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12 "Friends" Gifts To Give To Your Lobster

Because you can't get a gift card to Central Perk. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

1. A sweatshirt for anyone who always has Phoebe's songs stuck in her head.

2. An enamel pin that'd look perfect on any of Rachel's jean jackets.

3. A tee for anyone who considers sharing food a relationship deal breaker.

4. A notebook that's perfect for writing letters that are 18 pages long (front AND back).

5. A onesie that will prove your baby has game.

6. A peephole frame that turns your home into the greatest apartment of all time.

7. A candle for anyone who wishes their home smelled like Central Perk.

8. A throw pillow for the Chandler of the friend group.

9. A card for anyone who gets teary at the words "I got off the plane!"

10. A pair of mugs for besties who would totally drink beer in wedding dresses together.

11. A minimalist poster for any true romantic.

12. And the floor plan to Joey and Chandler's apartment — including lounge chairs, a Foosball table, and that canoe.

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