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Canadians Have Been Warned About Car-Licking Moose Because Canada


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Alberta's mountain parks are a gorgeous winter wonderland this time of year. But there is also a scourge upon these pristine lands.

Creativewindmill / Getty Images

A scourge of tongues.

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Moose tongues.

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Alberta Parks has issued a warning about moose approaching cars to lick off road salt in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

Please be advised of a moose warning for the Chester Lake and Burstall Pass Parking Lots and Area. More info @…

Apparently moose have been spotted in a couple of parking lots licking off that sweet, sweet salt.

Bruev / Getty Images

This is a real thing. Alberta Parks is not fucking with you.

While we're on the topic of car-licking moose, here is a picture I found on my phone from the Chester Lake trailhea…

Nothing lures a moose quite like a nice salty car.

It's all quite painfully Canadian.

You know it's winter in #Canada when moose come out of the woods to lick salt off the cars.

Parkgoers are advised to use their horn or car alarm to scare off any moose licking their cars. The warning also says to "not attempt to push moose away from your vehicle while on foot."

Al Grillo / The Associated Press

Which is some pretty sound advice.

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