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27 Gifts For People Who Don't Have Time For Jerks

Even the blackest of hearts will have feelings about this.

1. This pouch that will not stand for anyone's bullshit.

2. These socks that beautifully describe someone who's cute but deadly.

3. These matches that burn down bad vibes on the path to success.

4. This wineglass that tells everyone not to mess with its owner.

5. This notebook that's 82 volumes deep in scaring the bejeezus out of everyone.

6. This rug that every person who knows a clingy ex-lover or ex-friend needs.

7. This dainty necklace that does all the talking for the wearer.

8. This wrapping paper that sends a very special message to someone who might deserve it.

9. This denim cap that says exactly what you'd say to a person who's just not worth it.

10. This sweatshirt that's over it and on to better, brighter things.

11. This nail polish set that's not afraid to show its cunning side.

12. This pin that makes someone's allegiance to their ironclad heart official.

13. This paper voodoo pad that likes to get a little diabolical.

14. This pin that has the kind of look that shuts 'em all up.

15. This sleeping mask that won't let anything or anyone disrupt the person who's sleeping.

16. These undies that are so not impressed with flowery displays of romance.

17. This delicate cuff that delivers a simple but potent life motto.

18. This pencil that's meant for someone who doesn't depend on anyone else.

19. This jacket that refuses to be undermined and overlooked.

20. This heart patch that completely understands true love.

21. This turquoise key tag that's all about stunting on the haters.

22. This T-shirt that outlines a crucial daily goal.

23. This desk plate that's only fitting for someone who knows who's boss.

24. This book that teaches them a skill they've already mastered.

25. This mug that loves to engage in some lighthearted revenge.

26. This doormat that doesn't feel the need to feign benevolence.

27. This candle that has the ultimate mic drop.

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