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How Late Will You Be Up On New Year's Eve?

Can you make it to midnight?

17 Dogs Who Can't Believe Christmas Is Over Already

Next Christmas is only seven dog years away...

21 Presents That Are So Obviously Gift Cards

Ugh, at least TRY to disguise it!

24 Amazing Christmas Photos Of '90s Hillary Clinton

It was the best of headbands, it was the worst of headbands.

16 Questions No One Wants To Hear Over The Holidays

No, Aunt Ida, I'm not married yet.

17 Extremely Festive Ways To Get Drunk

'Tis the season, you guys.

22 Last Minute Subscription Box Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Give a gift that'll get delivered to their door every month. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Are You More Iris Or Amanda From "The Holiday"?

"You're supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for god's sake!"

16 Times Santa Claus Was A Major Buzzkill

Thanks for NOTHING, Santa.

19 Creative Christmas Cookie Ideas That Are Actually Easy

Be the baker you always wanted to be!

15 Borderline Genius Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Tiny Space

(P.S. It's ok if you didn't deck the halls on Dec. 1.)

32 Gifts That Are Prettier Than You Are

All that sparkles...under the tree.

34 Things You Never Knew About Famous Christmas Movies

Disney had to break their no ex-con policy to hire Tim Allen for The Santa Clause.

How Well Do You Actually Know The Story Of Jesus's Birth?

Think you know the Nativity story? Think again.

Can You Guess What Year These Christmas Movies Came Out?

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

15 Deliciously Sweet Candy Cane Treats To Eat This Christmas

Because Christmas comes but once a year.

Only True Christmas Movie Fans Can Get 100% On This Quote Quiz

Don't be a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

24 Chef Secrets To Making Festive Canapés

Be the host with the most.

Can We Guess Your Favorite Sex Position Based On This Christmas Test?

♫ Light me up, put me on top, let's falalalalalalala! ♫

21 Christmas Crock Pot Recipes To Bookmark

All I want for Christmas is food.

Which Holiday Movie Do You Need Right Now?

'Tis the season for laying on the couch.

16 Things All Anxious People Understand About The Holidays

More like the most stressful time of the year.

28 Semi-Homemade Gifts That'll Impress Anyone

Because we could always use a *little help* being our thoughtful selves. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

The Zodiac Signs As Misfit Toys

We're all misfits!

How Many Of These Top 100 Christmas Films Have You Seen?

Don't get overconfident: SOME ARE VERY OBSCURE.

Watch These Celebrities Star In A 2016 Version Of "12 Days Of Christmas"

"On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me / Five tickets to Hamilton."

24 Of The Best Gadgets You Can Give This Year

All of 2016's standout tech, to gift (or get for yourself).

Only A True "Elf" Fan Can Pass This Quiz

There's room for everyone on the nice list!!!

What Gift Did You Want Most As A Kid, But Never Got?

A long-lost Easy-Bake Oven? An original Gameboy?

What's Your Favorite Creepy Christmas Movie?

For those who want a spookier holiday season.

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