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    People Are Discussing Their Amputations With #MyPhantomPain

    "Phantom pain doesn't have one narrative."

    This is model and blogger Mama Càx. After being diagnosed with bone and lung cancer at 14, Càx beat the odds with experimental drugs and a leg amputation.

    But Càx still gets phantom pain — pain in limbs no longer existing after being amputated — and was recently inspired to learn about others' experiences with it, too. That's why she created #MyPhantomPain.

    "Phantom pain doesn't have one narrative," Càx told BuzzFeed, "so I gathered stories from several amputees I follow on Instagram, amputated under different circumstances, and coming from diverse walks of life."

    Responses came from Instagrammers including @amputeen, whose "phantom" experiences are sometimes painful, but not always...

    ... @ash_unique_chick, who also describes burning and itching in addition to shooting pain...

    ... and @amputee_kat, who experiences different forms of itching and shooting nerve sensations.

    Overall #MyPhantomPain achieved its goal of showing the diverse experiences of amputees, although Càx says she was disappointed in some responses she felt romanticized disability.

    "All in all, I'm glad I wrote it," she said. "Those who needed the information will benefit from it. Personally, I will be trying some of the methods the other women shared."