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December 8, 2016

The Strange Fate Of Queer Characters On "Westworld"

In a complex, often sexually explicit show that explores the boundaries of human behavior, there sure are a lot of straight storylines — and the few LGBT characters we do see are either coded as villainous or disappear without a trace. (Note: Spoilers ahead.)

I Can’t Write My Friend Back To Life

I turned my best friend’s incredible life into fiction. But when he died, Lester showed me that he was far bigger — and more important to me — than any page could hope to contain.

What's Going On Around The World Today

Dozens of employees and patients say the biggest psychiatric chain in the US locks people up for insurance money. Pope Francis said spreading fake news is “probably the greatest damage” the media can do. And a look at Donald Trump’s latest cabinet appointments.

戦後70年以上PTSDで入院してきた日本兵たちを知っていますか 彼らが見た悲惨な戦場


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