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    This Celebrity Baby Will Make You Want A Baby Even Though You Can't Afford One

    Baby Junie is the light we all need.

    Singer Teyana Taylor and NBA player Iman Shumpert are really famous, especially after the married couple exploded the internet with Kanye's "Fade" video.

    But one could argue that the most beloved star of the fam is their daughter Junie, known to her IG fans as @babyjunie4.

    She's famous for being seriously adorable and wearing these super-fly headwraps, which are available for purchase on her online store.

    And it makes total sense that she'd be into fashion because she's also quite the model. Here's one of her signature poses.

    If we learned anything at all from those seasons of ANTM, it's that you HAVE to give face! Just like this!

    You really gotta connect with that camera, ya know?!

    But also, like, don't take yourself too seriously. Fun is a must!

    Baby Junie has that rare star quality. She can slay a photo, effortlessly.

    And she's also got charisma and charm!

    But you can tell that she's still about that life and doesn't mind checking you if the need arises.

    Like, who doesn't love a celeb with a lil bit of edge?!

    The greatest rapper alive literally cradled her in his arms and she was completely. absolutely. un. fazed.

    Similar to her unbotheredness in this pic.

    That's that real queen ish, and we have no choice but to respect it.