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    17 Times Sex Almost Went Too Fucking Far In 2016

    People had to do something to forget how bad 2016 has been.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the kinkiest things they did in 2016, and they definitely didn't disappoint.

    1. The lawyer's recess.

    "My boyfriend is a lawyer, so one time he left trial, walked into the room, and without saying anything, took off his tie, tied me to the bed frame, and proceeded to eat me out while I struggled against the restraints trying to touch him. It was so hot having sex with him face-to-face but not being allowed to grab him. He then came on my face and chest and left me tied up for a few minutes more to just look at me covered in semen."


    2. The piss enema.

    "My master put in an anal speculum and opened it up all the way. After he came in my ass, he gave me a piss enema and peed inside of me. I came super hard from it."


    3. The human centipede.

    "I experimented with an ass-eating train including around 10 people. Not bad at all. I also experimented with putting grapes up my ass and eating them."


    4. The piss bucket.

    "This year my boyfriend wanted to branch out and try new things. He took off my clothes and made me kneel on the ground, then he invited some people over and they used me as a piss bucket. After that they jacked off onto my face. Then my boyfriend fucked me in front of them."


    5. The vodka burn.

    "My boyfriend decided to try something kinky and spat vodka up inside my vagina. Wow, did it BURN! My screams were definitely not from pleasure. Sadly, it did not get me drunk either. Maybe if he had spit it up my butt?"


    6. The toy drawer.

    "I told him to choose a surprise from my toy drawer. Sixty seconds later, I had a leash and collar around my neck, a vibe in my vagina, and his dick in my ass. I’ve never had a more intense orgasm."


    7. The closet.

    "My partner and I always play the dom/sub roles, with me being the sub. This one time he blindfolded me, led me to the hotel closet, made me kneel, put my hands over my head, and tied me to the closet rod that held hangers and coats. He then shut it and left me there. Being tied up and alone in the dark like that was incredible."


    8. The slut collar.

    "I wore a vibrating anal plug for the whole day, turning it on at random times no matter where I was or what I was doing. Another time I also wore a slut collar while being spanked with a paddle that left the impression of the word 'slut' on my ass."


    9. The 0–100 hotel experience.

    "I met a really hot guy on Tinder: blonde, blue eyes, six-pack, etc. We met up for drinks. Next thing I know I’m in a fancy hotel with a strap-on, fucking him until he came. 10/10 would do this again. Never realised how much I love being in charge as much as I love being dominated."


    10. The workplace minefield.

    "I’ve been sleeping with my co-worker for the past six months. Nobody at the work place knows except his sister, who, ironically, I’m fucking as well."


    11. The striptease.

    "My (now ex-) girlfriend brought a chair to my room, tied my hands behind it with bondage tape, and turned on mood lighting. She stripteased for me and gave me a lap dance, until I eventually broke out of the restraint. Then we had crazy hot sex."


    12. The presidential erection.

    "My boyfriend and I role-played as Mr President and (sex)retary! Once he showed up at my house pretending like I didn’t answer a house call."


    13. The veterinary care.

    "My girlfriend and I have a strap-on, and one weekend her friend was staying with us so we couldn’t fuck. We work at a vet hospital and have to go in on the weekends to feed the animals, so we took that opportunity, brought our stuff, and ended up fucking on our boss's desk."


    14. The firehouse.

    "My boyfriend and I had sex in his firehouse on the truck."


    15. The stranger's car.

    "My girlfriend and I have a thing for sex outside. Over the summer we’ve checked off quite a few places. There’s been a police station, alleyway, and waterfront, but the sexiest place was on a city street during nightclub hours. We found a small car lot. Cunnilingus never felt better onlooking passersby from upside-down on the hood of a stranger's Audi."


    16. The freezing frisk.

    "I dated a GM of a restaurant/bar. We had sex in the walk-in fridge and a barber chair they had. I was also introduced to a bullwhip."


    17. The orgasm denial.

    "I started seeing a guy who is into orgasm denial and control. I had never tried it before him, but in six months I’ve gone from cumming daily to about once a month, and I fucking love it."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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