Finals Week, As Told By "New Girl"

    You to yourself: "It's perfectly fine to watch TV all day."

    1. Finals week is almost here, and you’re still in denial.

    2. That is, until the number of things you have to do hits you like a brick.

    3. You wonder why you always put things off for so long.

    4. Because suddenly you have four exams, two projects, and two papers due the same week.

    5. You do the math and determine you need a 98% on the final to pass the class.

    6. So you confidently hole up in the library to begin cramming.

    7. Six hours later, you start going a little stir crazy.

    8. And eventually you'll have studied so long, you're not sure what's going on anymore.

    9. Your friends ask about your stress level.

    10. And they try to help you out in any way they can.

    11. Test day arrives, and you walk in to see the first question.

    12. So you flip through the rest of the exam trying to find a good place to start.

    13. There may be some tears.

    14. Okay, so maybe a lot of tears.

    15. And when you finally finish the test, you just want to go back to bed.

    16. You'll come to accept the fact that not every exam will go well.

    17. And others will go surprisingly great.

    18. But one thing is for sure: By the end of exam week, you'll be feeling ready for a night like this:

    19. Or this:

    20. But mostly likely like this:

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