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This Little Girl Was Asked To Dress As An "Indian" For School And Had The Best Idea

Nyemah Greenhouse, from Louisiana, decided to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline instead.

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This is 5-year-old Nyemah Greenhouse, from Louisiana in the US.


As a kindergarten student, Nyemah is beginning to get used to the idea of assignments. Her mother, Tremeka, told BuzzFeed News her daughter was very proud of her school.

But last week Nyemah's teacher asked her to arrive at school the next day "dressed as an Indian" for a Thanksgiving project. Her sister took to Twitter to express her shock.

OHMYGOD WHAT THE FUCK. My kindergarten sister got assigned to "dress an an """"Indian""""" for her thanksgiving project.

Nyemah, with the help of her mother, decided to dress up as a protester at Standing Rock.

My sister was supposed to dress like """"an Indian"""" today for kindergarten. This happened instead

Standing Rock reservation, in North Dakota, became a site of protest this year after hundreds of people gathered to attempt to stop the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would cut through the reservation.

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On Sunday evening, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced it would no longer be allowing the oil pipeline to cross under a lake near the reservation.


The photo of Nyemah was retweeted more than 1,000 times, prompting dozens of positive responses.

"It really is a good school," Tremeka said. "We just weren't fond of this particular project. I hope that they don't receive any backlash."

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