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There's This WTF Twitter Account About Strange Daytime TV Moments

Thank you, @DaytimeSnaps.

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There's a wonderful Twitter account called @DaytimeSnaps sharing WTF moments from daytime television without any context. Like this:

And this.

And this person celebrating getting this correct answer in a daytime game show.

Pretty well sums up 2016.

It was started by Nick Walker, who screengrabs stuff after spotting weird moments on the office TV.

Walker (@nickw84) told BuzzFeed: "I work for a TV company and we have, like, TVs on our desks and around the office. Sometimes you're doing work and then you spot in the corner of your eye that Phillip Schofield is holding a demon-eyed baby and you think, 'That's a bit strange, isn't it?'"

One of his favourites is this moment from The Jeremy Kyle Show when this tweet was shown on screen.

"I have these shows in the corner of my vision, but I don't have the sound on so I don't what is happening in any of them," said Walker.

"They were obviously having a discussion called 'Who Pooed in the Fridge?: The Lie Detector Results' and it was a callback to a previous episode because they had tweets of people's comments from when they watched it the first time round. And one of the comments was something like 'WHAT? We don't find out who pooed in the fridge?' That's one of my favourites."

Most of these tweets make no sense without context.

Like this one.

And this.

However, there are a few, like this one from the numbers round of Countdown, that make sense straight away.

100 plus 3 makes 103. The easiest Countdown ever.

Walker's other favourite? Comedian Joe Lycett giving Lorraine Kelly a quiche lorraine on live TV.

"People say we are in the golden age of television and they often think about prestige dramas, but you don't think about the fact that you might be watching TV one day and somebody gives Lorraine Kelly a quiche lorraine."

"That's never happened before. That's the golden age."

Happy 2016!

Follow the account at @DaytimeSnaps.