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We Went To Kylie Jenner's Store And It Was Insane

We obviously had to go.

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Being the totally normal twentysomethings that we are, we knew we had to go to the store, but also knew our feet couldn't last in a line longer than three hours. So we headed to the store today, five days post-opening, and we took our spot in line.

As you can see, the line had the potential to be way freaking longer, so we counted our blessings and immediately started taking selfies.


When we made it to the front of the line (OMG!!!), we were given wristbands for absolutely no reason, probably.

It felt like we were waiting in line to get into an exclusive club, what with the security guard at the door and people handing out wristbands.

There's also a wall with a bunch of her clothing, which, as it turns out, is for appearance ONLY.

Lara Parker and Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

We learned the hard way when we tried to take it off the rack and carry it around the store. The actual clothing is in the back, and the store employees have to grab it for you in your size. Oops.


And in the back of the store, there's a semi-replica of Kylie's very own bedroom, which you can pose with for a great 'gram. WHICH WE DID, DUH.

And while you pose, a video of Kylie being sensual with Tyga plays in the background and you try not to stare and feel awkward.

We spent about 20 minutes in the actual shop, and it felt like a magical experience even though it went by so quickly. And on the way out, Kylie blessed us with one of her very own selfie mirrors. So we happily obliged.