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December 2, 2016

Feds Probe Prison Banker As NYC Leaders Try To Cap Its High Fees

The government’s consumer finance watchdog has subpoenaed prison banker JPay Inc., which charges steep fees to transfer money from inmates’ families into their prison accounts. New York City’s public advocate wants to cap those fees, which burden poor families seeking to buy toiletries and other basic needs for locked-up relatives.

Zenefits Lost $200 Million Last Year

The embattled startup is awash in red ink, with an additional $100 million loss in the first half of the current fiscal year, according to a financial document shared with investors.

Instacart Is Being Sued By Its Workers

People who work for Instacart as independent contractors are suing the company, claiming they're owed money in lieu of the minimum wage, overtime and benefits they would have received had they been full employees.

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