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Only A "Star Wars" Expert Can Name All Of These Obscure Toys

This is very simple – we'll show you an old Kenner Star Wars action figure, and you'll tell us its name.

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  1. Who is this handsome fella?
  2. Hint: His name is NOT Butt-Mouth.
  3. Who is this alien with a seriously amazing side-eye?
  4. Who was this shirtless dude?
  5. Who is this Shrek-esque fellow?
  6. What's this dour dude called?
  7. Who is this Frasier lookalike?
  8. What is this very slender droid called?
  9. What's the name of this very sad alien?
  10. What was this boxy droid called?
  11. What was this helmeted guy called?
  12. Who is this lil' cutie?
  13. Hint: This is not an action figure of my dad, even though it looks like one.
  14. Who is this creepy bug dude?
  15. Who is this pimped-out mack?
  16. What's the name of this very menacing guy?
  17. And finally, what's the name of this flagrant Dalek ripoff droid?
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