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December 4, 2016

NZ Prime Minister John Key Announces Shock Resignation

Key is quitting after eight years in office.

Anti-Establishment Wave Prompts Italy's PM To Resign After Losing A Referendum

Matteo Renzi's resignation comes after constitutional reforms he backed were rejected in a referendum on Sunday.

13 Money-Saving Tips You Need If You Plan To Explore South-East Asia

Sure it's cheap, but you can still get even more bang for your buck.

The KKK Held A Parade In North Carolina Celebrating Trump's Win

"I think Donald Trump is going to do some really good things and turn this country around," one member said.

"Pizzagate" Conspiracy Theory Brought Armed Man To DC, Police Say

A pizza restaurant reopened two days after an armed man stormed the place to "self-investigate" a ludicrous conspiracy theory that the restaurant secretly provides underage prostitutes to top Democrats.

This Is What The Cast of “What A Girl Wants” Looks Like In 2016

"Whatever makes me happy and sets you free."

Como foi a primeira onda de protestos de direita na era Temer

Renan Calheiros virou agora o principal alvo da indignação dos movimentos de rua. Temer foi poupado. Houve forte adesão espontânea.

Seja mais saudável com essas marmitinhas de frango

Para aqueles dias em que tudo o que você precisa, é de um lanchinho leve e rápido.

A Judge Has Allowed Dylann Roof To Have Attorneys Back For Part Of His Trial

The alleged Charleston church shooter had been representing himself in court, but on Sunday he asked for his lawyers back for part of his trial.

A Woman Used Her Christmas Tree To Pay Tribute To Celebs Who Died

Harambe was added after pressure from American Twitter-users.

Crashing Christmas

“It’s so HOT."

We Learned Cool Food Tricks From A Benihana Chef And It Was Dicey

"Guys, my dreams are coming trueeeeeeee!"

29 People Who Hilariously Won 2016

"Siri, bring me a delicious cheesecake and tell my food journal to log it as a veggie burger."

Fidel Castro Has Been Laid To Rest In Cuba — With One Final Salute

Reviled as a dictator by some, praised as a revolutionary by others, Fidel Castro's ashes were interred Sunday in a secretive ceremony.

These Flight Attendants Say Their New Uniforms Are Making Them Sick

Negative reactions like burning skin, rashes, and hives have been reported.

Jensen Ackles And Danneel Harris Are Now The Parents Of Three Kids

I guess you could say it was ~supernatural~.

A Fake US Embassy Operated In Ghana For A Whole Decade

The fake embassy flew an American flag outside and had a framed picture of President Obama hanging on a wall.

Obama Administration Mistakes Threaten Student Loan Relief Programs

Critics of the administration's efforts to forgive student loans will capitalize on the revelation that the programs will cost tens of billions more than expected.

Acalme os seus pensamentos com este frasco de meditação

Conforme o glitter sedimenta, perceba a sua respiração e os seus pensamentos se acomodarem também.

Far-Right Candidate Concedes Austrian Election In A Blow To European Populism

Norbert Hofer was on the brink of becoming Europe's first democratically elected far-right head of state since World War II.

37 Things You Never Knew You Needed For Your Desk

Who's about to have the coolest desk ever? Y-O-U.

Hollywood Stars Are Slamming Marlon Brando And This Director For A Rape Scene

Director Bernardo Bertolucci admitted that the lead actress in Last Tango in Paris never consented to a scene where Brando raped her using a stick of butter.

25 ‘90s Computer Games You Totally Forgot About Playing

Some of those graphics were truly fugly.

Partido mais popular da Itália cria máquina de notícias falsas na internet

O Movimento Cinco Estrelas, de Beppe Grillo, controla uma vasta rede de sites e perfis nas redes sociais, além de agências de notícias supostamente independentes, que espalham desinformação pela internet e notícias pró-Kremlin.

Women Test Their Breast Cancer Risk

“I want to know for my own health and safety."

This Guy Tweeted About Feminism Being Toxic To "Indian Womanism" And Twitter Just Fucking Went In

"Indian womanism and Familism: repacking patriarchy in fancy words."

This Is What It's Like To Watch A Dictator Fall

Gambia has witnessed the defeat of its president Yahya Jammeh, who ruled the country for more than two decades, crushing dissent and eliminating his rivals. His former butler speaks out for the first time about life at the heart of the regime.

How Bad Are Your Opinions On Chicken?

Is anything actually better than chicken nuggets?

Only True Catholics Will Get 10/12 On This Quiz

Think carefully, or the devil may be waiting for you with open arms.

If You Get 15/20 On This Quiz, You Must Be A Dental Student

Or maybe you just know a lot about teeth!

Do You Get Ready Like Everybody Else?

Your routine vs. everybody else's.

What's Your Office Holiday Party Horror Story?

Tell us what still makes you cringe when you see your coworkers.

17 Signs You Are Totally A Caffeine Mom

Coffee makes you a better parent.

29 Movies That Are Turning The Big 2-0 In 2017

Yes, these movies were released two decades ago and not 10 years ago (although it may feel like it).

31 Video Game Facts That Will Make You Say "GODDAMNIT! I'M OLD!"

FYI, the Nintendo Wii came out a decade ago.

19 Hilarious Christmas Pranks That Will Put You On The Naughty List

Mariah voice: "All I want for Christmas is (to prank) you."

21 Gorgeous Gifts For Your Fanciest Friend

Elegant ideas for any budget. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

25 Matte Lipsticks People Actually Swear By

These are the only mattes that matter.

24 Amazing Subscription Boxes That Are Actually Useful

All those things you forget to buy until you desperately need them, delivered to your door.

People Are Making Music Videos That Get Faster Every Time A Word Is Said And It's The Best Thing Ever

"All Star by Smashmouth but it gets 15% faster every time he says 'the'."

27 Gifts For People Who Don't Have Time For Jerks

Even the blackest of hearts will have feelings about this.

33 Of The Best Gifts To Buy At Urban Outfitters

Head massagers, a rainbow light projector, metal Christmas trees, and 30 other amazing products for everyone on your list.

"SNL" Goes Into The Woods To Hunt For Hillary Clinton

"We set out to find her, trap her, and thank her."

This Food Quiz Will Tell You Which Christmas Movie You Should Watch

Because Christmas food and movies go hand in hand.

11 Happy Little Things To Make You Smile This Week

Let's turn that frown upside down!

This DNA Ancestry Company Is Telling Its Customers “Mostly Total Bollocks” About Their Ancestors

BritainsDNA has told people that their ancestors invented porridge or brought farming to Britain. But its claims are often either nonsense or true for all Europeans, scientists say.

Il faut qu'on parle du fait de dormir (ou non) en sous-vêtements

Penchons-nous sur ce débat une bonne fois pour toutes.

10 façons d'étirer ses cheveux sans utiliser la chaleur

Car les produits pour prétendument «étirer les boucles» sont une vraie arnaque!

J'étais enceinte, et puis je ne l'étais plus

Perdre un être que je n'avais jamais rencontré s'est avéré bien plus épouvantable que je ne l'aurais imaginé.

J'ai essayé la gym suédoise et j'ai survécu

J'ai même presque envie d'y retourner.

Fuck, Marry, Kill: The "Harry Potter" Edition

Who's worthy to ~Slytherin~ to your Chamber of Secrets?

Cubans Sing Castro's Praises Before His Funeral

"He's the leader who guided us to the revolution and gave us everything that we have right now," said a 17-year-old student, who was celebrating the life of Castro.

Hawaii Expecting 3 Feet Of Snow With Winter Storm Warning In Effect

'Tis the season to trade in your surfboard for a snowboard.

California Police Lied To Local Media About Arrest In Gang Investigation

Police said the fake press release was sent out to save the lives of two men, but local news outlets said they were concerned about the police department's tactics.

Here's What It Was Like Inside The Deadly Oakland Warehouse Party Fire

As many as 40 people are feared to have died after the blaze at the artists warehouse in Oakland, California, on Friday.



The HIV Prevention Drug Will Now Be Made Available To Thousands Of People

"This has the potential to have a transformative impact for thousands of people," said the CEO of the National AIDS Trust following the historic decision to offer PrEP to those most at risk of infection.

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