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24 Gifts That'll Make It Easier To Live With Your Roommate

Did we just become best friends?!

1. A place to hang keys for the roommate who can never find them.

2. An adorable elephant mug with a compartment for the teabags your roommate usually leaves on the end table.

3. A set of kitchen linens for the housemate that regularly tests the smoke detector batteries.

4. A card that's all about love in the face of adversity.

5. A monthly subscription to a man-grooming kit for the roommate that steals your razors.

6. Labels for all your "today is hard" wine.

7. A fuzzy faux fur blanket for someone who's always cold.

8. A candle for the roommate that misses home.

9. A reversible reminder magnet for visual learners.

10. A sweatshirt for the Con-Ed communist.

11. A candle . . . or chic decoration, depending on your building's policy on burning things.

12. Spoons that help your roommate get it straight, once and for all.

13. A Rubix cube tissue caddy and mock-Big Bang Theory roommate agreement for your IRL Sheldon.

14. A rustic-chic alternative to constantly turning the router upside-down.

15. Wireless headphones so they don't hear your music, or you don't hear their music, or both.

16. This Beard Bib Shave-ty Net for the person that makes your sink a Chia Pet.

17. The TubShroom hair catcher/drain protector for the Afghan Hound of your group.

18. This declaration of roommate love.

19. A yummy plush bathrobe because Jesus, Shannon, we have GUESTS.

20. A cookbook full of recipes for the finest gourmet struggle food.

21. A thorough pro apartment cleaning for the roommate covered in bed crumbs.

22. A care package that overcompensates for the snacks you stole.

23. The next couple months' necessities for the roommate that always "forgets."

24. Or saying "thanks" in scrumptious icing letters, because at the end of the day, you're a nightmare to live with too.

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