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36 Completely Stellar Gifts For Space Lovers

Houston, we want them all.

1. A cute spaceman USB light that you can easily turn off and on by flipping the astronaut’s visor.

2. An alien hand oven mitt for all your earthling baking needs.

3. A comforter set that may take your dreams out of this world.

4. An astronaut or alien smartphone stand so you can watch your favorite space-themed TV show or web series with ease.

5. A pack of cosmic lollipops that are almost too pretty to eat.

6. A retro tee that will give you all the Space Jam feels.

7. A limited edition photo of the Challenger shuttle’s second to last space trip, honoring the space craft’s contributions to space exploration before its tragic final mission.

8. A roll of galaxy Duck Tape you can use for repairs or for other creative projects like artwork and decorating your notebook for school.

9. An Alpha Industries NASA bomber jacket that will let you live out your dreams of being an astronaut.

10. And a NASA hat to match.

11. A lovely starry sky wrist watch with a clear plastic band.

12. A NASA Curiosity Mars rover Lego set that was designed by an actual engineer that worked on Curiosity and includes a working robotic arm and — or a more affordable spaceport kit.

13. A pair of purple and black neon planet socks.

14. A glowing moon night light to keep all the space monsters away.

15. A T-shirt to celebrate everyone’s favorite Martian.

16. And a copy of The Martian movie and book to remember the harrowing journey of everyone's favorite fictional Mars explorer Mark Watney.

17. A sleek bullet pen that looks straight from another planet.

18. An orb candle holder that's inspired by the alignment of the planets.

19. A metallic State bag you can surely take on your next space trip.

20. A spinning globe decanter that will let you admire the entire world from the comfort of your own home — no rocket ship required.

21. A shirt that shows off the painting skills of an extremely talented lunar artist.

22. A mug that reveals six well-known constellations as soon as it is filled with hot water or a warm beverage.

23. A dope pair of space grey sneakers that look perfect for a little moon walking. Or you can snag an equally awesome pair clearly made for an intergalactic run.

24. A gorgeous jasper and copper planet necklace made to look like fictional planets from science fiction, like the Star Wars franchise and the A Song of Ice and Fire novels.

25. A set of alien pins you can put on your jacket or book bag.

26. A lamp that will transform your room into a star-filled sky.

27. A couple of colorful space-themed iron-on patches.

28. A pair of cozy Acorn slipper socks that are actually worn by NASA astronauts during their space missions.

29. A Celestron telescope that will help your favorite space fan do some serious star gazing.

30. A dainty cream Coach wristlet embellished with silver studs and gorgeous neon green and pink rocket stitching.

31. The 20th anniversary collector’s edition of Independence Day — which includes a director’s cut of the film, a documentary on the making of the movie, and a bonus alien attacker toy ship.

32. And a copy of Independence Day's sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence, to complete the set.

33. A bracelet with colorful beads to represent all the planets in our solar system.

34. A fanny pack that is starry greatness.

35. A moon ice ball kit to give your drinks a cosmic touch.

36. And if you are really in the mood to drop some serious coins, a sleek Coach rocket ship tote will take your style to infinity and beyond.

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