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31 Times Australia Was Pretty Bloody Racist This Year

Please note: This is in no way an exhaustive list.

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1. When an Indigenous man said he was a victim of horrific police violence because he's black.
2. That Bill Leak cartoon.
3. Which drew 700 complaints, but didn't break any rules.

4. When Aboriginal rapper Nooky was told by an Uber driver that “abos have got it made” and that Indigenous people are thieves and criminals.
5. When Virgin Australia allegedly allowed a passenger to move rather than sit next to an Aboriginal man.
6. When a man published horrifically racist comments on Nova Peris' Facebook page, then blamed hackers. (He later apologised)
7. When a Tinder user made a petrol sniffing joke.
8. When a TV host wore a Native American headdress on TV for a bit of a laff.
9. When Australia's most famous Indigenous singer, Gurrumul Yunupingu, said he was racially profiled in a Darwin hospital.
10. When Adam Goodes appeared on Play School and the response was pretty damn racist.

11. When a senator said Aboriginal people are living in a "fairytale" and shirk personal responsibility.
12. When an Aboriginal politician was told not to speak her traditional language in parliament.
13. When a senator said he was upset that he can't say "Muzzie" anymore.
14. When Alan Jones said Australia needs another Stolen Generation.
15. When Jeff Kennett revealed his love of golliwog dolls.
16. When David Oldfield said Aboriginal culture should just die out.
17. When Pauline Hanson claimed there was no definition of Aboriginal.

18. When a rugby player wore this costume.

19. When a netballer was attacked for calling out her teammate's decision to wear blackface.
20. When a cafe customer refused to be served by a black person.
21. When a man was allegedly stood up at work because he "looked like a Muslim".
22. When Pauline Hanson was really worried about the installation of squat toilets in some government buildings.
23. When Sonia Kruger said that "as a mother" she believed it was time for Australia to end Muslim migration.

24. When someone set a car on fire and wrote "fuck Islam" on a mosque while people prayed inside.
25. When Pauline Hanson told Kyle Sandilands she can't tell if "Asians" are "Australians".
26. When an MP said taxpayers shouldn't fund the "noble savage" lifestyle of remote Indigenous communities.
27. When three teenage brothers dressed up as terrorists and ran around staging fake beheadings.
28. When people complained that an ad for lamb was racist against white people.
29. When Pauline Hanson said Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims.
30. When Peter Dutton said it was a mistake to let in some Lebanese migrants in the 1970s.
31. When Peter Dutton said illiterate and innumerate refugees will take Australian jobs.

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