonas.

What % Tired Are You?

Exactly what would you do for a quick nap right now?

Which Christmas Food Has To Go?

Do brussel sprouts deserve to stay?

Only A "Star Wars" Expert Can Name All Of These Obscure Toys

This is very simple – we'll show you an old Kenner Star Wars action figure, and you'll tell us its name.

18 Pictures You'll Understand If You're Permanently Tattooed By A Pencil

You may forget it's there, but you'll never forget how you got it.

Moana's "How Far I'll Go" Is Even Better In 24 Different Languages


32 Questions From Pop Songs Answered With Actual Data

What is love? How far is 24 hours from Tulsa? Do they know it's Christmas time? And how *do* you solve a problem like Maria?

22 críos que devolvieron la esperanza al mundo en 2016

Son nuestra esperanza, son nuestro futuro.

US Delays Major Aid Package To The Philippines Over Human Rights Concerns

The US has put off a decision to renew a major aid package over "concerns around rule of law and civil liberties" in the Philippines' bloody drug war.

Can These Flats Made From Boxes Help Solve The UK's Housing Crisis?

Factory-built flats are being touted as a way to relieve pressure on growing homelessness across the country, but are they really part of the solution?

14 Amazing Indian Web Series From 2016 You Need To Watch Before The Year Ends

You've got a few days left in 2016, here's the best way to spend them.

Which Sexy Santa's Lap Should You Sit On Based On Your Favorite Lingerie?

Only the naughty are allowed to take this quiz.

Pick A Santa, Receive A Gift

Even people on the naughty list get something.

Bombardeios encurralam civis de Aleppo e ONU descreve "ataque contra humanidade"

Aliados do regime de Bashar Al-Assad discordam sobre plano de evacuação de pessoas em área controlada pela oposição. Há relatos de que civis estão sendo retirados de suas casas e sendo fuzilados por soldados do governo.

49 choses qui font plus sens que Manuel Valls proposant de supprimer le 49-3

Un ami végétarien qui vous propose un bon gros steak.

Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox Makes £11.7 Billion Sky Bid

The company will offer Sky plc's shareholders £10.75 per share in cash, in a deal that is still subject to regulatory approval.

These Startups Will Pay You For Your DNA

Patients usually don’t earn any money when they contribute to scientific discoveries and therapies. Some genetics startups want to change that.

Let It Snow On Your Christmas Tree With This Neat Trick

This time, it won't look like your tree has dandruff.

Mach dir warme Gedanken mit diesem Rindfleisch-Kartoffelgratin

Genau das, was wir alle jetzt brauchen.

East Aleppo Mayor Chastises International Community For Failing To Protect Civilians

Brita Hagi Hasan, the mayor of East Aleppo, called on European Union leaders to “save the lives of the civilian population. This is the last opportunity to do this."

Can You Pick The Highest-Grossing Christmas Movie?

The results might surprise you!

19 Foods You Might Find In A Christmas Dinner, Ranked

Warning: This post contains opinions.

How Britain First Pays Facebook To Push Anti-Islam Videos Into Your News Feed

The social network is receiving money from the far-right group to promote anti-Islam videos.

What’s Going On Around The World Today

Yahoo says hackers stole personal data from over 1 billion users in 2013, possibly including security questions and passwords. Pro-government forces attacked an evacuation convoy in Aleppo, Syrian activists say. And day one of Uber's self-driving car test in California got off to a rocky start.

People Are Searching For The Boy Who Wrote This Heartbreaking Letter To His Dead Dad

The heartbreaking letter was found tied to a balloon in a field, according to the Dunfermline Press.

10 seins qui sont de vrais cadeaux de Noël

Merci Sein-Nicolas. Aux Etats-Unis la tradition des ”pulls moches de Noël" va parfois avec celle du #reindeerboob, littéralement le renne-sein:

12 Bilder zum Ausmalen für alle, die verdammt nochmal gerne fluchen

Gegen ein gepflegtes "Halt die Fresse" ist halt einfach nichts einzuwenden.

17 cadeaux que vous ne pourrez pas offrir à vos enfants pour Noël

Ce sont les catalogues de jouets qui l'ont décidé.

Pas de femme socialiste à la primaire de gauche: «c'est affligeant», nous disent ces élues

La candidate du PRG Sylvia Pinel a sauvé l'honneur en rejoignant in extremis la primaire de la gauche. Il y aura donc une femme candidate. Mais aucune femme socialiste. Face à beaucoup d'hommes. Comme s'il restait tout à faire au PS.

Faites-vous caca comme les autres?

Les toilettes, cette zone de non-droit.

17 Things Only People Annoyed By Slow Walkers Will Understand

Nothing gives you more rage than someone walking slowly in front of you.

Choose A Cracker, Receive A Terrible Joke

Because what's Christmas without a groan-worthy pun?



Do You Have The Same Tastes As Everyone Else?

Do you have a unique style, or are you just following the crowd?

This Numbers Game Will Determine What You’ll Get For Each Night Of Hanukkah

One day of presents? Hell no, we get eight crazy nights.

Civilians And Rebel Fighters Begin To Leave In East Aleppo Evacuation

Despite the outbreak of violence, the first groups of wounded civilians boarded government buses and Red Cross ambulances out of the city.

You'll Want To Go For The Exact Same Holiday As Alia Bhatt After Looking At These Photos

It looks pretty expensive but that mustn't stop your dreams.

28 moments LGBT qui nous ont fait chaud au cœur en 2016

Un peu d'amour dans ce monde de brutes.



11 Things Anyone With A Penis Will Instantly Understand

Sometimes it's ~hard~ having a dick.

プーチン大統領自ら指揮し、米大統領選に干渉 米報道


21 Tweets Everyone Who Has Been On A Plane Can Relate To

Plane and simple: flying is the worst.

オスプレイ事故でデマ、「朝日新聞が意図的な誤訳」にソースなし 米軍司令官「感謝されるべき」発言


Proposed NYC Law Would Create A Public Database Of Ride-Hail Sexual Assault Reports

The legislation comes nine months after a BuzzFeed News report on sexual assault and harassment complaints in Uber’s customer service database.

16 Things Travel Agents Want You To Know

Everything you need to know about planning your dream trip.

31 Times Australia Was Pretty Bloody Racist This Year

Please note: This is in no way an exhaustive list.

Uberの自動運転車が信号無視していた 「人間のミスです」


12 Breathtaking Road Trips That Begin In Adelaide

You can't go Down Under without heading south.

Melbourne Pride Ditches News Corp Australia Sponsorship After Community Outcry

"We are still facing heartbreaking pressure about the issue."

Can You Remember The Names Of These "Elf" Characters?

If you looove Elf, this quiz is for you.

マドンナが贈るパワフルなメッセージに感動する レディー・ガガも感謝のツイート


北方領土にいた日本人の暮らしを知っていますか? 戦前の写真が心を揺さぶる


This Numbers Game Will Determine What Your New Years Resolutions Should Be

Even though you might not end up following them, it's still nice to know.

An Indiana Town's Entire Police Force Has Quit In Protest

Officers allege they were punished for pulling over town officials and asked to perform "illegal, unethical, and immoral things."

Washington Officers Justified In Fatally Shooting Unarmed Latino Man, Jury Finds

The six-member jury found that the officers were justified in Antonio Zambrano-Montes last year in Pasco, Washington.

Hospital Giant UHS Has Lost $2.4 Billion In Value In A Week

20% of market cap has evaporated since a BuzzFeed News investigation was published on Dec. 8. "We think the risk-reward is no longer compelling," Wall Street analysts wrote Wednesday.

Twitter Developed Its Own Messenger Product, But Killed It

The stand-alone app was intended to be an on-ramp for new users to Twitter proper.

Who Will You Be At Your Office Holiday Party?

Are you the inappropriately drunk one, or the flirt, or maybe the one who refuses to leave work at work?

28 Of The Most Melbourne Things To Happen In 2016

Melbourne: the hipster capital of Australia and so much more.

17 Food Items That Are Definitely NOT Food

SAFETY WARNING: Do not consume.

Here's Everywhere You Need To Eat And Drink In Melbourne This Summer

Beat the heat and chill in some of Melbourne’s best cafés, bars, and restaurants.

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