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13 Relaxing AF Products To Help You Survive The Holidays

~Treat yo' self~

1. This soft and delicious cookie dough body butter:


With aloe and shea butter to make your skin extra smooth. Get a tub here.

2. This coloring coffee mug:


Have some fun while your coffee brews. Pick yourself up one here.

3. This box of bath bombs:


To make your bath nights even better. Pick up all nine here.

4. This neck pillow:


Toss it in the microwave and get it toasty warm for ultimate comfort. Get yours here.

5. This plush plaid robe:


Relax in comfort. Get yours here.

6. This headache relief salve:


Pick up a tin here.

7. Tea that smells like opening a brand new book:


Who doesn't love that scent? Get some (or some tea to match your fandom) here.

8. This warming or cooling face mask:


Zero fox given about naptime. Get it here.

9. These socks with a hidden message:


Ask for what you need without lifting a finger. Get a pair here.

10. These slipper booties:


Keep your feet warm around the house. Snag a pair here.

11. This warm AF faux fur blanket:


Bundle up with one here.

12. This punny pillow:


Get yours with different color optins here.

13. A holiday sweater for your mug:


Everybody gets to be cozy. Get yours here.

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