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29 Awesome Gifts You Didn't Know You Could Get At Wayfair

A cat shoe rack, yogi garden dogs, bean bags, an LED bonsai tree, and more!

Andrew Richard / Buzzfeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A bean bag chair that unfolds into a cushiony lounger.

Get it for $49.

2. An 11-piece cookware set that'll inspire every kid's inner chef.

Check out more here.

3. An owl lamp that can't hoot but still knows how to look cute.

Get it for $36.

4. A bonsai tree with LED blossoms that imbue magic into the air (indoors or outdoors).

Get it for $60.

5. A smiling cow that's perfectly content being a bean bag chair.

Get it for $31.

6. A model-worthy cat scratch post tree.

Get it for $128.

7. A satisfying array of mixing utensils that snap together for convenient storage.

Get it for $21.

8. A shoe rack that reminds kids to take off their shoes and place them under the care of a friendly cat.

Comes with three adjustable tiers.

Get it for $28.

9. A buzzing play tent that definitely won't sting your child.

Get it for $23.

10. A zebra-print heated throw that you'll want to snuggle with indefinitely.

Get it for $44.

11. A set of flannel sheets that's swarmed by schools of fish.

Get it for $29.

12. A few zenned out dogs that might as well teach yoga to humans.

Get it for $26.

13. A gorgeous floral painting that's marked in geometric precision.

Get it for $49.

14. A wheelbarrow planter that's all the more charming because it takes the form of an old tricycle.

Get it for $26.

15. A dynamic rug that looks like a canvas awash with swirls of acrylic paint.

Get it starting at $12.

16. A floating wall planter with beautiful turquoise accents.

Get it for $35.

17. Pillows covers that come with intricate designs and panels of denim.

Get it for $45.

18. A minimalist coat rack that adds a touch of elegance without taking up too much space.

Get it for $40.

19. An enamel-coated tea kettle that one could look at all day.

Get it for $80.

20. A bright couch protector that improves the look of your living room furniture.

Get it for $18.

21. A 4-in-1 convertible crib that can easily turn into a daybed.

Get it for $114.

22. A beet-red comforter set with both microfleece and Sherpa fleece that completes the definition of luxurious sleep.

Get it for $56.

23. A 17-piece play set that captures all the fun in making sandwiches.

Get it for $15.

24. A brilliant blue vase that'll enliven any room.

Get it for $48.50.

25. Star Wars glasses that maintain the force in the kitchen.

Get them for $25.

26. A ping pong table that folds into a portable case, allowing you to take the game with you.

Get it for $26.

27. A griddle with two large surfaces that can cook foods that require different heats at the same time.

Get it for $80.

28. An elevated feeder that can adjust to the optimal height for your pets.

Get it for $21.

29. A dainty and modern Minnie mosaic that adds just enough cheer to your room.

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