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December 21, 2016

Trump Picks Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn As Special Advisor

Icahn will advise Trump on how the government should regulate business.

Which Hot, Problematic "Love Actually" Dude Is Your Soulmate?

Love actually is a bunch of hot, problematic dudes.

Aquí tienes 23 imágenes de aves con brazos, porque el mundo ya no tiene sentido

Un post para apreciar a los que, sin duda, son los animales más majestuosos sobre la faz de la Tierra.

New York Gulenists Rattled By Assassination Charge

Members of the city's Turkish community told BuzzFeed News that they believe allegations of a link between the Turkish shooter and Fetullah Gülen are false.

Porn Actor Alleges Rape Scene For Brazzers Production Company Was Not Consensual

"It wasn't supposed to be a rape scene," Nikki Benz tweeted Tuesday.

17 Times Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Were Everything In 2016

At least this year gave us one great thing.

Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair

What could possibly go wrong?

Why I Breastfeed In Public

5 women share their stories.

Endangered Snow Leopard Quadruplets Were Caught On Camera For The First Time

The remote video footage in Mongolia of the endangered snow leopard family is the first of its kind, the World Wildlife Fund announced.

People Are Incredibly Inspired By This Woman's Graduation

“From a 1.4 GPA and failed classes to a full ride offer for Master's degree #BlackGirlMagic.”

If You're Bored Countdown The Top 10 Tasty Videos Of 2016 With Us

From all of us at Tasty, we wish you the best 2017!

18 Personas que este 2016 la cagaron en serio

Si lo ves así, tu año no estuvo taaaaan mal.

Woman Assaulted For Speaking Swahili Reads Moving Statement To Her Attacker

"There's no difference between you and me," Asma Jama told the woman who smashed a glass in her face and told her to "speak English."

Signs You Might Be The Worst

"Who DOES this?!"

Here's What We Know About The Berlin Truck Attack Suspect

Angela Merkel confirmed Friday that suspect Anis Amri, a Tunisian man who was denied asylum earlier this year and who has previously been under investigation for potentially planning an attack, was killed in a shootout in Milan.

19 Hilarious Holiday Puns About Books

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret Santas. Thanks to #HolidayABook on Twitter.

Voters Raised The Minimum Wage, But The Maine Governor Put It On Hold

A minimum wage hike passed easily in November, but the governor won't enforce the change until legislators have had a chance to overturn it.

Black Mississippi Church Member Charged In "Vote Trump" Arson

The 45-year-old man arrested for intentionally setting fire to a black church just days before the presidential election was a member of the congregation.

University Of Michigan Student Lied About Hijab Threat, Police Say

The student told police a man threatened to light her on fire if she did not remove her hijab. The report will be sent to prosecutors for possible charges.

Coleslaw Is A Garbage Food Made By Demons

It's basically the stuff you throw away before you make a salad.

10 Secrets From The Set Of "Rogue One"

BuzzFeed Mexico spoke with Diego Luna (aka Cassian Andor) and director Gareth Edwards and they shared a few anecdotes from the set of Rogue One.

27 Of The Best Kitchen Appliances You Can Get On Amazon

Oh, the noms you can make, the bakes you can bake!

Police Seized "Evidence" From A Newspaper After It Reported On Alleged City Corruption

Police officers in New Jersey used a search warrant to seize a water meter that was at the center of a local newspaper's investigation into alleged corruption at the town's Water Utility.

15 Geniales ideas de decoración navideña para un espacio pequeño

(P.D. no pasa nada si no decoraste los pasillos el 1 de diciembre.)

Gitmo Detainee, Held Since 2001, Challenges "Indefinite" Detention In Court

Moath al-Alwi has been held at Guantánamo Bay for 15 years, accused of ties to al Qaeda and the Taliban. His lawyers argue that with the end of the US combat mission in Afghanistan, the government lacks legal authority to hold him.

15 Christmas Struggles That Make Parents Say FML

Elf on the Shelf seemed like a good idea...

Which Character From "Annie" Are You?

The sun'll come out tomorrow!

17 Extremely Festive Ways To Get Drunk

'Tis the season, you guys.

A Mom Gave Her Daughter A Hilariously Stern Talking-To After She Got Cropped Out Of A Photo

"I gave birth to you with such difficulty and you repay me by cropping me out."

An Entire Stadium Cheered For This 2-Year-Old

"Can they do this at every game?"

The 18 Best Nonfiction Books Of 2016

These are the essay collections, memoirs, and nonfiction reads that we absolutely loved in 2016. (Ranked in no particular order.)

2016 será o ano mais quente da história, e já sabemos como esse fato será distorcido

Entenda como os céticos do aquecimento global escolhem seus dados para argumentar que a temperatura do planeta, na verdade, está despencando.

Which Bon Iver Song Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Your 22, A Million theme song is written in the stars.

16 Celebs Who Got Real About Their Health In 2016

"You'd think after all these years, somebody would be settled with something like this, but it's still hard to accept."

成田空港のトイレに駆け込んだらびっくり! スマホ用のトイレットペーパーがお迎え中


20 Movies To Binge Watch

Don't know what to watch? Here's some help!

Selon Delta, le YouTubeur musulman débarqué d'un avion aurait essayé de perturber la cabine

Des doutes ont été émis sur l'incident car Adam Saleh, 23 ans, est connu pour ses vidéos de caméras cachées impliquant des compagnies aériennes.

Pro–Abortion Rights Minority Groups Will Now Lead Part Of The Fight Against Trump

Groups that focus on women of color will take on an increased organizing role when it comes to rallying supporters for protest actions and local lobbying.

New York Official Allegedly Bribed With Prostitutes, Drugs, Paul McCartney Tickets In Multi-Billion Dollar Scheme

A former retirement fund manager and two brokers were charged in federal court for allegedly taking part in a bribery scheme that prosecutors say made them millions.

19 Maravillosos libros de autores mexicanos para leer en estas vacaciones

Los leerás en menos de dos semanas pero te cambiarán de por vida.

I Tested Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty Line And Here's What You Should Try

Can I just look a little bit like her? Please?

17 Damn Good Albums From 2016

Swan songs for civilization.

Mexico’s Fireworks Sellers Are Torn Between Money And A "Time Bomb"

The fourth devastating fire in Mexico’s fireworks capital in two decades has some locals asking themselves whether it’s time to leave. BuzzFeed News' Karla Zabludovsky reports from Tultepec, Mexico.

12 Creepy Christmas Movies To Watch ASAP

For when you're feeling a bit more Krampus than Claus.

25 Películas que cumplen 20 años en 2017

1997 fue hace taaaaaanto tiempo.

21 Razones por las que Diego Luna debería ser tu amor platónico

Cassian Andor es el dueño de mi corazón.

This Russian Fisherman’s Deep-Sea Discoveries Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

The ocean is terrifying and don't you forget it.

Federal Hate Crime Law Used For Transgender Violence For The First Time

The Justice Department argued in US District Court that Josh Vallum killed Mercedes Williamson in 2015 because of her gender identity. He pleaded guilty on Wednesday.

Prime Rib With Garlic Herb Butter

Spice up your holiday with this prime rib dish.

How Terrible Are Your "America's Next Top Model" Opinions?

A journey through the 22 completed Cycles of ANTM.

16 Problemas que tienen todas las mujeres delgadas

Tu sueño: pesar lo suficiente para poder donar sangre.

7 Napkin Folding Techniques That Will Blow Your Guests Away

Your dining table is gonna look so fly.

Men Try Sexy Santa Lingerie

Christmas came early this year.

Expédition punitive: un policier en uniforme frappe son beau-frère devant d'autres policiers (Vidéo)

Info BuzzFeed News - Après «un différend familial», un policier s'est rendu devant le domicile de son beau-frère pour le rouer de coups. Des témoins disent à BuzzFeed News que ses collègues ne sont pas intervenus. Une enquête préliminaire a été ouverte par le parquet de Paris. La victime a reçu 96 jours d'ITT.

26 Maneras económicas de renovar tu casa en 2017

Finalmente les darás un buen uso a esos tableros de Pinterest.

This Guy Is Completing 12 Hilarious Dares For Christmas

The shitter was full, but soon your heart will be too.

Este é o desabafo do estudante que usou vestido na formatura do ITA

Com o mote "A Aeronáutica não é homofóbica mas...", Talles de Oliveira Faria usa as redes sociais para denunciar humilhações e punições sofridas pelos homossexuais nas escolas de cadetes das Forças Armadas.

Internal Politics Already An Issue In Ben Carson’s Confirmation Prep

Getting the retired neurosurgeon ready for his confirmation hearing and to run a federal department is the top priority, but sources say the role of one adviser has created tension within Carson’s inner circle.

Big Pharma Is Coming For Your Facebook And Twitter Feeds

If the pharmaceutical industry wants to fully embrace advertising on social media, it'll have to avoid antagonizing the FDA.

A Woman Was Captured Yelling A Tirade Of Racial Slurs At A Customer For Cutting In Line

Officials are trying to identify the woman in the Facebook video, that's quickly gone viral, to ban her permanently from the Louisville mall.

Here's What The Political Fallout From The Berlin Attack Means For Angela Merkel

In the aftermath of Monday's assault, the German chancellor has been blamed by far-right leaders and an army of social media trolls in a precursor to 2017's election battle.

29 Things You Can Buy Online With Your FSA Money

You're gonna make it rain with all that Flexible Spending Account cash.

Twitter Is Being Flooded With Cat Pics In Response To The Berlin Attack

Introducing your new favorite hashtag: #KatzenStattSpekulationen, or #CatsNotSpeculation.

This Guy Called Out Body Products Aimed At Men And People Found It Hilarious

"I would call this a video I can’t explain, but I can. #masculinitysofragile"

What A Trip To Japanese Internment Camps Means In Trump's America

When I traveled to the Manzanar and Poston internment camps after the election, I realized that the past has thrust itself into our present.

21 Memes, die niemand versteht, der kein krasser Auto-Freak ist

Du verstehst es nur, wenn du Benzin im Blut hast und keine Automatik fährst.

10 Salted Caramel And Chocolate Desserts That'll Get You Through The Holidays

Leave one of these desserts for Santa and you'll probably get extra presents under the tree.

24 Of Our Best Comics Of 2016

These comics are sick.

Is Your Style Minimalist Or Eclectic?

Less is more, or is less a bore?

26 Women Who Ruined Men For You In 2016

Men? I haven't heard that name in years.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Urban Outfitters, Saks Off Fifth, Asos, and more!

22 Tumblr Posts That Made British People Laugh Then Cry In 2016

"How to spot a brit: 1) shout out '0800 00' 2) wait until someone shouts '1066'

16 Personas que dejaron su legado para la humanidad en 2016

Un minuto de aplausos para estos brillantes seres humanos.

Ces photos montrent les dégâts causés par l'explosion au Mexique

Mardi 20 décembre, une explosion a balayé le marché de feux d'artifice de la ville de San Pablito à Tultepec, au Mexique, et a fait au moins 29 morts.

Uber Can Now Find Your Friends Without Needing An Address From You

Feeling lazy af? Uber will ping the friends you're meeting to find out where they are.

Salve o seu Natal com esta rabanada recheada!

Já falamos que o recheio é doce de leite?

A University Lecturer Has Compared Student LGBT Activists To Nazis

In an article, Dr Niall McCrae called LGBT activists at King's College London the "Gaystapo" and "sanctimonious petty Napoleons".

23 Accessories To Bring Your Ponytail To The Next Level

Sleep in and still manage to look fancy with these little friends.

19 Hilarious Posts About Christmas That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

me: [listening to The Twelve Days of Christmas] "no person wants this many birds."

North Carolina Legislature Fails To Repeal Bathroom Law After Deal Breaks Down

Support fractured after the Senate pushed a measure that would also suspend new local LGBT laws.

Russian Ambassador's Killing Shows How Syria's Conflict Is Only Going To Get Worse

Russia and Turkey have an interest in depicting the assassination as the result of a nefarious plot rather than as blowback for their own Syria policies.

18 Pictures That Will Make Students Laugh, Then Cry

"The last four answers have been A...better mark C on this one."

Which "Yuri!!! On Ice" Character Are You?

Seriously, there is NO bad answer.

The Manufactured Intimacy Of Online Self-Care

In stressful times, we turn to the internet to take care of us, but if the connection is one-sided, does it count?

Nur wenn du Leistungskurs Geschichte hattest, schaffst du 15/17 Fragen

Basiswissen oder Geschichts-Nerd – teste dein Wissen!

Ikea Really Wants Teenagers To Stop Secretly Sleeping In Its Stores

Attempting to sleep over in Ikea stores has become a thing, and the Swedish retailer is calling for it to stop.

16 Hilarious, Genius, And Devastating Ways People Found Out The Truth About Santa

"I took out a bible and made my mother swear on it just like in a court room."

Here's What To Do If You Burn The Shit Out Of Your Mouth

Because no food is worth a nasty mouth burn — even pizza.

Do You Have Bad Taste In Wine?

Are you a wine connoisseur or just a wino?

21 Gifts That Prove Harrods Has Finally Lost Its Fucking Mind

Because everyone needs a solid gold Xbox or some £3,000 diamante Uggs.

This Is What It's Like To Be The Victim Of A Neo-Nazi Troll

Three people targeted by Joshua Bonehill-Paine, who was recently convicted of racially aggravated harassment, have called for police to gain more expertise and consistency in dealing with online hate crimes.

Estas imágenes muestran la devastación de la explosión del mercado de fuegos artificiales en México

La explosión destrozó el Mercado de San Pablito en Tultepec, Estado de México, el martes, matando por lo menos a 29 personas.

"Serious Concerns" Uncovered At The UK's Leading Abortion Provider

The Care Quality Commission temporarily suspended some services at Marie Stopes clinics in response to regulatory breaches.

Delta Says Muslim YouTube Prankster Removed From A Flight Was Trying To Disrupt Cabin

Doubts have been raised over the incident because Adam Saleh, 23, is best known for making hoax videos involving airlines.

Play This Reindeer Dancing Game And Waste Some Time Before Christmas

Make the reindeer dance! Dance to the festive music! Guaranteed to be (mainly) anatomically accurate.

No One Can Believe How Petty This Artist Is For Banning Another Artist From Using His Paint

"I'm not sure which is more beautiful: that shade of pink or that SHADE."

Des internautes voudraient que cette affiche sur le «manspreading» soit vraie

«Le message à caractère informatif qu'on attend depuis longtemps dans le métro.»

18 moments emblématiques pour les musulmans à Noël

Et non, on ne fait ni de cadeaux, ni de sapins, ni dinde. Et oui, on le vit bien.

Facebook Messenger lança chamada de vídeo em grupo

Será possível ter até seis vídeos ao mesmo tempo.

26 trucs pour vous changer les idées si vous venez de rompre

Une liste de choses à faire pour réparer votre cœur brisé.

Médicos de Fortaleza mandam população "marcar cirurgia" com Claudia Leitte

Em campanha da categoria, sindicato reclama de atrasos de pagamento de profissionais e do cachê de R$ 880 mil pago para a cantora na festa da virada pela prefeitura.

7 Things I Learned From Struggling With Dyscalculia

On learning that I wasn't just "bad with numbers".

26 fois où les femmes ont rendu l'année 2016 moins pourrie

Cette année a été un peu meilleure grâce à elles.

Die 33 stärksten Bilder von 2016

Hier sind die einflussreichsten, beeindruckendsten und wunderschönsten Bilder von 2016.

¿Sabes cómo se llaman estas posturas sexuales?

Y si te apetece puedes probarlas.

Si 'Love Actually' se hubiese hecho en España

El papel de Presidente lo interpretaría Pedro Sánchez.

29 Tweets Guaranteed To Make British People Smile

Despite, you know...*points at everything*

The "Outnumbered" Kids On That Viral Photo And Returning To Television

"This is 2016. I started when I was 6. It's been a decade. A decade of filming of me growing up. It's just as well, as I haven't got any home videos."

27 Dogs That Do Christmas Better Than You Do Christmas

Dogs do Christmas better than humans, it's a fact.

【動画】東京・麻布十番の付近で火災 マンションから火が吹き出し、周囲は騒然


Il faut qu'on parle de «The Holiday», le meilleur film de Noël

Il faut qu'on parle de ce film de Noël trop sous-estimé.

The Internet Believes These "Rogue One" Characters Should Date

WARNING: This could spoil the film for you.

Would Father Christmas Vote For Brexit?

Well, it's been quite a year.

13 Tiny New Year Goals That Might Make Twentysomethings Happy In 2017

None of these involve losing weight or "getting out more".

What's Going On Around The World Today?

ISIS has claimed responsibility for Monday’s Berlin truck attack that left 12 people dead. An explosion at a popular fireworks market outside Mexico City has killed at least 29 people. And scientists have announced the discovery of 163 new species.

Ce photographe recrée les derniers repas de condamnés à mort cette année

Avec A Year of Killing, le photographe Henry Hargreaves veut mettre en évidence le nombre de prisonniers qui sont tués chaque année aux États-Unis.

Bei diesen Avocado-Garnelen-Cups läuft dir das Wasser im Mund zusammen

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

Les photos de danse les plus splendides et originales de l'année

Mettre le mouvement et le corps humain à l'honneur.

EU Court Says It's Illegal To Spy On Your Data – But We're Leaving The EU So It Might Not Matter Soon

Indiscriminate collection of data "cannot be considered to be justified within a democratic society", the court ruled.

I Escape My Anxiety Inside Of Fitting Rooms

When the outside world and the pressures of everyday life overwhelm me, I fill a basket with cheap clothes and queue for quiet.

La réaction de cette dame à la demande en mariage de ce couple est géniale

«Nous espérons que cela inspirera la communauté LGBT à ne pas craindre d'exprimer son amour», a dit Jessica Rodriguez à BuzzFeed News.

22年で稼働はたった250日。 廃炉される「もんじゅ」に投じられた金額に衝撃


2016年にBuzzFeed Japan編集部が買ってよかったモノ


27 Of The Most Amazing Science Photos Of 2016

The International Space Station, sharks, and a multicoloured lizard with a stick.

ソニー社員が退職強要後に自殺 それでも「労災」を認めない東京地裁 背景に何が?


Ride-Hailing Services Like Uber And Ola Are Finally Legal In India

The country has launched brand new regulatory guidelines, which include auditing the companies' algorithms for accuracy.

12 datos sobre la comida que te van a volar la cabeza

La regla de los cinco segundos no existe, tíos. Vas a comer microbios igual.

「逃げ恥」最終回の陰で お笑い芸人が"ローション"の上で恋ダンスを踊っていた




カエルのイラスト図鑑 会社員が出展した作品がTwitterの反響で書籍化!


33 Reasons Sydney Is Off The Fucking Hook

Get out of bed in the Harbour City, and stay out till the sun goes down.

18 Things All Aussies Have Done But Would Never Admit

I see you, scanning those avocados as tomatoes.

27 Awesome Coloring Books You'll Want To Start Using ASAP

Know someone who loves to color? Add one of these to your shopping cart ASAP.

38 Australians Who Made Hollywood Their Bitch In 2016

More like Aussiewood. Wait, that doesn't sound right.

47 Times Australians Were The Funniest People On Tumblr In 2016

"Without sausage sizzles, Australia would literally collapse and turn into Mad Max."

Youth Affairs Council Worried Safe Schools Takeover Will Leave Trans Kids Without Help

"Schools holidays are a peak time for transition processes for young people."

How Trash Are Your Disney Song Opinions?

Get ready for the hardest choices of your lifetime.

This Christmas Video Is The US Government's Greatest Accomplishment

We don't know why this is happening, but it is.



The House From "The Castle" Won't Be Heritage-Listed

It's... not... going straight to the pool room.

16 Super Chill Ways To Reset Yourself For The New Year

Let's leave 2016 in the past, please.

22 Last Minute Subscription Box Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Give a gift that'll get delivered to their door every month. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

For Those Who Actually Love The Aussie Summer

Stop complaining and listen up.

ロシア大使暗殺 その瞬間をとらえた写真家が語る一部始終


Literally Just 33 Hilarious Cooking Fails From 2016

Guys. How did you manage to burn pasta?

These Pictures Show The Devastation Of The Fireworks Explosion In Mexico

The blast ripped through the San Pablito Fireworks Market in Tultepec, Mexico, on Tuesday, killing at least 29.

Please Enjoy This New And Improved Aussie Christmas Carol

No same-sex marriage, and offshore detention. Merry Xmas 'Straya.

Rainbow-Headed Snake Among 163 New Species Discovered

The new finds were documented in the Mekong River basin in Southeast Asia, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Your Cheesecake Factory Order Will Tell Us Which State You’re From

Or, like, your order based on a very abridged version of their insanely long menu.

17 Snapchats That Sum Up Summer In Australia

If you didn't snap that 36 degree day, did you even snap at all?

Who Should You Kiss On New Year's?

The season finale of "F**ked" is here!

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