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    This Photographer's Car Was Licked Clean By Two Adorable Moose

    “The Jasper car wash at Maligne Lake. Free service.”

    A Canadian wildlife photographer's SUV was licked clean by two moose on a recent trip to Jasper National Park in Alberta.

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    John Marriott has been a wildlife photographer for over two decades, but he told Barcroft TV he'd never seen anything like it.

    John Marriott / Twitter / Via Twitter: @johnemarriott

    Marriott said he was giving a workshop at Maligne Lake where he and his group parked their vehicles to take photos of a moose and her calf, but the two animals had other plans.

    "We’ve got a moose cow and calf that have surrounded our vehicles and are licking the salt of the vehicles, essentially providing my SUV with a bit of a free car wash."

    Barcroft TV / Via

    "It was kind of neat seeing a full size moose, bigger than my vehicle was," Marriott said.

    Barcroft TV / Via

    Marriott's camera gear was locked in the SUV, so he ended up shooting the whole thing on his phone.

    Moose are known to seek out salt and other minerals. Road salt, in particular, can draw moose toward traffic and vehicles. Here's how these two moose left Marriott's car after they were done licking salt and mud off it.

    They're not particularly good at this car wash business, but they tried. At least the service was free.

    Check out John Marriott's amazing wildlife photos on his website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.