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    11 Things Anyone With A Penis Will Instantly Understand

    Sometimes it's ~hard~ having a dick.

    1. Putting it in things, which is pretty awesome.

    2. That horrible feeling when your penis touches the inside of the toilet.

    3. The joy that is windmilling.

    4. Giving it a nickname.

    5. Seeing what objects we can hold with it and/or balance on it.

    6. Getting awkward boners and having to readjust.

    7. Having your balls stick to your legs all of the time.

    8. Measuring it.

    9. Getting your "bits and bobs" caught in things.

    10. No matter how much you shake, you can never get rid of that last drop

    11. And finally, the impossible task that is peeing with a boner.

    Despite having its ups and downs, you're proud of your penis because, just like you, it's one of a kind!

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