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December 5, 2016

21 Things Kylie Jenner Like, You Know, Realised In 2016

"I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realising stuff."

Nebraska Agency Defends Illegal Execution Drug Purchase As A "Unique Process"

Last year, Nebraska spent more than $25,000 on illegal execution drugs they never received from a man in India. The department of corrections defended its conduct to auditors in a report released Monday.

Top Obama Administration Officials Say Justice Department Will Keep Defending Muslims Under Trump

Top officials in the White House and Department of Justice held a conference call with Muslim leaders nationwide on Monday, weeks before Donald Trump is inaugurated.

New York State Senator Will Try To Force Trump To Release Tax Returns Before 2020

State senator Brad Hoylman's bill would prohibit the state's electors from voting for a presidential candidate who had not released five years of tax returns to be made public by the New York State Board of Elections

29 Times Chris Hemsworth Blessed Us On Social Media In 2016

Every time he was shirtless, for starters.

Australia Still Doesn't Have An Official Definition Of Poverty

Australia still does not have an official definition of poverty.

¿Qué reencarnación de 'Al diablo con el diablo' eres?

¿Serás el novio súper sensible o el basquetbolista mal dotado?

Fast-Food Worker Groups Could Get A Big Financial Boost In NYC

A first-of-its-kind law would require McDonald's and other chains to let workers send membership dues directly from their paychecks.

$8 Vs. $180 Highlighter

Which will win?

These Are The Most Popular Latino Baby Names Of 2016

Did your favorite name make the cut?

Uncomfortable Moments You Have At The Doctor

"What do you like to talk about when you have your fingers inside of your patients?"

What % "Type A" And What % "Type B" Are You?

Everyone's got a bit of both, but it's time to find out which side you're really on.

Cosby Jury Will Hear His Testimony About Using Sedatives, But Not The Sex Assualt Lawsuit

In a 2005 deposition, Cosby admitted to sexually assaulting Andrea Constand and obtaining sedatives to administer to women he pursued for sex.

Which Annoying Slang Word Are You?

As 2016 comes to a close, let's see which words stick around till next year.

5 Animated Movies That Tore Out My Heart

Sometimes, cartoons hit you right in the feels. No matter what age you are, you know that you are gonna cry your eyes out when watching them. Here's 5 animated movies that made tears fall.

Adult Swim Has Canceled Its Alt-Right Show "Million Dollar Extreme"

After fierce criticism, the network has canceled Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, the controversial series created by and starring a comedy group beloved by neo-Nazis.

Uma embaixada falsa dos Estados Unidos operou em Gana por uma década

O prédio emitia vistos americanos fraudulentos, porém genuínos, além de vistos falsificados e documentos de identificação falsos por US$ 6.000. Tinha bandeira e foto de Barack Obama.

19 Cosas que sólo entenderás si te vino la regla súper tarde

*Sigue resentida con la chica que fue la penúltima en tener la regla*

Mistrial Declared In The Case Of A Former Cop Who Shot And Killed Walter Scott

Michael Slager was charged with murder and manslaughter in the killing of Scott in 2015. Prosecutors promised Monday to retry the case.

People Are Discussing Their Amputations With #MyPhantomPain

"Phantom pain doesn't have one narrative."

The "Good Girls Revolt" Cast Is Tweeting To Save The Show

"I don't know what to tell women, scared of their own president, who ask why you cancelled a hit feminist show 30 days in."

Estos son los 20 nombres que todo el mundo le puso a sus bebés en 2016

Revisa para ver si tu nombre está entre los elegidos.

This New Unicorn Eyeliner Trend Is So Extra And We Love It

Trade your sharp wings for magical horns.

22 Problemas que solo entenderán los que tienen un rostro amigable

Sí, esto es una verdadera epidemia y los problemas son reales.

Someone Tiled Their Floor With 13,000 Pennies And Revealed People Can't Math

"Joke's on him because now he just wasted $13,000." Hmmm.

14 retratos que mostram como a ansiedade realmente é

Não é tão simples quanto aquela típica foto de arquivo.

Finals Week, As Told By "New Girl"

You to yourself: "It's perfectly fine to watch TV all day."

15 dos motivos mais tontos que fizeram as pessoas levarem seus bichinhos ao pronto-socorro

Como a cadelinha que torceu o rabo por abaná-lo com muita força.

Todos os caras que já apareceram em comédias românticas

Incluindo o que usa casacos de lã para mostrar que é sensível.

"Bad Little Children's Books" Pulled From Publication After Outrage Over Offensive Images

The illustrated adult humor book, published in September, came under fire recently after a blog post on Book Riot called out its offensive imagery.

Here's A Meal Plan For Your Dinners This Week

For all you chicken lovers out there!

29 Gifts You Hated As A Kid But Would Love Now

All the things you tended to regift...or were clearly regifted to you.

Vas a correr por una Cajita Feliz en este momento gracias a 'Hora de Aventura'

McDonald's volviendo realidad todas nuestras fantasías.

18 Awesome Gifts Any College Student Will Totally Love

Pray for my GPA. The products in this post were updated in October 2018.

33 Gifts For People Who Love To Travel

If traveling were free, you'd never see them again. The products in this post were updated in August 2018.

14 Facts About "Archer" That'll Make You Say "Holy Shitsnacks"

The design team actually made that Björk space-dress IRL.

Uber Just Bought An AI Startup To Make Its Self-Driving Cars Smarter

The ride-hail giant is opening up an AI Lab.

Você seria uma boa namorada segundo este manual de namoro dos anos 50?

Que gafe uma mulher nunca deve cometer em um encontro?

Pro-Corbyn Activists Fear Momentum Could Split In Two

One Momentum committee member accused fellow activists of wanting "to turn Momentum into a rival left-wing party".

Beaucoup de gens n'ont pas compris le slogan de campagne de Manuel Valls

«C'est beau comme du Cabrel en pleine montée de xanax».

Jewish MP Feared For Her Safety After Receiving 2,500 Abusive Messages A Day

Luciana Berger MP was giving evidence at the trial of Joshua Bonehill-Paine, an alleged anti-Semite and far-right activist who is accused of racially harassing her through a series of blog posts.

Judge Denies Request For Mistrial In Case Of Ex-Cop Who Shot Walter Scott

The jury continued to deliberate for the fourth day in the case of Michael Slager, who is charged with murder and manslaughter for shooting Scott in the back.

18 Blissfully Boozy, Creamy, And Warming Whisky Cocktails

Because adding cream, chocolate, butter, or caramel to your whisky or bourbon is the best way to fight off winter chills.

11 perguntas sobre amor e sexo que farão você refletir

Nenhuma situação é preto e branco.

25 trucs à savoir sur Manuel Valls

Il aime la corrida, les cravates violettes et l'article 49.3. Et Cécile Duflot l'appelle «Pepe».

16 Gifts For People Who Always Need To Charge Their Phone

So you no longer have to be *that* friend asking everyone if they have a charger.

52 choses encore plus inattendues que la candidature de Manuel Valls

Un rendez-vous stylé avec votre banquier-e. Par exemple.

32 Zodiac Gifts That’ll Leave You Star Struck

For the friend who blames everything on Mercury Retrograde.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Has Finally Conceded Defeat

Nearly a month after the election, Pat McCrory has conceded he lost to his Democratic rival.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Aeropostale, Lord & Taylor, Hot Topic, and more!

Government Review Into Social Integration Criticised For Focusing Too Much On Muslims

Baroness Warsi said integration was often down to economic, not racial or religious, factors.

We Tried Cheap And Expensive Salmon To See Which Was Better

Warning: This post may make you salivate.

Este vídeo do pessoal fritando em uma rave vai bem com qualquer música

A turma só tava fritando na praia, mas mal podiam imaginar que qualquer música encaixa bem nessa festa.

IMO, Early December Is The Best Time To Start New Year's Resolutions

In praise of the early-December start date.

Campeã da Sul-Americana, Chapecoense vai jogar Recopa contra Atlético Nacional

Time de Medellín, que seria o adversário da final na semana passada, foi campeão da Libertadores deste ano.

15 Historias de clientes nefastos que definitivamente no tienen la razón

Al cliente lo que pida, como, por ejemplo, unos buenos madrazos.

Odié a Britney Spears hasta que me vi reflejado en ella

Cuando comenzaba a entender mi sexualidad, odiar a Britney me separaba de los otros chicos (heterosexuales). Pero resulta que ella tenía algo que enseñarme sobre supervivencia.

27 Geheimnisse über Telefonsex, die dir noch niemand verraten hat

So reagieren fast alle Männer, wenn sie gekommen sind ...

O funk deste tiozinho que vende pão vai grudar na sua cabeça que nem chiclete

O que é o funk da pamonha comparado ao funk do pão?

A Mum Didn’t Sell Anything At A Craft Fair So Twitter Bought Everything

Get your tissues ready: It's time for an emotional rollercoaster.

Este site permite que você ROUBE no sorteio de amigo secreto

No você tem a opção de excluir alguém por meros R$ 19 ou escolher o amigo que você quer tirar por R$ 49.

22 Dinge, die du nur verstehst, wenn du immer dezent overdressed bist

Dein Kleiderschrank befindet sich in einem ständigen Wandel.

22 Pictures That Show How Different Leeds And Sheffield Are

An ex-Leeds resident and current Sheffield local weighs up two of the North’s very best cities.

Cette femme a répondu à sa voisine homophobe avec des décos de Noël

«J'ai pleuré quand j'ai lu les messages de certains pour qui ces décorations ont apporté un peu de lumière dans leur journée», explique-t-elle à BuzzFeed News.

Boy Passes Out On Rollercoaster, Internet Goes Wild.

Extreme speed and consecutive fainting below.

We Know What You'll Be Doing On Christmas

Follow the path to your holiday fortune.

12 frases motivacionais ilustradas com fotos do Rodrigo Maia

"Não existe um caminho para a felicidade. A felicidade é o caminho."

16 Momentos en los que Sabrina Sabrok puso el 666 en 2016

¿Qué otra persona te enseña a hacer empanadas y pactos con el diablo?

Este chico realizó una sesión de fotos muy divertida para celebrar su vasectomía

"Ahora tengo 31 años, y sé que es la decisión correcta para mí."

15 Scrumptious Ways To Eat More Lasagna

Say "yes" to baked cheesy goodness.

Amazon's New Seattle Store Will Let People Pay Without Checking Out

Enter a store, pick what you want, and walk out. It calls the system, um, "Just Walk Out."

Supreme Court President Warns That Article 50 Claimants Have Received "Threats Of Serious Violence"

In his opening notes for the Supreme Court trial on whether the government can trigger Article 50, Lord Neuberger said such threats "undermine the rule of law".

17 Pequeñas cosas que empeorarán tu día

*comienza a llorar incontrolablemente*

22 memes feministas que van a alegrarte el día

"¿Cuál es el holocausto feminazi? ¿Hombres teniendo que planchar sus propias camisas?"

This Muslim-Owned Restaurant Is Doing Its Bit For The Homeless This Christmas

"We're just helping people," Hasan Masud, who works at Shish Restaurant, told BuzzFeed News.

Here's What The Hell Just Happened In Italy And Why It's A Big Deal

Everything you need to know about the immediate and long-term implications of Sunday's referendum.

This One Incredible Photo Shows How Brutal 2016 Has Been On World Leaders

"Can everyone who will be in political oblivion in 2017 please raise their hands?"

Here's What We Know About The Alleged "Pizzagate" Gunman

Edgar Maddison Welch was arrested after police said he came to investigate a ludicrous conspiracy theory that a popular restaurant secretly provides underage prostitutes to top Democrats.

Diretor italiano admite que cena em "Último Tango em Paris" foi estupro

Bertolucci reconheceu que uma das cenas mais infames de estupro da história do cinema não foi consentida pela atriz Maria Schneider e que ele não se arrepende de ter feito isso.

19 People Who Must Be Stopped Immediately

Some people just want to see the world burn.

17 Times Sex Almost Went Too Fucking Far In 2016

People had to do something to forget how bad 2016 has been.

What's The Worst Holiday Present You've Ever Received?

Tell us what gift made you go "WTF?"

18 Things You Might Want To Know Before Having Anal Sex

It's time for some back door action.

15 choses que vous ignoriez peut-être sur l'arthrite

«J'ai l'impression que mes articulations sont en plomb, et je souffre parfois tellement que je me sens physiquement malade.»

Assista a uma multidão de brasileiros desesperada ao ver Neil Patrick Harris

O ator esteve em São Paulo no domingo (4) durante a CCPX e postou no seu Instagram alguns vídeos da multidão felizona por vê-lo.

Jill Stein Files Federal Lawsuit In Pennsylvania For A Statewide Recount

The move came after Stein withdrew her request for a recount in state court on Saturday.

Você tem algum truque maravilhoso para fazer as próprias unhas?

Conte para nós que dicas te ajudam na hora da manicure caseira, inclua fotos e participe de um post do BuzzFeed.

O Zorra "desenhou" as coisas para quem pede a volta da ditadura

A primeira ideia era trocar o presidente outra vez: "começou a dar um monte de problema, mesmo sendo novo".

Onda anti-establishment leva à renúncia de primeiro-ministro na Itália

Saída de Matteo Renzi do cargo ocorre após derrota em referendo por reforma política, no último domingo (4).

Esta é a forma como Donald Trump trata seus funcionários

Imagens obtidas pelo BuzzFeed News mostram Trump intimidando sua equipe e dizendo para um homem "usar a porra da cabeça".

Dakota Access Pipeline Company Still Committed To Current Route

Native Americans and their supporters celebrated Sunday's decision to re-route the controversial pipeline, but the company isn't backing down yet.

13 Reasons I'd Rather Receive Food Instead Of Jewelry

Food never gets lost; it always find its way home (to your stomach).

24 "Elf" Moments That Are The Best Ever


12 Delicious And Cozy Drinks You Need To Try This Winter

Who needs a blanket when you've got a sugar cookie white hot chocolate to drink?

14 pessoas que já planejaram o que vão fazer quando ficarem ricas

"#QuandoEuFicarRico eu ainda vou lembrar de cada pessoa que visualizou e não me respondeu"

«Pizzagate»: comment un délire complotiste a poussé un homme à tirer dans un bar

Ce bar de Washington est la cible d'un délire complotiste que le suspect a manifestement pris pour argent comptant. Il a dit à la police qu'il venait enquêter lui-même sur le «Pizzagate».

How Daler Mehndi's "Tunak Tunak Tun" Became A Global Viral Phenomenon

The story begins in the year 2000, before YouTube was even born...

Mallika Dua Says She Doesn't Pay Attention To Body Shamers

"What they're saying is that there's really nothing more than what meets the eye. So, my strategy is to not care about this as much as possible."

Chris Pratt s'amuse à retirer Jennifer Lawrence de toutes ses photos

«Je passe du bon temps avec Jen, ma meilleure amie.»

Только тот, кто учился на стоматолога, наберет в этом тесте 15/20

Пора проверить ваши познания в области по части зубов

24 problèmes des gens qui ont «l'air sympa»

Oui, c'est un vrai problème.

22 Scottish Snapchats That Will Make You Shit Yourself Laughing

One of these pics is a bit NSFW. But what else would you expect from a post about Scottish Snapchat?

Shinzo Abe Will Be The First Japanese Leader To Visit Pearl Harbor

"The ravages of war should never be repeated," the Japanese prime minister said.

19 Things Girl Who Are Always Cold Understand

Shivering from November to April.

This Quiz Will Determine How Obsessed You Are With Manners

How far away does someone have to be for you to NOT hold the door open?

13 Shows You Need To Binge-Watch In 2017

Start your year off right. Watch some damn good shows.

We Bet You Can't Make It Through This Post Without Laughing

You definitely can't make it all the way through without cracking up.

33 fotos de España en 2016 que son simplemente increíbles

Ha sido un año raro, pero nos ha dejado imágenes increíbles.

Can You Tell Us A Story In Just Six Words?

Brevity can make for good art.

This Anti-Razor Bump Razor That Actually Works Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Yes please to anything that makes a smooth bikini line easier!

A Little Mix Fan Called Zayn A "Bitch" And The Girls Lost It

The fan called out: "Zayn is a bitch" during a performance of "Shout Out To My Ex" in Germany.

19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero Fucks

Slideshows are the best way to express anger.

Everybody Is Crying Over This Heartwarming Christmas Advert

"Real tears were shed watching this."

21 Gifts Every Girl Desperately Wanted For Christmas In 2006

You're probably still secretly hoping for some GHD straighteners.

Here's The Proper Way To Get Drunk On Tea

Please don't use this as an excuse to start drinking as soon as you wake up.

21 Hilarious Tweets About Exes That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

"All I'm saying is, I've never seen my Ex and Satan in the same room together."

29 WhatsApp-Chats, über die 2016 jeder gelacht hat, ohne es zu wollen

Frage: „Und wie weit bist mit Lernen?” Antwort: „Staffel 3. Folge 5.”

19 preuves que Pierre Moscovici est un devin

Il a prévu tout ce qui allait se passer en 2016. Tout.

17 Movies So Freaky They'll Probably Make You Crap Yourself

"It's so surreal, horrifying, and uncomfortable."

21 Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful "Minions" Christmas Jumpers

Have yourself a Minion little Christmas.

日本の浮世絵にあこがれて 中国の大学生の部屋が"和風っぽい"と大人気


How Many Shipping Forecast Areas Do You Know?

Will you be good, moderate, or poor at remembering them all?

What Variety Of Twat Are You?

Everybody's SOME kind of twat.

Si vous réussissez à avoir plus de 10 à ce test, vous venez forcément de Guadeloupe

Tout a commencé avec un débat sur la prononciation du mot «goyave» et une dispute sur LE coco. Tchip.



This Pakistani Blog Appears To Have Started The Hoax That Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Committed Suicide

Apparently, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s physician anonymously claimed she said: “Let me die, it is better to die than living such a pathetic life."

13 Hilarious Moments From Parineeti Chopra And Aditya Roy Kapur's "Koffee With Karan" Episode

Parineeti Chopra was relentless in her savagery towards Aditya Roy Kapur.

As Castro Is Laid To Rest, Cubans Reveal Fears Of His Government

"No freedom for speaking up," said one Cuban, who was only willing to speak anonymously for fear of being jailed. "People of the government is not good."

Proof That Roasting Shah Rukh Khan Is Impossible

Just another addition to the man's legend.

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 11月に最も見られた動画は…


This Gay Man Had To Sit At The Back Of His Partner's Funeral And Not Speak

They were together for five years and had a shared home and plans to marry, but Ben Jago could only attend the funeral if he sat at the back and didn't speak.

This Church-Funded Cafe Is Raising Money For The Anti-Abortion Clinic Next Door

The clinic wants to buy an ultrasound machine so it can "offer a woman in crisis the opportunity to see her unborn baby".

Here's The First Trailer For "The Mummy" Starring Tom Cruise

Welcome to a world of gods, monsters, and Tom Cruise running away from things.



19 Kinda Random Gift Ideas From Kmart

Gifts that won't break the budget.

10 Curiosidades que todo turista precisa saber sobre Maceió

Maceió é uma cidade linda e desejada por diversos brasileiros. Quem chega na cidade tem algumas surpresas, por isso resolvi alertá-los com dez curiosidades.

32 Movie Categories You Wouldn't Find On Netflix

"Movies where the cat just fucks everything up."

Touching Photos Show Protesters Celebrating After Dakota Access Pipeline Victory

After it was announced Sunday that the Dakota Access Pipeline would be rerouted, protesters who had fought for months to stop oil from flowing near a Native American reservation were seen cheering and hugging.

Tony Abbott Is Absolutely Fuming His Signature Green Army Might Be Disbanded

"It's a bad principle to axe your own policy for the Greens policy because it means that their priorities are more important than ours."

Agency Workers Risk Becoming "Forgotten Face" Of Modern Employment

Agency workers are earning £430 less than permanent employees and most are doing so out of necessity rather than choice, a report says.

This Little Girl Was Asked To Dress As An "Indian" For School And Had The Best Idea

Nyemah Greenhouse, from Louisiana, decided to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline instead.

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