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26 Awesome Gifts From Asos For Everyone On Your List

Test tube shooters, a DIY beanie, holiday sock sets, and a bunch of other products to add to your holiday shopping list.

1. A steam-activated hair mask that deep conditions your hair for some much-needed TLC.

2. A whale mug that keeps your drink warm and also guards your cookie(s).

3. A Batman egg cup and toast cutter imported directly from Gotham City.

4. A game console USB hub for people who are always charging a million things at once.

5. Gingerbread slippers that will help you run, run as fast as you can.

6. A photo booth pack that is perfect for your holiday party/Instagram account.

7. A sock and boxer gift set with a festive mistletoe design.

8. Test tube shooters that will make you feel like a scientist.

9. A grooming kit that is a necessity for anyone who rocks a man bun.

10. A Beyoncé calendar for anyone who listens to Lemonade on repeat every single day.

11. A holiday T-shirt for the friend who prefers Halloween to Christmas.

12. A Pusheen bundle for anyone obsessed with the "Everyday Cute" webcomic and adorable things in general.

13. A beginner DIY kit that lets you create your very own beanie.

14. A bow tie to wrap around your favorite present. Erm, person.

15. A sterling silver necklace that is the perfect go-to piece of jewelry.

16. A huggable hand warmer for the person who constantly complains about being cold.

17. A personal trimmer set that will actually last a lifetime.

18. A holiday sock set that will let your toes feel the Christmas spirit.

19. A pineapple bank for all the annoying loose change jingling in your pockets.

20. A gift set filled with must-have hair products that will make bad hair days a thing of the past.

21. A T-shirt that carries holiday sweets close to your heart.

22. Pretty paper tape that is the perfect gift for any DIY enthusiast.

23. Kellogg's Christmas crackers filled with bubble bath that will make your tub snap, crackle, pop.

24. A travel kit that lets you try out select products from the Japanese skincare brand, Yu-Be.

25. A watch with interchangeable bands in rose gold and black.

26. A sci-fi and horror coloring book that features comic book covers from the 1950s.

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