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29 Gifts You Can Get On Amazon That Kids Will Actually Like

A bajillion positive reviews have spoken.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A My Little Pony Rainbow Dash zip hoodie that's straight-up magical.,

Promising review: "This jacket is the cutest. A 4-year-old has worn this for two months straight, and through all the washes it's held up." —Vonda

Price: $18.57+

2. A Tough Trike that kids will take to the streets.

Promising review: "Our son got this for Christmas. He rode it religiously every single time we were outside. It took until he was 2 1/2-years-old to reach the pedals, but before that, he would push himself along or coast down inclines with his feet up. Once he could pedal, there was no end to his 'stunts': going fast, skidding, doing two-wheeled turns, pedaling in reverse. He absolutely adored riding it. Oh, and the little trunk under the seat was a favorite feature of his; so many treasures and prized possessions have been stored in that roomy compartment. Best gift ever!" —Molly

Price: $34.53. Available in Thomas the Tank Engine, Kawasaki, Barbie, and Harley Davidson.

3. These Brain Flakes interlocking discs that are endless fun for little engineers.

Promising review: "This will be the most emotional review I've ever written. There are millions of different toys to choose from on this planet but to find toys that satisfy my children is quite an accomplishment. I have three boys with Autism, so for me to find a toy that is so good for their motor skills and dexterity is amazing. This has to be the most brilliant toy I have ever purchased. To this company: pat yourself on the back for a job well done. From this moment forward you have a lifelong customer." —christina piemonte

Price: $12.99

4. A Star Wars LEGO figurine alarm clock that starts every day in the galaxy the right way.

Promising review: "My 8-year-old son is a huge LEGO fan and a recent fan of Star Wars. He LOVES this alarm clock. It's important to note that he had always been scared of alarm clocks before, but this one beeps loud enough to wake us up without being obnoxiously, ear-splittingly loud. The legs and arms are movable too; he loves to have Darth hold things and make him sit or stand. His favorite part, though, is that the clock lights up with a red glow when you push down on Darth's head." —Nikki Rehman

Price: $23.99. Available in Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Boba Fett.

5. A Mr. Sketch marker set that smells like gift victory.

Promising review: "My son loves the smells and they make drawing for school all the more fun. Told him not to huff them for too long or he will be addicted." —M. Savage

Price: $4.79/12 pc. Available in 10 quantity options, from 4 pc. to 216 pc.

6. The OG of inquiry, Curious George.,

Promising review: "This product was a gift for my 14-month-old daughter. I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and was having a phone conversation with my wife and she had told me how my daughter would play with her cousin's plush Curious George toy and would not put it down. So I went on Amazon and ordered it for my daughter for Christmas. On Christmas morning I made sure to Skype my wife since I did not want to miss my daughter's first real Christmas. The last gift she opened was the George plush toy and when she saw it her whole face lit up. It was priceless to me and made my day in ways you can't imagine." —POOCHIE

Price: $12.74 for 12" plush. Also available in 16", 26", and 36".

7. A BPA- and phthalate-free tea set that's perfect for little hosts and hostesses.

Promising review: "My daughter absolutely loves this tea set, and has been playing with it like crazy. I had been on a mission to find the best tea set for her. Well, this it! Fantastic quality, it is made from recycled milk jugs, the plastic is nice and thick...a bonus is that it meets FDA regulations so you can actually drink from the set without worrying about absorbing some crazy chemicals. The lids on the teapot and sugar jar are great because they are interchangeable, they stay on when you pour the tea, and yet they are easy for little hands to take off and put on. Wonderful! Oh, and the best part? MADE IN THE USA!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $17.52

8. An electronics discovery kit that'll have kids creating circuits in a *snap*.,

Promising review: "Utterly amazing. I bought this for an 11-year-old girl for her birthday in August and she fell in love with it instantly. It is now December and she is still playing with it. I'm going to be buying the add-on set for her soon." —Robert Loos

Price: $17.59

9. The Razor A Kick Scooter for kids that are goin' places.,

Promising review: "I purchased this scooter for my 5-year-old grandson thinking 'he'll grow into it,' but he hopped on it right away and loved it. All the children in his cul-de-sac had them, so he joined in and had a great time riding with the big kids. Even his 30-year-old uncle had a go on it and thought it was great fun!!!" —A. Creaney

Price: $22.70+. Available in blue, clear/black, red, green, pink, and souped-up pink.

10. This Mind-Blowing Science kit that teaches young scientists the basics of chemical reactions.,

Promising review: "I am neither a chemist nor a volcano expert. This kit provided hours and hours of quality time for my 4-year-old, my 6-year-old, and me. We measured ingredients, mixed solutions, made predictions, learned vocabulary, and discussed results. Can you think of many toys that can offer all of that? I thought the booklet that contained instructions was well-sequenced, with simple experiments (followed by complex ones) and a helpful parent script, though the activities called for direct parent involvement and sometimes required two-hour wait times for 'reactions' to happen." —Rachel Rescori

Price: $15.81

11. The award-winning picture book that calls kids to action.

Promising review: "I read this book to my 5-year-old daughter and when we got to the end, she asked me to read it again. When I got to the end of the second reading, she announced she had an idea about drawing 'live crayons like in the book,' and embarked on a project of drawing different crayons with colored wardrobes to match and made a 'dress the crayons' game out of it. She loves to have books read to her, but this is one of the only times my short-attention-spanned kid has asked for the same book twice in a row, and the first time a book has inspired such a burst of creativity." —Alice M. Adler

Price: $10.79. Also available in paperback and Kindle.

12. A headband-decorating kit for aspiring designers.,

Promising review: "My daughter received this for her fifth birthday. She has had so much fun designing headbands for all her different 'styles.' Some parental involvement is needed for younger ages, but older kids should have lots of fun on their own. So much fun for a budding fashionista." —Theresa Hesse

Price: $17

13. A Go! Go! Smart Wheels train station play set that lets kids connect tracks and structures for toy trains.,

Promising review: "I bought this three years ago for Christmas. We have four boys now (ages one through six). We've bought other VTech track sets but all of my boys STILL play with these tracks at least three to four times a week...a track record like this for a toy is VERY rare! I'm actually planning to buy another set for this Christmas because it's played with so often; they are constantly building new tracks and then playing with it for a while before tearing it down and building a new track. I would highly recommend this for anyone with kids! Also, the quality is excellent. With four boys you can imagine what this toy is up against! All pieces are still intact and full functional! I would give this toy 10 stars if I could!" —Shanna7463

Price: $49.69

14. A Melissa & Doug metal-framed mini shopping cart for little helpers with big to-do lists.,

Promising review: "For Christmas this year, our 3-year-old girl asked for a couple things: Smurfs, markers, and a grocery cart. God only knows why a grocery cart, but we rolled with it. As soon as I saw the Melissa & Doug model, I clicked 'Buy it Now' with two-day shipping. Lo and behold, the grocery cart arrived, fully assembled, and was of such high quality that I almost puked. The casters (wheels) were of unreasonably high quality, and the metal of the cart itself... URG! I'm getting angry just thinking about how well this thing is made. It's in the kitchen right now, next to me as I'm typing...judging me...comparing itself to me...belittling me. Stupid grocery cart. Highly recommend, if you can HANDLE IT!" —Tiny W.

Price: $45.99

15. A semi-plush Twilight Turtle nightlight that lulls kids to sleep with a ceiling full of stars.,

Promising review: "Oh my. I love this little turtle. My 8-year-old still cannot go to sleep without this on. Even when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he turns it on and it soothes him back to sleep." —Rose I. Mogavero

Price: $29.99. Also available in purple and blue.

16. An interactive cash register play set for little financiers.

Promising review: "I have never seen my 2 1/2-year-old daughter play with a toy for more than maybe five minutes. Somehow this toy has done the impossible and kept her attention for almost an hour the first day she got it and for about 30 minutes every day since! We got it a few weeks ago and she still plays with it every single day! Overall, we LOVE this toy!" —Brittany Holstine

Price: $11.39

17. A bubble machine that churns out gazillions of simple pleasures.,

Promising review: "I probably bought four or five battery-operated bubble machines in the past few years for the grandkids but they were neither mechanically sound nor were there bubble solution-holding areas large enough to put out bubbles for more than a minute or so. This Gazillion Bubble Hurricane machine is great! Will hold enough solution to blow thousands of bubbles for five minutes or longer on just one filling, with easy access to add more solution when needed. AND, nothing works as well in this machine — or for blowing bubbles by hand — as the GAZILLION Bubble Solution!" —S. Snowden

Price: $15.99

18. An 80-piece bag of Mega Bloks for busy builders.,

Promising review: "I've been trying to find a toy (besides the iPad) that keeps my 2-year-old entertained and challenged and the Mega Bloks building set does the job! It comes with a little car base that you can stack pieces on, which is great! My daughter loves the pieces — especially the girly colors — and plays with it for hours. Finally, a toy that she can come back to time and time again. All her other toys have been played with once and then tossed aside, but not these blocks!" —Christine Miao

Price: $11.47. Available in blue, pink, and light blue.

19. A fire chief costume that's equipped with all the tools of the trade.,

Promising review: "I bought this for my 3-year-old to have for dress-up for a while to come. It is nice quality and the jacket is flexible and soft, not plastic. The helmet is heavy duty and can be adjusted for size. The fire extinguisher and bullhorn are fun. The don't stay in the Velcro loops all that well, but what three-year-old would leave them there for long anyway? The siren sound effect on the loudspeaker isn't appallingly loud. It's fun, and that's what it's all about." —J. R. Jones

Price: $23.98

20. A 53-inch-tall plush giraffe that's as great for décor as it for keeping company.

Promising review: "My 3-year-old granddaughter told me she asked Santa Claus for a giraffe: a big giraffe that she could sit on and ride and watch TV with. I checked on Amazon, looked at different pictures, and this one had a really cute face, the reviews seemed great, the price seemed right, so I decided to order it. Then came my trip to go visit her for Christmas. Christmas morning, she came downstairs and Giraffe was the first thing that caught her attention. She was off and on it Christmas day and night; the next day she was on and off and pulling and trying to carry this giraffe, knocking it down so she could lay beside it. We had to take it upstairs at bedtime, so Giraffe could sleep in her room. I would definitely buy this for a child again. The look on her face was worth millions. This toy even out beat the expensive Barbie Jeep that she also asked Santa for and that her parents bought her." —D. Mckee

Price: $59.99

21. An adjustable standing easel with a chalkboard, dry-erase board, and paper roll for the petite Pinchon.

Promising review: "This Melissa & Doug easel is GREAT! We got this easel as a present from my sister for our 2-year-old daughter. It is the best gift we could have gotten. It is beautiful and it's easy to assemble. Our daughter loves it, and the height — which is adjustable — is great for her on the lowest setting. She really enjoys painting, and spends long chunks of uninterrupted time enjoying it." —Carol Morgan

Price: $51.99

22. A deluxe art set that includes pastels, color pencils, drawing pencils, watercolors, paintbrushes, and more.,

Promising review: "I got this for my niece. She loves art, and this has a great variety of mediums to make beautiful artwork. She was so excited to receive it." —Ashley Bryant

Price: $15.70 for 80 pc. Also available in 68 pc., 120 pc., and 131 pc.

23. A Little Tikes basketball hoop for future all-stars.

Promising review: "We’ve been using this for almost a month and a half and it’s by far the best $23 I’ve spent in the last few years. My 10-year-old daughter is a basketball player, so my 1 1/2-year-old son is always watching and trying to imitate her, so this is perfect! Here's what makes it amazing:

• Quality: It’s built very well. Even with my 10-year-old pretending to dunk and my 1 1/2-year-old pulling on it, it’s holding up well. We have other kids over and they play rough with it too.

• Adjustment: This was important to me. I love how this hoop will be useful for a few years. Right now my son gets the biggest thrill out of making a basket without any assistance. He throws balls in the hoop, sippy cups, other toys, and pretty much anything that will fit. He plays with this every day. It will adjust to fit him when he’s much older also.

• Ball: The ball is the perfect size for my son's little hands. It’s soft, so if he drops it on his foot, hits someone else, or falls on it, there will be no injury.

This has been an AMAZING toy for us. I couldn’t believe when I came on Amazon and realized how inexpensive it is for how awesome it is. All the first birthday parties I go to I will be gifting this. I would gladly give up five of my son's other toys just to have this." —Aundrea

Price: $34.99 for hoop with three basketballs.

24. Video games for Xbox One that'll keep kids entertained for...ever.,,

Promising review: "My twins absolutely love this LEGO video game and will play it for hours if I allow them to. The graphics are great, very bright and colorful. It seems to have lots of levels and an extensive collection of characters to choose from. The maps and hints are also great. My son loves the characters and all the different things they can do, and his sister is equally intrigued. I am so happy I got it for them." —TwinMommie

Price: $17.95 (Madden NFL 16), $19.55 (LEGO Marvel Superheroes), and $13.49 (Minecraft ). Games are also available for Playstation and other platforms.

25. Water Wow! books that use water-filled pens to reveal the colors on the pages of activity books.

Promising review: "My 3-year-old son LOVES these Water Wow! books. He literally uses them everyday and he doesn't even normally like art and crafts. He is a bit rough with them, so I will need to replace them soon, but they have put up with a lot of use and abuse. I have sent them as gifts to other kids who have also loved them. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!" —NatalieDawn

Price: $9.74

26. The original Stomp Rocket Jr. for good, clean, fresh-air fun.

Promising review:n "Bought this for nephew's fourth birthday; it wasn't even the main gift but all else was forgotten once this was put together (easily!). His parents report that it has not lost its appeal weeks later and it is tough to get him to leave it it when it is time. A lot of fun for all to stomp on and see how high it goes! Five stars!" —ckp's mom

Price: $14.99

27. A magnetic wooden fishing puzzle that improves children's fine motor skills.

Promising review: "My grandson, who was about 18 months old when I purchased the puzzle, really enjoys it. It is great for hand-eye coordination and learning the names of the sea creatures. He's two years old now and still enjoys it." —Amazon Customer

Price: $7.99

28. A bucket of Perler Beads that kids arrange on pegboards and fuse together with heat to create permanent designs and patterns.

Promising review: "My daughter's after-school program and summer camp both had this item, so I finally bought it and she was thrilled (she is eight years old). Now she plays with her friends and by herself, and I even sit down and play with her. It allows kids to use their imagination and make all sorts of creations. She recently made a whole bunch of her favorite Minecraft characters. It's a great craft for all ages and families. I even bought additional beads and pegboards for her! I highly recommend this product." —baob

Price: $8.99

29. And Transformers Rescue Bots that transform from standing character to vehicle-on-the-go in seconds, just like your child.

Promising review: "Many of the Transformers we've purchased end up with bits and pieces all across the house; parts break off while trying to switch between the two modes, then disappear. This one just snaps quickly from robot mode to vehicle and back again. Our son loves it and is already saving up to purchase the next one in the group." —Don Remy

Price: $12.57. Other models from the "Energize" line include Fire Bot, Construction Bot, Copter Bot, Bumble Bee, and Optimus Prime.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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