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December 8, 2016

18 Regalos que vas a querer darle al más fan de 'How I Met Your Mother'

Un cuerno azul y un paraguas amarillo para tu alma gemela.

"The Celebrity Apprentice" Keeps Trump As Executive Producer

But the president-elect devote "zero time" to the show and retains credit only because he conceived of the show.

The Women Who Brought Disney Princesses Into The 21st Century

As Moana continues to conquer the box office, meet some of the women who paved the way for princesses who don’t need princes or ridiculously small waists.

19 Times Australia Was Too Fucking Insane In 2016

We do it differently Down Under.

16 People That Put Lazy People To Shame

Professional couch potatoes, masters of idleness, and lumps of laziness.

Trump's Antagonistic Tweet Tests The Limits of Twitter's Rules

Twitter declined BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

These Baby Names Are Going To Rule 2017, According To Twitter

Harambe and Hodor are early favorites.

7 Things That'll Get You Banned From Uber

The ride-sharing giant has laid out hard rules for riders for the first time. No barfing and absolutely no flirting!

Giraffes At Risk Of "Silent Extinction" After Population Plunges By 40%

The number of wild giraffes in Africa dropped 40% in three decades, putting them at risk of extinction, scientists announced Thursday.

What % Buddy The Elf Are You?

Are you a cotton-headed ninny-muggins?

This Food Quiz Will Predict Your 2017 Future

Power is pizza, pizza is knowledge.

In Memoriam: Pictures From John Glenn's Incredible Life

“I’m not interested in my legacy. I made up a word: ‘live-acy.’ I’m more interested in living.”

How Well Do You Remember 2016?

2016 is over. It's cancelled.

How Can Trump Cozy Up To Putin? Ask Exxon

The Exxon Mobil chief's bid for secretary of state may signal an end to US sanctions against Russia, say diplomatic observers.

Alabama Executes Inmate After Split Supreme Court Allows It To Proceed

The Supreme Court declined to halt the execution of Ronald Smith Jr. for a 1994 murder. A jury had recommended life imprisonment, but a judge nonetheless sentenced Smith to death.

Hillary Clinton Calls On Congress, Silicon Valley To Address Fake News "Epidemic"

"This isn't about politics or partisanship," she said. "Lives are at risk."

Stanford Students To Administration: Stop "Bribing" Sexual Assault Victims

The university responded by saying "fear of media coverage and public attention" is the primary reason students are reluctant to come forward to report crimes.

Taco Lovers Guess The Authentic Taco

"Omg, I'm getting aroused by this."

Isso é o que está acontecendo desde que STF salvou Renan

No dia seguinte à votação do STF que garantiu peemedebista na presidência do Senado, bate-boca entre envolvidos continuou pela imprensa.

These Women Responded To Disturbing Anti-Muslim Hate By Giving Flowers To Hijabis

"It was just a lot of smiles and tears and gratitude."

Can You Identify The Video Game By Its Generic White Male Protagonist?

Because let's be honest, they all look exactly alike.

UHS Loses $1.5 Billion In Value After Investigation Into Its Hospitals

The operator of psychiatric hospitals had its worst single-day fall since 2004 after a BuzzFeed News investigation published Wednesday.

¿Qué tan malo eres para enviar mensajes de texto?

Si nadie más te lo puede decir, lo haremos nosotros.

New Bill Seeks To Add Campus Rape Charges To College Transcripts

The legislation aims to prevent alleged perpetrators from transferring schools without disclosing past sexual assault accusations.

How Jolly Are Your Christmas Food Opinions?

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire of judgement.

Senate Democrats Threaten Brief Government Shutdown

A fight over extending benefits for miners is holding up funding for the government, which is scheduled to run out at midnight Friday.

19 Mobile Games From 2016 You Might Have Missed

If you want to keep your thumbs busy, you better check these out.

Are You An Old Person In A Young Person's Body?

"I'm so cold." —you, always

The First US Astronaut To Circle The Globe, John Glenn, Has Died

He was a space-age hero turned US senator.

Em nome da diversidade, modelo negra recria campanhas de moda

Deddeh Howard refez fotos publicitárias na série batizada de "Black Mirror".

It's Time You Find Out Which Cartoon Sidekick You Would Be Best Friends With

Which fictional best friend would be your best friend?

You Guys, This Theory Explains Santa Perfectly Using "Harry Potter"

Santa Claus is a wizard and we have the PROOF.

ベッカムが脱いだ! 全身タトゥーを見せた深い理由


Podemos adivinar tu estado civil en 2017 con solo tres preguntas

¿Estarás casado, soltero o será complicado?

People Are Dying Over This Hilariously Lazy Cashier Drawing In "The Proud Family"

"All those fucks went to the peanut in the episode."

One-Pan Pesto Chicken & Veggies

Here's a quick and easy dinner that is full of flavor!

This Is What Is Happening Inside Your Body During Your Menstrual Cycle

Riding that crimson wave over and over again.

¿Qué tan bueno es tu español?

Estoy aprendiendo gramática y vocabulario básico que tú probablemente olvidaste años atrás. ¿Cuánto recuerdas? ¿Pasarías este examen?

Judge Refuses To Declare Mistrial After Witness Says Charleston Church Shooter Belongs In Hell

"He is evil. There is no place on Earth for him except the pit of hell," one witness who watched her son die in the massacre testified.

11 receitas para a salsicha gostosa ficar ainda mais gostosa

Para o almoço e o jantar, para comer sozinho e com a galera.

Which Current "SNL" Cast Member Are You?

Live from New York, it's Saturday night!

Meatball Parm Bake

This is the perfect comfort food!

¿Cómo habrías sido de atractiva en los años 60?

Esta revista sesentera te lo dirá.

This Video Of NSYNC Performing "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" In 1999 Is Nostalgic AF

"We've been waiting aaaaalllllll yeeeaaaar for this niiiiiiiiiiiiiight."

20 Years Ago, TV Looked Very Different

And we are all old now.

How Well Do You Actually Know Your Panera Food?

Broccoli cheddar soup for president.

Ashly Is Back ● Unfortunatly Ashly Trailer

Stream all episodes FREE December 15th!

Antes de Renan, outro alagoano já havia dobrado o STF

Floriano Peixoto, segundo presidente do Brasil, ameaçou ministros da corte antes de julgamento de habeas corpus para adversários políticos; ele venceu.

De Paris à Sydney, comment Black Lives Matter a pris un élan mondial

De Paris à Sydney, des militants partout dans le monde s'inspirent de Black Lives Matter pour leurs actions locales contre le racisme et les violences policières

Como o Black Lives Matter tornou-se um movimento global

Ativistas dos direitos das populações negras e indígenas do mundo todo adotaram o slogan “Black Lives Matter” (Vidas Negras Importam) em suas campanhas contra o racismo e a violência policial.

2016 Was The Year Black Lives Matter Went Global

Activists for black, brown, and Indigenous rights around the world have adopted the Black Lives Matter slogan alongside homegrown movements against racism and police brutality.

Trump Picks Hardee's/Carl's Jr. CEO For Labor Secretary

Andy Puzder, CEO of burger chains Hardee's and Carl Jr.'s, is an outspoken opponent of raising the minimum wage.

10 maneiras de ajudar alguém neste fim de ano

Dividir um pouquinho do que você tem com alguém que precisa bastante pode ser mais fácil do que você pensa.

How Out Of Control Is Your Crush Actually?

Super shameless or just a little shameless?

A Church Member Called Authorities After Two Muslim Students Attended A Service

The president of Nazareth College in New York said that a church member called Homeland Security to "express concern" about the students who visited the church as a part of a class that required them to attend different religious services.

Mick Jagger's A New Dad At 73 And People Have Some Things To Say

"Fun fact: Mick Jagger's newborn son is already a great uncle."

47 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20 That Don't Suck

Ho ho ho-ly cow are these some good Secret Santa gifts.

Decorate A Christmas Tree And We'll Guess How Old You Are

♫ Quizzin' around the Christmas tree. ♫

17 ideias de presentes hipsters que cabem no bolso

Design, bicicletas, cerveja e tudo o que for artesanal.

16 Escenas de películas famosas que no sabías que fueron improvisadas

Al mismo Robert De Niro se le ocurrió la frase "¿Me estás hablando a mí?"

Para salvar Renan, decano do STF "esqueceu" voto que havia dado há 1 mês

Em novembro, Celso de Mello antecipou voto que viabilizava afastamento de Renan. Nesta quarta (7), diante da real possibilidade de o presidente do Senado cair, o decano voltou atrás.

Congressman Tells Reporter That Claims Of Russian Human Rights Abuses Are "Baloney"

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a reported candidate to be Secretary of State under Trump, accused a reporter of "bias" for having been born in the former Soviet Union.

17 presentes para quem adoraria morar na série "Stranger Things"

Tem bolsa, caneca, caderno, porta-livro, capinha de celular e camisetas.

Are You Actually Taylor Swift?

Let's get down to the bottom of it.

People Have A Lot Of Jokes About Trump Reportedly Picking The Carl's Jr./Hardee's Guy For His Cabinet

"Anyone who can combine sex & fast food like he does, deserves a cabinet spot."

People Are Using This Hashtag To Celebrate Body Diversity

The hashtag-turned-website aims to show all shapes and sizes.

Do You Poop Like Everyone Else?

The toilet is a special place.

New Abortion Pamphlet In Texas Pushes False Health Risks, Experts Warn

The pamphlet, which is required to be distributed to all women opting for an abortion, is “medically inaccurate, out of date, and misleading,” one doctor said.

Here's What Trump's Pick For Labor Secretary Thinks About Workers

Hardee's/Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Puzder is a vocal opponent of minimum wage hikes and a huge fan of women in bikinis eating burgers.

18 Inspiradores documentales que pondrán una sonrisa en tu rostro

El mundo real no es tan malo como pensabas.

Topshop Workers Have Gone On Strike In A Row Over Wages

Workers at a warehouse run by DHL on behalf of Topshop's parent company, Arcadia, are calling for a pay rise.

The Strange Fate Of Queer Characters On "Westworld"

In a complex, often sexually explicit show that explores the boundaries of human behavior, there sure are a lot of straight storylines — and the few LGBT characters we do see are either coded as villainous or disappear without a trace. (Note: Spoilers ahead.)

17 Times The "Ideal Male Body" Meme Was Hilarious In 2016

"This is what peak performance looks like."

This Is What A Dinosaur's Tail Feathers Look Like

Dinosaurs have feathers now. It's just how it is, there's no point complaining.

People Wear Crazy Long Nails For A Day

You use your hands all the time, and you don't think about it until you can't.

Just 27 Hot UK Celebs That'll Cheer You Up

Sometimes you need a pick me up.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Urban Outfitters, Torrid, Birchbox, and more!

24 Reasons New Yorkers ❤ Tel Aviv

#21 will have you drooling

I Can’t Write My Friend Back To Life

I turned my best friend’s incredible life into fiction. But when he died, Lester showed me that he was far bigger — and more important to me — than any page could hope to contain.

Police Are Planning A Crackdown On "Creatures Of Habit" Who Assault Women On Trains

British Transport police plan to pour more resources into catching persistent criminals who use the cover of busy transport networks to commit sexual offences. But will the new measures go far enough?

The 28 Absolute Dumbest Things That Happened In 2016

2016: the dumbest year on record.

Viola Desmond Is Going To Be On Canada's $10 Bill By 2018

Sir John A. Macdonald will have to make room on the $10 bill.

Medics Express Shock At Sun Story Claiming Junior Doctors Support Privatising The NHS

The newspaper published survey results showing that 93% of doctors polled would support privatisation, but many expressed doubts about the methodology.

19 Memes About Periods That Are Too Fucking Real

Another month with no baby and your uterus wants revenge.

Wir wissen ganz genau, was du an Weihnachten tun wirst

Folge dem Weg deines Festtags-Schicksals.

16 Hair Loss Pics That Would Make Rapunzel Scream

It's like living with the girl from The Grudge.

Only People With Dirty Minds Will Fail This Quiz

They're definitely not about sex, ok!

This Video Is Being Accused Of Appropriation For Saying Asian People Have "Natural" Hair

"The term natural hair is pretty specific to black people."

35 Of The Best Gifts To Buy At H&M

One gift for you, two gifts for me...

26 Times Shit Got Way Too Fucking Real In Britain In 2016

Stolen crisps, fighting nuns...will the madness never end? H/t the amazing Angry People In Local Newspapers and @SlowSlowNews.

14 Things You'll Only Understand If You Refuse To Buy Things Full Price

You're not cheap, you just understand the game.

Fillon avec l'imam de Stains: la photo qui embarrasse l'équipe du candidat

Une photo montrant François Fillon qui pose avec le gérant de la mosquée de Stains circule sur les réseaux sociaux. Ce lieu de culte a été fermé par les autorités qui l'accusent d'être le «repaire d'une filière djihadiste».

32 Times Filipinos Were Fucking Hilarious On Twitter In 2016

It's been a rough year. You deserve this.

Des filles ont tenté de draguer avec ce SMS et se sont pris de gros râteaux

C'était un texto suggéré par Cosmopolitan. Ça a mal tourné.

How Normal Are Your Mexican Food Opinions?

If you consider Taco Bell Mexican food, this ain't for you.

As 15 pessoas mais FOLGADAS do Brasil

"Vou pra sua casa segunda. Já cancela as fodas porque vou passar vários dias."

8 conseils pour bien se protéger du pic de pollution

Ça paraît contre-productif mais ouvrez grand vos fenêtres. Et oubliez les masques.

The LAPD Says It Won’t Work With Feds On Deportations, But It Already Does

A BuzzFeed News investigation shows that the LAPD violated its own rule against cooperating with immigration agents, a scenario that may become more frequent if Trump targets undocumented immigrants.

List Post With Tap To Reveal

A lil tester dude since I can't find "Spoiler Alert" variant in the wild easily

23 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Anyone In Grad School

You don’t even know, what you don’t even know.

The Government Has Lost Almost 60% Of Appeals Against Removing Disabled People's Benefits

Campaigners said the new figures demonstrated, yet again, that the welfare system was failing people who were ill or disabled.

36 Amazing New Beauty Products You Really Need To Try

Holiday sets, new makeup, jinglin' all the way.

How 2016 Millennial Hipster Are Your Tastes?

Is your style truly unique, or do you like the same stuff as everyone else?

Cette mannequin noire recrée des photos de mode pour appeler à plus de diversité

Dans la série de photos «Black Mirror», Deddeh Howard revisite parfaitement des campagnes de mode avec Gigi Hadid et Kendall Jenner.

Erkennst du die Farbe der Haribos auf diesen Schwarz/Weiß-Fotos?

Wenn du mehr als 3 Richtige schaffst, bist du schon Profi.

Du hast Apfelkuchen bisher ganz falsch gemacht

Folge uns auf unserem neuen EINFACH TASTY Youtube-Kanal!

17 Kids Who Would Win The Award For "Most Savage"

“This toy sucks. Fat idiots.”

Can You Make It Through These 19 Videos Without Pissing Yourself Laughing?

Shout out to the raccoon who stole a phone and then ran off.

Uma extensão do Chrome pinta de roxo os nomes dos políticos ficha-suja

Além dos políticos já condenados em segunda instância, "Vigie Aqui" mostra deputados federais e senadores que respondem a processos judiciais que vão desde questões eleitorais a crimes.

21 Products From Amazon That'll Make Perfect Gifts

A gerbil mansion, a Slothzilla shower curtain, a World of Warcraft cookbook, and 18 other things you’ll want to give to your loved ones this holiday season.

Pourrez-vous réussir ce test sur l'art?

Savez-vous reconnaître un Picasso ou un Van Gogh?

Cambridge Expects Significant Drop In EU Students Post-Brexit

Evidence submitted to a committee examining the impacts of Brexit on higher education reveals universities' fears.

TPMP: Hanouna pose la main d'une chroniqueuse sur son sexe

«Il t'a mis la main sur son sexe?» «Oui, comme d'hab!»

Sheryl Sandberg Says Fake News On Facebook Didn’t Sway The Election

Though Facebook’s chief operating officer said the company was taking measures to prevent the spread of false information, she denied that it played a key role in the election.

India's Richest Startup Founders Want To Be Protected From Foreign Companies And Business Twitter Is Livid

FYI, both Flipkart and Ola get a huge percentage of their funding from abroad.

The Internet Lost Its Mind After A Muslim Posted On Facebook About Peppa Pig

"Today is the first time I came to know of the programme," said the Australian imam who found himself at the centre of a media storm.

26 Awesome Gifts From Asos For Everyone On Your List

Test tube shooters, a DIY beanie, holiday sock sets, and a bunch of other products to add to your holiday shopping list.

Upcycle Your Old Candle Jars Into This Clever Makeup Organizer

Because waste is just a lack of imagination...

Yuvraj Singh And Hazel Keech Had A Grand Wedding Reception; Here Are Photos

I swear this is the last batch of photos from their wedding.

Este boato sobre a Chapecoense mostra por que é importante checar antes de compartilhar

Texto sobre ajuda de suposto fantasma no resgate teve 104 mil engajamentos no Facebook. Menino que foi confundido com espírito, no entanto, já havia sido identificado um dia antes da publicação.

MI6 Chief Says Fake News And Online Propaganda Are A Threat To Democracy

Alex Younger gave a rare speech to journalists in the MI6 headquarters today.

Madonna Twerked In Her Seat On Carpool Karaoke And It Was Wild

She also admitted to kissing Michael Jackson!

Cette blogueuse féministe a été harcelée après avoir dénoncé le harcèlement

«C’est un peu horrible à dire mais je suis habituée. Des menaces ou des insultes sur Twitter parce que je suis féministe, j’en ai déjà eues», raconte Sophie à BuzzFeed News.

29 Awesome Gifts You Didn't Know You Could Get At Wayfair

A cat shoe rack, yogi garden dogs, bean bags, an LED bonsai tree, and more!

12 Bilder, die den Unterschied zwischen Afrohaaren und anderen Haaren zeigen

Wenn du 36 Stunden warten musst, bis deine Haare trocknen.

14 photos qui montrent à quoi l'anxiété ressemble vraiment

Ce n'est pas aussi simple qu'une photo typique de banque d'images.

What's Going On Around The World Today

Dozens of employees and patients say the biggest psychiatric chain in the US locks people up for insurance money. Pope Francis said spreading fake news is “probably the greatest damage” the media can do. And a look at Donald Trump’s latest cabinet appointments.

People Are Really Mad About Mumbai's Airport Being Renamed Again

The airport will now be named Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. Phew.

Marina Foïs: «5 ans de Le Pen, ça sert à rien»

«Faisons une société qui nous ressemble: mélangée», a dit l'actrice dans Les Recettes Pompettes.

A Black Model Created A Powerful Campaign To Make A Point About Diversity

Deddeh Howard's Black Mirror photo series remakes modelling campaigns featuring Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.



Juste 26 gâteaux incroyablement parfaits

Trop beaux pour être touchés.

My Brother Is Disabled But He's Not A Sob Story

We may have missed out on a traditional sibling relationship, but my twin brother's cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy has far from ruined our lives.

【驚愕】キリンだけじゃない クロマグロ、ラッコなども絶滅危惧種


The Last Living Survivors Of The Pearl Harbor Attack Were Honored In An Emotional Commemoration

The 75th anniversary was especially moving since it was one of the last major commemorations where veterans of the battle would still be alive to share their memories.



2016年に結婚した 芸能人の #アモーレ 一覧


17 Luxurious Gifts For Under £20

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I Tried The Indian Butt Hose For The First Time And It Is Definitely The Best Way To Poop

Follow me on a very special journey of personal discovery.

Come, Watch This Blurry-Ass Video Of Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Dancing

Warning: This video will make you feel helplessly single.

Hundreds Of Police Officers Accused Of Sexual Exploitation, Report Finds

Almost 40% of cases involved victims of domestic abuse, a Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) report found.

19 très jolis tatouages botaniques

Simplement magnifiques.

19 Tweets That Prove Kat Dennings Is The Queen Of Twitter

"If only everything was as dependable as my one chin hair."

YouTube's 2016 Rewind Is Here, And Lilly "Superwoman" Singh As Beyoncé Is The Best Part

Also featuring AIB and TVF in "Carpool Karaoke", Rohan Joshi in "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" and so much more.

Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Finally Brought Mario To The iPhone

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, the creator of Mario speaks about his iconic videogame's iPhone and iPad debut.

Which Horrible Dursley Christmas Gift Given To Harry Potter Do You Deserve?

For those who have been a little naughty this year...

14 Delicious Ways To Eat More Cookie Dough

Holy shit, these look good!

Suspect In Hit-And-Run Crash That Killed 2 Women Had Been Deported 8 Times

Miguel Angel Villaseñor-Saucedo is being sought by Kentucky police and federal authorities after he allegedly killed two women in a hit-and-run crash.

This Couple Got Trapped With No Internet For 90 Hours

"I have to poop but I have nothing to read."

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Visiting The Great Barrier Reef

It's the same size of Japan, so there's a lot to know.

【全文】違いクッキリ トランプ氏とオバマ大統領が真珠湾記念日に声明


16 Incredibly Useful Apps You Need While Travelling

There's more to life than Apple Maps.

Trump Lashes Out At Carrier Union After Leader Said President-Elect "Lied His Ass Off"

"If United Steelworkers 1999 was any good, they would have kept those jobs in Indiana," the president-elect tweeted.

戦後70年以上PTSDで入院してきた日本兵たちを知っていますか 彼らが見た悲惨な戦場


23 Things That Made Aussies Mutter "Oh, Get Fucked" In 2016

Could you maybe just stop fucking deconstructing everything?

An Extremely Rare Jaguar Has Been Spotted In The US

The big cat was captured in a photograph in southeastern Arizona, officials said.

21 Photos That Will Only Make Sense If Your Friends Love Trash Men

When they start talking about getting back with him because "Maybe he's changed..."

19 Not-Awkward Things To Get Your New Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Whether it's ~official~ yet or not, get your almost-bae something fun but thoughtful.

Here Are 11 Insane Times Donald Trump Appeared On WWE

A fake Donald Trump also wrestled a fake Rosie O'Donnell, defeating her after throwing a cake in her face and head-butting her from the second rope.

21 Cats And Dogs Who Are So Ready For Bedtime

Just jammin' in their jammies.

Facebook Is Testing A Tool To Weed Out Scammy Advertisers

Users who buy things from Facebook advertisers are being asked to rate their experience, as the company tries to crack down on scam ads.

The Rules Just Tightened On Junk Food Brands That Market To Children

The UK's advertising regulator has announced new measures to stop junk food companies aiming products at children, but campaigners warn there are still loopholes that can be exploited.

¿Puedes elegir la palabra correcta?

Si no sacas 10 de 10, probablemente no sabes escribir.

19 Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Like More Than Their Presents

Who needs presents with a stocking like this?

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