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Here's What The Supporting Cast Of "Love Actually" Is Up To Now

Love Actually is all around.

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Nina Sosanya as Annie

Since redistributing Natalie, Sosanya has worked steadily in television, and will appear in Ricky Gervais's mockumentary David Brent: Life on the Road in 2017.


Dan Fredenburgh as Jamie's bad brother

After wrecking Jamie's personal life, Fredenburgh appeared in The Bourne Ultimatum, and landed roles on television, in shows like Casualty and in the BBC's adaptation of Emma. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Joanna Page as Just Judy

Since her days as the cutest movie stand-in ever, Page made it big in the UK as Stacey Shipman on the award-winning series Gavin & Stacey. She's also lent her voice to several projects, including Poppy Cat and Q Pootle 5, and she appeared in Doctor Who as Elizabeth I. You can follow her on Twitter.

Julia Davis as Nancy the Caterer

After giving up her job as London's dodgiest caterer, Davis went on to appear on Gavin & Stacey as well. She also wrote and starred in the TV shows Hunderby and Nighty Night, receiving BAFTA nominations for both — and winning for Hunderby in 2013 for Best Comedy Writing.


Olivia Olson as Joanna Anderson

Since getting all she wanted for Christmas, Olson has primarily done voiceover work. She's lent her talents to Phineas and Ferb, Steven Universe, and she plays Marceline the Vampire Queen on Adventure Time. You can follow her on Instagram.