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18 Cats Who Are Really, Really Excited About Christmas Trees

"My god... It's full of stars."

1. "It's Christmastime already??? NO. FREAKING. WAY."

mwpfinance / Via

2. "This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

vicious815 / Via


EnterAvailableNameHere / Via

4. "My god... It's full of stars."

fatherofcajun / Via

5. "What do you mean, 'It's not for climbing'? But...I want to climb it."

sarahbobera / Via

6. "I don't care what you say. This Christmas tree is my Everest, and I will conquer it."

VictoriousBadger / Via

7. "I will catch these bright, shiny tree mice."

npb_03 / Via

8. "I approve of this sparkly, wobbly cat tree."

CowboyNinjaD / Via

9. "Oh. I didn't realize you were home. I was simply...inspecting the ornaments."

karatecoder / Via

10. "I'm just making sure there aren't any presents hiding in here."

Lysdexic_Waffle / Via

11. "I'm a little Christmas surprise for you to find."

Hananz / Via

12. "Maybe if I don't move they won't realize I'm here."

Grandfunk / Via

13. "You have to admit that this tree really makes my fur glisten."

amanteduck / Via

14. "I'm an angel, so I belong at the top."


15. "No, I am not going to come down. This is my spot now."

prrophet / Via

16. "Stuck? I'm not stuck. Stuck in the holiday spirit, maybe."

Fishface248 / Via

17. "And, frankly...I'm not sure how to get down. So this is where I will stay."

kiki_ / Via

18. "I'm just going to chill out here. Wake me up when Santa arrives."


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