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13 Hilarious, Harrowing And Real AF Steps Of The Demonetisation Circus

It's been a long, confusing month.

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Since Prime Minister Modi announced his "demonetisation" scheme a month ago (and changed its rules every couple of days), every Indian has undergone an emotional rollercoaster. In their latest video, All India Bakchod captures the month of confusion.

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1. To begin with, it seemed like a pretty good idea.

2. We quickly began wondering who's best off.

3. We reminded ourselves to be patient.

4. Soon, we resigned ourselves to our fates.

5. We told ourselves lines aren't thaaaat bad.

6. That a few sacrifices along the way were for the greater good.

7. And that if soldiers could stand at the border for us, we could stand in ATM lines.

8. Some wild conspiracy theories floated around.

9. We continued believing bad times were bound to end.

10. As the rules changed, we tried to stay positive.

11. Sure, we ran out of patience on occasion.

12. Ultimately, we've all gotten a little desperate for some change.

13. And, ultimately, all we want is life back to normal, though that seems like a while away.