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We Learned Cool Food Tricks From A Benihana Chef And It Was Dicey

"Guys, my dreams are coming trueeeeeeee!"

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As anyone who has been to a Benihana restaurant knows, the experience is not just about the Teppanyaki-style (cooked on an iron griddle) cuisine, it's about seeing your food fly through the air and turned into volcanoes and trains and magic. So, the women of Ladylike went to Benihana to see if they could learn some cooking tricks (without getting burnt).

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In order to cook our own lunch, we first had to suit up:


Chef Oscar, our teacher for the day, tried to show us how to flip our utensils, which took Jen (and all of us) a few thousand tries to get right.


That griddle is hot, and it is not screwing around.

Freddie got a little too into chopping her fried rice.

The high point of Saf's day came when she managed TO DO THIS:


(Some shrimps were sacrificed to the floor in service of this great moment.)

After learning the hard way that onions cooked fast, Kristin managed to make an onion volcano on her second try.


It might have been her third try.

But seeing the volcano go off was TOTALLY WORTH IT!


Amazingly, we managed to still make ourselves a pretty good lunch.


(Chef Oscar was a big part in making that happen) (Thanks, Chef Oscar).

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