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13 Money-Saving Tips You Need If You Plan To Explore South-East Asia

Sure it's cheap, but you can still get even more bang for your buck.

1. Don't be afraid to eat street food.

2. And avoid eating the western foods you're used to.

3. Try your hand at haggling when it comes to market stalls.

4. Bring your own drinks when you go out to eat.

5. Try travelling on overnight buses and trains instead of flying.

6. But try to book soft seats on overnight trains rather than sleeper seats.

7. Stay in backpacker hostels instead of fancy hotel rooms.

8. Or if you prefer a hotel room, opt for one without a pool, especially if you're near the beach anyway.

9. Avoid taxis and tuk-tuks, and try public transport instead.

10. But if you do hop in an unmetered taxi, set a price before you jet off.

11. Buy your skincare when you actually get to your destination.

12. Get a local sim instead of putting your mobile roaming on.

13. And always bring tissues when you go to the bathroom.

Michelle Rennex travelled on Contiki’s Bangkok to Singapore trip. Contiki provided all hotel, airfare, and associated tour costs free of charge. BuzzFeed writers did not guarantee coverage.