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December 22, 2016

Trump Reportedly Wants Nuclear "Arms Race" With Russia

The United States currently has an estimated 7,000 nuclear weapons, while Russia has a stockpile estimated at 7,300.

North Pole Hits Melting Point With Temperatures 40 Degrees Above Normal

Arctic sea ice is still at a historic low extent this winter, and a blast of balmy weather north of Iceland isn't helping anything.

Women Work Out Shirtless For A Week

These women dared to bare it all.

19 Reasons Being A Straight White Man Is Hard AF

It's the hard knock life for us.

Trump Could Easily Reverse Obama's Restrictions On Military Equipment For Police

The president-elect vowed during the campaign to overturn Obama's restrictions on the 1033 program, which were put in place following the Ferguson riots.

Social Media Reportedly Blocked In Turkey After Horrific ISIS Video

Access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is reportedly being throttled in Turkey after an ISIS account posted a video of two Turkish soldiers being burned to death.

How Popular Are Your Nutella Habits?

Toasted or not toasted? That is the question.



People Jump From A 16-Story Free Fall

This is the perfect challenge for a dare.

19 Gloriously Cheesy Treats That Won 2016

Because cheese is what makes life worth living.

An Officer Threw A Black Mother On The Ground And Arrested Her After She Called Police For Help

The video of a woman and her daughter being arrested after they called police to report an alleged assault of a 7-year-old has gone viral. Fort Worth police say they're investigating.

Meet The Real Heroes Of The Fight To Treat Alzheimer’s

This isn’t about a drug company’s share price. It’s about people’s hopes, fears, and dignity.

15 Crime Stories From 2016 You Need To Read

Here are the most moving, unnerving, infuriating, revelatory, and memorable crime stories published by BuzzFeed News in 2016.

14 Things BuzzFeed Tech Tried And Liked In 2016

All the apps, hacks, habits, and products that made our lives a little better in 2016.

12 Fantastic Pieces Of Fiction From 2016 You Need To Read

Looking for a good read? Here is some of the best fiction we published in 2016.

US-Based Turkish Cleric Denies Responsibility In Russian Ambassador Assassination

Turkish officials have indicated that Pennsylvania-based cleric Fethullah Gülen was connected to the fatal shooting. He denied claims on Thursday.

How Well Do You Know Green Day?

♫ 'Cause she's 2,000 light years away ♫

UHS Investigation To Stay Under Wraps, Says Inspector General

A BuzzFeed News story prompted a senator to demand answers, but the Department of Health and Human Services says it can’t discuss ongoing matters.

Esta é a mãe que todos gostaríamos de ser

Dançando como se não houvesse amanhã (e como se não fosse o vídeo da filha).

Blac Chyna Is Promoting A Shady Student Loan Ripoff On Instagram

"Get rid of your student loans now! Before it's too late and Obama is out of office," the Chymoji creator told her 10.6 million followers.

21 Cosas que seguramente no sabías de 'Mi Pobre Angelito'

Para hacer la película más navideña, los colores rojo y verde aparecen en ~casi~ todas las escenas.

Pro-Trump Twitter Trolls Are Turning Their Attention To Angela Merkel

Experts say reaction to the attack in Berlin is just the beginning of an anti-Merkel effort.

Las 18 pizzas más sensualmente ganadoras de 2016

Porque hasta en el peor de los años, la pizza es buena.

Pro-Obamacare Group Gears Up For Repeal Fight

Protect Our Care, a coalition of over a dozen progressive organizations, is setting its sights early on Republican senators from states that rely on Obamacare subsidies.

17 Tuits de 2016 que te harán reír sólo si tienes alma oscura

No apto para personas con corazón blandito.

21 Tendencias de moda que vas a ver durante todo 2017

El aguinaldo se va a ir en un nuevo guardarropa.

¿Qué pareja fallida de 2016 son tú y tu ex?

Muchos corazones se rompieron en este año.

19 Ilustradores mexicanos que mejoraron Instagram en 2016

Los necesitas a todos en tu timeline, en serio.

Estos fueron los 18 memes de AMLO con más gorgojo en 2016

No los tiene ni Obama, en 2018 los vamos a vender.

¿Cuántas películas de estreno viste en 2016?

¿Te la viviste en el cine o debajo de una roca?

Mini Gingerbread Cheesecakes

Perfect for Christmas dessert.

21 Estudihambres que sacaron 10 en supervivencia en 2016

El cuadro de honor de los estudiantes más ingeniosos de este año.

Two Passengers Were Kicked Off A JetBlue Flight For Confronting Ivanka Trump

"Your father is ruining the country," one of the passengers reportedly said to Trump.

Los 19 hombres que incendiaron Instagram por completo en 2016

Dale un toque de guapura a tu cuenta antes de que se acabe el año.

45 Presents All Girls Between The Ages Of 22-29 Desperately Wanted

There was nothing better than a Hot Wheels Barbie Corvette.

Na reforma de Temer, acordo patrão-empregado pode gerar jornada de 12h

Carga não pode ultrapassar, contudo, 44h semanais. Governo pretende reformar lei trabalhista por Medida Provisória e liberar FGTS de contas inativas. Governo também prometeu baixar juro do cartão de crédito, mas não explicou como.

La reacción de este niño que fue adoptado tiene llorando a todo internet

Algunas cosas realmente valen la pena la espera.

People Wear Facial Piercings For A Day

You can make anything work as long as you wear it with confidence.

16 Recetas que deberías aprender a cocinar antes de que termine el 2016

Aprovecha las vacaciones para convertirte en un chef experto.

11 Celebrity Looks You'll Want To Wear This New Year's Eve

This has been a year, alright, celebrate leaving it behind in style.

Drunk People Get Surprised By 90's Toys

Nah, mom you don't have to make food for me, I've got this. I've got my Easy Bake oven.

Airbnb Hosts Are Putting Guests In The Friend Zone — And It’s Awkward

Airbnb is eight years old, valued at $30 billion, and active in 190 countries. But in cities around the world, hosts and guests are keeping the fact that they use it a secret.

Ikea Reaches $50 Million Settlement After Deaths Of Three Toddlers

The families of three young boys will receive $50 million in a tentative deal to settle wrongful death allegations.

We Know Which Sailor Scout You Actually Are

~Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight~

22 Easy, Beautiful, And Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Home

Because you can make your house feel like a home without having to spend a fortune.

13 Metas para 2017 que no tienen nada que ver con tu talla

Porque las #bodygoals no son las únicas metas.

Le photographe dément avoir blanchie Miss France sur la photo de «Paris Match»

«C'est une photo avec des flash, elle est donc très éclairée, mais elle n'est pas "blanchie" sur Photoshop», indique Benjamin Decoin à BuzzFeed News.

Spiced Wine Fire Punch

If you want to play with fire this Christmas.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Mango, Free People, ModCloth, and more!

19 Reasons Why Morning People Need To Be Stopped

Enough already with the selfies from your sunrise hikes.

Whenever Oprah Loses Weight Investors Buy More Weight Watchers Stock

The weight loss company struggled for years before Oprah became a major investor and board member in 2015.

16 Questions No One Wants To Hear Over The Holidays

No, Aunt Ida, I'm not married yet.

19 Razones por las que deberías beber mucho más café

¿Sabías que el café te ayudar a recordar más cosas?

A Tour Of Trump’s Expanding Latin America Empire Shows A Pattern Of Conflicts

The Trump Organization is expanding its glitzy real estate brand of hotels and towers across South America, projects that raise concerns the president-elect could use his political influence to speed up deals and enrich himself.

Ivan Wilzig's God Complex

The 60-year-old son of a Holocaust survivor turned billionaire banking mogul is convinced that his remix of John Lennon's "Imagine" can save the world and that he can make his father's tragic story bigger than The Diary of Anne Frank. Ivan Wilzig, aka Sir Ivan, aka Peaceman, aka Mr. Mitzvah, has dedicated his life and a sizable chunk of his family's vast fortune to convincing literally anyone else.

Científicos están probando una nueva inyección que podría prevenir el VIH

El medicamento, llamado cabotegravir, requeriría solo una inyección cada dos meses, al contrario de la píldora diaria de Truvada.

Do You Really Know How To Eat Steak?

Step aside, vegetarians. This post is for meat-eaters only.

23 Jokes You'll Relate To If All You Do Is Eat And Sleep

"I love sleep because it's like a time machine to breakfast."

33 Datos científicos que no sabíamos a principios de 2016

Buenas noticias para Einstein, malas noticias para los que adoran las ardillas rojas.

29 Weihnachts-Tweets, die einfach nicht nicht witzig sind

Erst den Baum schmücken, dann mit witzigen Tweets beruhigen.

23 Things We Learned About The "Harry Potter" Universe In 2016

This year was full of cursed children and fantastic beasts.

21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A book of poetry, Unicorn Gold toilet spray, Bigfoot socks, and 18 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Obama Ends Registry Program That Targets Muslims Before Trump Takes Office

Trump and his advisors had signaled that they might consider reinstating the national tracking program once he took office.

16 trucs qu'on a découverts après 2006

Eh oui, en 2006 il n'y avait pas encore l'iPhone!

Here's The Heartwarming Story Behind These Photos From Eastern Aleppo

"To the girl who shared the siege with me: I love you."

These Are The Victims Of The Berlin Truck Attack

Twelve people died after a man driving a truck rammed into a crowded Christmas market in the German capital on Monday. This is what we know so far about the victims.

18 momentos de 'First Dates' que son totalmente 'First Dates'

"Dejé el convento y me fui a una orgía".

15 Holiday Cookie Recipes Anyone Can Conquer

Just call me Martha Stewart.

The 29 Most WTF Moments In Scottish Politics In 2016

A year of pigs, buffalo, and Boris Johnson being "a pure fanny".

22 Poems That Got You Through 2016

Amidst the ongoing wars over culture, truth and language that defined 2016, here are some of poems we read in order to find America's pulse.

Christmas Dinners Have Got More Expensive Since Last Year

The average price of a Christmas dinner is slightly higher than in 2015, according to data seen by BuzzFeed News.

22 faits qui vont totalement anéantir votre perception du temps

Hmm, l'université d'Oxford est plus ancienne que les Aztèques. LES AZTÈQUES.

Do You Have Your Shit Together?

Better find out now so you can prepare for 2017.

16 ideias de presentes de última hora para a musa da sua vida

Calma, a gente tem o que você precisa para agradar aquele mulherão.

Die 35 schlimmsten Dinge im Internet im Jahr 2016

NSFW, NSFW, NSFW... Ich wiederhole: NSFW.

19 schockierend schöne Geburtsfotos von 2016

Die musst du dir unbedingt ansehen – wenn du kannst!

How "America's Next Top Model" Put Identity Front And Center

For years, ANTM fostered the kind of complex conversations about race, gender, and sexuality that are finally happening more widely in mainstream American TV and culture — even as the newest version of the show might leave them behind.

23 Things That Will Help You Understand What Chronic Pain Is Really Like

"On the outside I'm great, but inside, my body is trying to destroy itself."

23 Actually Hilarious Jokes About Lying

"People be surprised when I tell em I have a 4.0 GPA while working & maintaining an active social life, but anything is possible when you lie"

Girls In Nepal Are Being Banished To A Shed When They Have Their Periods And It's Killing Them

This week marked the second known Chhaupadi-related death in Nepal this year. The practice is supposed to be illegal, but it's far from extinct.

12 historias de sexo que nos han hecho temblar este 2016

Gracias por compartirlas, gracias por arruinarnos la vida.

This Teen Cried On TV And Then Turned Herself Into A Meme

Spoilers ahead if you aren't caught up with ANTM

11 anecdotes sur la bouffe qui vont complètement vous retourner le cerveau

Il y a (probablement) des œufs de mouches dans votre ketchup.

Ex-assessor de Temer recebeu R$ 1 mi de operador de Cunha preso na Lava Jato

Segundo Coluna do Estadão, Lúcio Funaro entregou R$ 1 milhão no escritório de José Yunes. Amigo de Temer, Yunes se demitiu de cargo no Planalto após BuzzFeed Brasil revelar que ex-executivo da Odebrecht delatar entrega de R$ 10 mi a pedido de Temer.

Aqui está um resumo do que esperar de cada signo neste Natal

O escorpiano ainda está puto com o do ano passado.

À quel point aimez-vous les chiens?

Les chiens = les êtres les plus mignons de l'univers.

Les 50 pires trucs qu'on a vu sur internet en 2016

Après une année comme 2016, cette liste pourrait presque vous redonner foi dans internet… presque… ATTENTION: ce post est évidemment NSFW.

37 TV Deaths Of 2016 We Still Can't Get Over

And you thought your 2016 was bad.

This Quiz Will Reveal What Percent Old And Young You Are

Are you young at heart or basically an old person?

Appeals Court Rules Climate Scientist Can Pursue Defamation Claims Against Critics

Michael Mann, known for his work on the "hockey stick" analysis of global warming, can proceed with defamation claims against writers who called him the "the Jerry Sandusky of climate science" and characterized his work as fraudulent.

16 Dinge, die du nur machst, wenn du ein bisschen schräg bist

Du bist nicht komisch, sondern einfach nur ... anders.

9 Must-Play Video Games We Couldn't Put Down In 2016

We'll probably be talking about them next year too, tbh.

21 witzige, absurde und verrückte Bahnansagen, die 2016 echt passiert sind

Die großartige Twitter-Seite „Bahnansagen” sammelt die witzigsten Dinge, die täglich in deutschen Zügen passieren.

27 Lessons Jessica Huang Has Taught Us

"It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, the one thing that we can all agree on is that I am hot."

This Cat Who Lost His Two Front Legs Now Walks Like A T. Rex

"I hope that many people will love to have Able as an inspiration to them," his owner told BuzzFeed News.

18 personas que sencillamente no entienden la Navidad

Y alguien tiene que explicársela.

Are You Secretly Uptight Or Very Chill?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with organised fun.

23 der witzigsten Twitter-Fails des Jahres 2016

Twitter dokumentiert die großen Tragödien unserer Zeit.

This Guy Putting His Sleeping Girlfriend's Bonnet On Is What True Love Looks Like

AJ Woodson told BuzzFeed News: "It’s the small stuff that matters the most."

Polémique après la suppression d’un article sur le racisme anti-asiatique d’un spectacle

«Nos contenus ne serviront pas à alimenter les délires antisémites de la fachosphère», a indiqué Mouloud Achour, du site Clique, après la suppression d'un article qui critiquait le spectacle de Gad Elmaleh et Kev Adams.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

A European arrest warrant has been issued for Tunisian Anis Amri, who’s wanted for the Berlin truck attack. North Carolina's legislature failed to repeal an anti-transgender “bathroom law" after the Senate pushed a measure that fractured support. And Uber put the brakes on its self-driving car program in California after one week.

21 Leute, die wahrscheinlich ein schlimmeres 2016 hatten als du

Ich: ‘Was ist das?’ Und sie: ‘Das ist ein Stück von meinem Fuß.’

How "Friends" Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations Of Friendship

The One Where I Learned Real Friends Don't Have to Live Across the Hall.

Los mejores tuits del sorteo de la Lotería de Navidad

No nos ha tocado el Gordo, pero por lo menos tenemos humor.

23 Things You Need To Listen To This Year

Podcasts, albums, and audiobooks to zone out to.

35 Great Books By Indian Authors Published In 2016

A mixed bag of the some of this year's best fiction and non-fiction titles by Indian authors.

混乱呼ぶ「トライアンフ横浜北」突然の閉店 日本本社も連絡とれず困惑


We Visited A Syrian Refugee Family As They Prepared For Christmas In The UK

After fleeing from death threats in Syria, one Kurdish family tell BuzzFeed News about settling into a new home, their traditions and hopes for the future.

15 fois où les jeunes français ont dominé le monde en 2016

Le futur de la France est entre de bonnes mains.

19 Probleme, die Kids unter 15 wirlich nie verstehen werden

Das ist überhaupt keine Übertreibung

How Did You Budget In 2016?

Did you start making your own coffee? Cook in bulk? We want to know!

新潟の大規模火災は1976年以来の大火か ほぼ半日かかりようやく鎮圧




Christina Grimmie's Family Claims Lax Security Allowed Deranged Fan To Gun Her Down

The Voice contestant's family claims security at the venue in Florida was too lax, allowing a fan to shoot her in June.

Moments You'll Understand If You Have A Queer BFF

"I just hate guys — sometimes I wish I was a lesbian."

Indian And Pakistani Taste Test

Can't we all just get along?

Uber Halts Self-Driving Car Program In California After Registrations Revoked

The company had been testing self-driving vehicles in San Francisco. On Thursday, Uber said it was sending a batch to Arizona.

17 Horrifying Office Holiday Party Stories That'll Make You Want To Quit Your Job

"I decided to brag about my past as a gymnast, then proceeded to do a backflip in the office lobby."

15 Mouthwatering Holiday Desserts That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

'Tis the eat sweets for every meal.

27 Times Ethel Booba Was A Goddamn Gift To The Internet

"There's a truth in every charot!" — Booba, 2016

I Wore Apple AirPods For A Month Without Losing Them

The wireless earbuds sync to iOS devices with ease – but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

21 Little Everyday Changes To Make Your 2017 Even Better

Small changes that'll make a big difference.

Only Tumblr Addicts Will Recognize 30/60 Of These Memes

*opens BuzzFeed* *closes BuzzFeed*

Zenefits Burned Through Hundreds Of Millions In Cash In 2016

Whoever takes over as CEO of the embattled startup will have to try to turn it from a cash incinerator into a cash machine.

Trump Vineyard Seeks More Foreign Workers

The Virginia wine producer is the latest Trump family business to seek foreign guest workers for US jobs.

We Know How Many Kids You'll Have Based On Your Favorite Sandwich

How many will you have before you're old and crusty?

Top Jewish Groups Silent On Reported Trump Transition Clash With Israeli Official

A Trump transition team member reportedly boycotted a briefing from Israel's deputy foreign minister in solidarity with a Swedish lawmaker from a party with "neo-Nazi tendencies."

Los vendedores de Tultepec están divididos entre el dinero y una "bomba de tiempo"

Es el cuarto incendio en dos décadas. Los habitantes de la zona se preguntan si ya es tiempo de dejarlo.

19 Life-Changing Hacks To Get You Through Every Stage Of Pregnancy

You'll never look at an inner tube the same way again.

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