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December 2, 2016

Awkward Things Patients Ask Doctors

"My testicles swing way too much."

Teen Kills Herself In Front Of Family After Relentless Cyberbullying

Brandy Vela, 18, shot and killed herself after a year of online harassment, her family says. Police are investigating the case as a possible cyberbullying crime.

Do You Know What Happened In Tech At The End Of November?

A big change at Netflix, fake news for days, tech in the Trump White House, and the dubious explosion of r/altright. Our weekly tech news quiz.

I Made A Stranger Go On An Adventure With Me In Hollywood // Presented By Google Search

"Stranger danger?" More like, "Stranger, let's have a good time!"

When You're New To Makeup

i don't need brushes. I can use my hands."

People Are Crushing Apples With Their Bare Hands Because Of This UFC Fighter

#SuperSageAppleChallenge has me worried for everyone's palms.

Here's The "Safe Schools" Of The 1970s

The revolutionary Australian book Young, Gay, and Proud made waves in the late ‘70s, and the coverage should look awfully familiar.

21 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

Trump’s Pentagon Pick Is A Battle-Hardened General Who Likes To Talk About Killing

“Be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” Who is Gen. James Mattis?

The Underappreciated Movie Moments You Probably Missed This Month

Including one that inspired Beyoncé, a stealth Wes Anderson release, and a super-stylized story of a witch in search of love.

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Take back your time with this scrumptious tender beef stew.

Trump’s Rich Nominees Have A History Of Political Influence

The populist candidate who wanted to “drain the swamp” is nominating people who have spent years and millions of dollars in trying to influence politics and policy.

The Trump Bros Have Found Their Safe Space

“We’ve made our own little safe space on frat row.”

Tiramisu Chocolate Mousse

Savor your inner sweet tooth with this dreamy dessert.

12 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the web.

Texas Appeals Court Halts Yet Another Execution

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed another execution after concerns over the mental competency of an inmate. This year will have Texas's fewest executions in more than two decades.

5 Muslims In Pop Culture That Reza Aslan Thinks You Should Know About

"I mean, dude c’mon. We’ve got a Muslim in Star Wars."

Here's Our First Look At "The Handmaid's Tale" TV Series

The 10-episode series premieres on Hulu in April.

Así serían los libros si las editoriales hablaran de los hombres como hablan de las mujeres

Inspirados en el cintillo ese de Elena Garro, decidimos hacer nuestras propias versiones.

Sheriff Says "Relative Statutes" Allowed Man Who Killed Joe McKnight To Go Free Without Charges

“In this state, there are some relative statutes that provide defenses to certain crimes,” the Louisiana sheriff said.

La papada de Trump está fuera de control y estos photoshops te alegrarán el día

¿Quién pensaría que este sujeto te haría reír tanto?

As pessoas estão fazendo fila para comprar o manto da Chapecoense

A camisa mais procurada é a do goleiro Danilo, o ídolo do pequeno e valente time catarinense.

38 Times Canadians Were Fucking Hilarious On Twitter In 2016

We have to laugh to keep from freezing to death.

Poem: "A New National Anthem" By Ada Limón

"Every song of this country / has an unsung third stanza, something brutal / snaking underneath us as we blindly sing / the high notes..."

US Civil Rights Commission Will Observe Standing Rock Standoff

"This is to me the closest thing to what we've done since the time that we would go down in the 1960s to the Jim Crow South," the chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights said.

Jury Deadlocked In Murder Trial Of Ex-Officer Who Shot Walter Scott

Though a mistrial briefly appeared imminent Friday in the trial of Michael Slager, who fatally shot Scott last year, the jury agreed to continue deliberating next week.

Los lugares más fotografiados en Instagram en 2016

Estos datos fueron proporcionados por Instagram.

Esta cuenta de Instagram prueba que 'La Niñera' era EL ícono de estilo de los 90

Fran Fine como gurú de estilo, aunque usted no lo crea.

20 Community managers que fallaron tanto en 2016 que merecen una medalla

Porque alguien tiene que reconocer la valiente labor de estos héroes.

AT&T And Verizon Draw More Government Scrutiny Over Free Data

Federal Regulators raise concerns that exempting mobile services from data charges harms competition and consumers.

Gambia's Strongman Ruler Backtracks On Pledge To Step Down After Losing Election

Yahya Jammeh lost last week's historic election but a week after conceding he's called the vote flawed.

GOP Congressman Says Trump Team Has Given "Assurances" On Religious Freedom Measure

Rep. Steve Russell told BuzzFeed News he has "gotten very positive signals" from the Trump team that it will act to protect federal contractors' religious freedom. Critics say such actions are designed to let recipients of federal money discriminate against LGBT people.

18 Things Celebrities Did This Week

J. Law and Chris Pratt pose for an awkward photo, Lady Gaga's style is back, and pregnancy speculations galore!

9 razões para crer que 2017 vai ser massa

Vai ter feriado demais, irmãozinho!!!

De quantos detalhes você consegue se lembrar em 6 segundos?

Como está sua memória de curto prazo?

O que a sua vagina acha de todo esse debate sobre dormir ou não de calcinha

Conversamos com duas especialistas para saber se dormir vestida faz mal.

A mãe do goleiro Danilo, da Chape, consolou um repórter da SporTV em uma entrevista

Ambos abalados pelo acidente que vitimou 71 pessoas, entre integrantes da delegação da Chapecoense e jornalistas.

This Girl's Fish Pulled A "Finding Nemo" Move On Her And Everyone Is Screaming

Some people are unhappy with how Dane was handled, but Dane's owner maintains that she really loved and cared for him.

Curly-Haired Girls Try Bizarre Hair Straighteners

"I feel like the curly-hair Gods are frowning upon me right now."

¿Puedes adivinar la edad de Britney por una sola foto?

Un quiz que sólo un verdadero fan podría pasar.

Feds Probe Prison Banker As NYC Leaders Try To Cap Its High Fees

The government’s consumer finance watchdog has subpoenaed prison banker JPay Inc., which charges steep fees to transfer money from inmates’ families into their prison accounts. New York City’s public advocate wants to cap those fees, which burden poor families seeking to buy toiletries and other basic needs for locked-up relatives.

20 provas de que a sua infância foi uma grande Parada Gay

A sua TV era um arco-íris de energia.

Ryan Reynolds Teamed Up With A Children's Hospital Thanks To This Brave Little Girl

"I was just so blown away by how brave and magical this little girl was."

Vamos definir de uma vez por todas o que é normal casais fazerem

Vamos falar sobre momoladinhos fazendo voz de bebê e espremendo espinhas um do outro.

Será que você faz tudo do jeito errado?

Como você usa o banheiro público?

Após a transição de gênero, ninguém mais me chama de gordo

Quando os médicos começaram a me ver como homem, minha obesidade pareceu estar curada – apesar de meu tamanho não ter mudado.

Uma avó cobriu um roteador com um pano de crochê

Agora a rede está bem protegida.

El Bronco compartió un meme de sí mismo porque Facebook es un lugar maravilloso

Una paradoja espaciotemporal provocada por un meme.

Healthier Raspberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake for everyone.

17 filmes e séries para ver na Netflix e viajar o mundo mesmo sem ter um real no bolso

Para quem ama conhecer lugares novos, mas não tá podendo nem ir pro cinema.

What's The Coolest Thing You Can Buy For Under $100?

Is it a bag full of ladybugs? A fancy phone case? Whatever it is, we wanna hear about it.

These Big Native American Facebook Pages Are Actually Being Run By People In Kosovo And Vietnam

“They’re just capitalizing on struggle — it’s really crazy,” said one Native American artist.

First Person Convicted Of "Revenge Porn" In Oregon Gets Jail Sentence

A 31-year-old Oregon man is going to jail for six months after he published sexual videos of an ex online. He's the first person in the state convicted and sentenced for "revenge porn."

11 Differences Between Growing Up British And Growing Up Russian

Though potato smilies and turkey twizzlers are not that different to pureshka s kotletoy.

Protestos de rua se tornaram ameaça a Temer, diz consultoria de risco

Relatório da Eurasia diz que presidente precisa do Congresso para aprovar reformas, mas, se apoiar desfiguração das 10 Medidas, pode ver a população se virando contra o governo. Efeito da delação da Odebrecht é incerto.

Who's The Celebrity Missing From These Pantomime Posters?

Featuring the incomparable Les Dennis.

Você é a pior irmã de todas?

A eterna disputa para sentar no banco da frente do carro.

Can You Pick The Most Expensive Christmas Jumper?

Do you really know your Christmas jumpers?

Culture Secretary Urged To Explain Why She Blocked A BME Woman From Channel 4 Board

Fifty-six MPs have written to Karen Bradley to ask why she rejected the candidate, who was "of an extremely high calibre", but approved the appointment of four white men.

Someone Found This 23-Year-Old's Lost ID And Used It Until They Turned 21

"Hope you don't mind I used it for awhile. But – now I'm 21 so you can have it back!"

Pai de zagueiro critica Temer por não ir ao velório no estádio

"Vou deixar meu filho aqui e ir lá? Ele é que deveria vir aqui”, disse Osmar, pai do zagueiro Filipe Machado, da Chapecoense. Presidente Michel Temer vai participar de cerimônia no aeroporto de Chapecó.

11 Sexfragen, die im Grunde unmöglich zu beantworten sind

Auf was könnte dein Sexleben verzichten?

All The Best Deals On The Internet This Weekend

Deals at Forever21, Wayfair, Cotton On, and more!

19 Jokes That Are Way Too Real If You're Broke AF

I just need a hug(e amount of money)

12 Consejos de expertos que te ayudarán conseguir los vuelos más baratos

Le pedimos a una aerolínea, una agencia de viajes, y un servicio de reservaciones en línea que nos dieran sus mejores consejos.

12 choses dont on se rend compte après une rupture

C'est incroyable à quel point la moindre petite chose vous rappelle cette personne.

What Do You Actually Want For Christmas?

♫All I want for Christmas... is for someone to pay off my student loans.♫

Mall Of America Is Hosting Its First Black Santa

"Anybody can be Santa. It’s what’s in your heart.”

25 Fotos que solo entenderás si eres una persona increíblemente perezosa

El objetivo definitivo es utilizar tan pocos platos como sea posible.

Here Are A Few Of The Amazing People Who Made The Disability Power 100 List

The list profiles individuals with a disability or impairment who have made an outstanding contribution to society.

17 Things You'll Only Get If You Were A Middle School Badass

All the cool kids could stick their pencils in the ceiling.

Michigan's Vote Recount Is Off After Successful Lawsuits By Trump Supporters

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said it was "inexcusable" for Stein to put voters "at risk of paying millions and potentially losing their voice" in the electoral college.

European Counterterrorism Officials Warn Of Fresh Wave Of ISIS Attacks As Fighters Return Home

Officials expect a rise in attacks as ISIS loses territories in Syria and Iraq.

It Will Be A While Before Republicans Move To Privatize Parts Of Medicare

Though Donald Trump and GOP leaders have opposing views on the issue that they'll need to settle, big changes to entitlement programs are taking a backseat to repealing Obamacare for now.

21 Things Only People Who Work In An Office Will Understand

Sitting at a desk all day is just so, so tiring.

14 choses que le président Hollande a été le premier à faire

Le président sortant ne sera pas candidat à un second mandat. C'est une première. Mais des premières, il y en a eu bien d'autres tout au long de ce quinquennat.

13 Times Representation Mattered In Books

We'll see who has the upper hand in the 'post-literate' era.

25 Tesoros de México que merecen ser declarados patrimonio de la humanidad

Oye, UNESCO, la charrería está muy bien pero, ¿qué me dices de la lucha libre?

17 Cosas que nadie debería hacer en Snapchat

Te damos algunos consejos para no fastidiar a tus amigos.

Here's Why People Are Worried That The Home Office Wanted To Check On Schools

Leaked documents that show the Home Office planned last year to "deprioritise" the children of illegal migrants when offering school places have raised new fears about why country-of-birth data is being collected.

University Faced Pressure To Investigate Rapes At Frats Long Before Lawsuits

Students, staff, and Greek life leaders say they pushed Kansas State to investigate sexual assaults at fraternities years before explosive lawsuits were roiling the campus.

20 Things All Nearsighted People Can Relate To

Even with glasses/contacts, everything is STILL blurry. It's a cruel world.

37 Gifts You'd Buy If Money Were No Object

Let's all pretend we have Emily and Richard Gilmore money. The products in this post were updated on October 30th, 2017.

28 Winter Shoes You Won't Be Embarrassed To Wear

What to wear to keep those little piggies from feeling like they'll fall off every time you step outside.

5 Great Books To Read In December

Some of the recent favorites we’ve reviewed in the BuzzFeed Books newsletter.

7 Cheap And Popular Beauty Products To Try Out

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising up in ranking. This week: beauty products!

Ces GIFs sur la fabrication des aliments vont vous retourner le cerveau

C'est beau, fascinant, et aussi un peu dégueu.

Ex du GUD, ex-FN, anti-IVG: on a scruté la garde rapprochée de Fillon

Hervé Novelli a cofondé le GUD. Anne Méaux a milité au sein de groupuscules d'extrême droite. Gérard Longuet est un ex d’Occident. Valérie Boyer veut inscrire les «racines chrétiennes de la France» dans la Constitution.

«Déchet pédérastique», «sodomite»: un cadre du FN dénonce l'homophobie dont il est victime

Secrétaire général du collectif Marianne, Guillaume Laroze quitte le parti de Marine Le Pen. Il ne supporte plus l'homophobie ordinaire dont il était la victime et témoigne auprès de BuzzFeed News.

17 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Ocean

Or be shellfish and get them for yourself.

Empregado de deputado agride homem que gritou "ladrão da Lava Jato"

Motorista de Aníbal Gomes (PMDB-CE), investigado sob suspeita de ser operador de propinas para Renan Calheiros, bateu no homem no aeroporto de Fortaleza. Deputado não foi encontrado para comentar a agressão.

23 Perfect Gifts For Future "Star Wars" Nerds

"Truly wonderful the mind of a child is." —Yoda

26 Boob-tastic Gifts To Get Your Breast Friend

A treasure chest of stuff to get your breast friends.

14 pessoas com planos melhores que os seus para o 13º salário

Esqueça a ideia de comprar presentes de fim de ano ou pagar dívidas.

26 Gifts That Are As Hilarious As They Are Sexy

NSFW (and maybe not safe for opening up in front of family, either).

Here Are 4 More Things The UK May Have To Continue To Pay The EU For

Brexit secretary David Davis said the UK may have to pay the European Union for access to the single market. So what else might we continue to pay for?

This Muslim Comedian Sat Next To Donald Trump's Son On A Plane To Scotland

"I was just walking in and he was just sitting there with his Trump shirt on, and I was like, Is this real?"

Zenefits Lost $200 Million Last Year

The embattled startup is awash in red ink, with an additional $100 million loss in the first half of the current fiscal year, according to a financial document shared with investors.

How Well Do You Know These Britney Spears Songs?

A journey through the pop singer's singles.

Obamacare Repeal Will Bring Lean Times To 9,000 Clinics For The Poor

Community health centers thrived under Obamacare. “We have the most to lose,” one health network chief said.

13 Gifts Canadians Are Buying On Amazon This Week

Portable printers, sushi card games, and enormous chocolate treats!

This Charity Used The Mannequin Challenge To Highlight An Important Message

The Elman Peace and Human Rights Center works to reintegrate former child soldiers into society.

35 Twatty "Apprentice" Candidate Quotes: Translated

"I run a successful baking business." – I sell cupcakes at car-boot sales.

Just 22 Cute Animal Pictures You Need Right Now

They made me smile. Hopefully you'll smile, too.

27 Perfect Gifts For Your Best Friend At Work

The cubicle mate of your heart.

Homem da "mala" da Odebrecht ganhou medalha de ministro tucano

Maior honraria da Câmara foi concedida a delator da Odebrecht em 2012, quando o hoje ministro Bruno Araújo era líder do PSDB na Câmara

Man Arrested Over Tweet Asking People To "Jo Cox" Tory MP

"This is what has happened to our politics," MP Anna Soubry had written.

11 Things You'll Want Right Now If You're A Bollywood Lover

Everything from shayari, cowbells and guides to great photoshoots.

A Mom Secretly Filmed Her Daughter Doing A Viral Dance Video And It's Hilarious

"When I was filming a video by myself, I heard my mom laughing, and it was like, what?! Are you filming this?!"

41 Things Poor Defeated Zac Goldsmith Is Probably Doing Today

In a year when the right has won basically every election, let's pause to remember the right-winger who managed to lose two.

We Need To Talk About How Concerts Are Actually Terrible

The music sounds just as good if we all sit quietly.

19 Perfect Gifts That Every Britney Spears Fan Will Love

They're ALL so good, so good, so damn, so good!

25 Tips For Visiting Chip And Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Market At The Silos

It's basically Disneyland for Fixer Upper fans.

Are You More Britney Spears Or Christina Aguilera?

The age-old question (well, at least since 1999).

Britney Spears' Music Video Orgies Ranked From Best To Iconic

1-2-3, who doesn't love a good Britney video orgy?

19 Momente, die jeden erschaudern lassen, der mal eine feste Spange hatte

Die wunden Stellen. Die Schmerzen. Die Folter. Aahhhhh!

Reinaldo Azevedo e Joaquim Barbosa estão lavando a roupa suja na internet

Blogueiro criticou entrevista do ex-ministro, em que negou ter a intenção de se candidatar em 2018, e afirmou que ele fala "bobagens". O ex-presidente do Supremo deu na canela: "Ele é um pau mandado".

Por qué está todo mal en el meme "En un mundo lleno de Kardashians"

Empezando con que, por desgracia, el mundo no está lleno de Kardashians.

On a déjà les titres de la presse à venir sur François Hollande

Vice: «J'ai passé la fin du mandat de François Hollande sous MDMA»

Muslims In Richmond Say Zac Goldsmith Showed No Remorse Over Divisive Mayoral Campaign

"There is anger towards Zac Goldsmith because the entire community felt betrayed. He could have reached out."

A Woman Documented Every Time A Black Person Appears On "Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life"

"What felt off is the extent to which Gilmore Girls attempted to signify diversity without putting much effort into developing it or avoiding stereotypes," Rahawa Haile told BuzzFeed News.





Ces photos montrent la difficulté du travail dans une usine de sidérurgie chinoise

Le photojournaliste Kevin Frayer a voyagé en Mongolie avec Getty Images et en a ramené des images troublantes.

James O'Brien On Angry White Men, Going Viral, And Post-Truth Politics

How the LBC presenter's monologues broke the internet.

Government Changes Rules On Handing Out Cash To Charities Following Kids Company Collapse

It will become a lot harder for ministers to hand out large sums of money to favoured causes, and changes have also been made to a controversial "gagging" clause.

Autoridades españolas detienen a 34 personas que amañaban partidos de tenis

Se dice que el grupo, que incluye a seis jugadores en activo, intentó arreglar 17 partidos.

Karan Johar Admits To Bollywood Being Sexist But Blames The Audience

"Few women could break the shackles in mainstream cinema."

TVF's New Web Series About A Dude Trying To Be A Comedian Looks Unexpectedly Feelsy

Also, so many stand up comedian cameos to look out for.

15 tweets pour rire du renoncement de François Hollande

François Hollande renonce, le web se marre.

A Lab Accidentally Released The Medical Reports Of 43,000 People, Including HIV Patients

Some patients included in the breach are as young as 17. UPDATE: The reports appear to have been taken down.

This IIT Professor Loves Memes So Much That He Added One To A Math Test

Maybe I would have been better at math if memes were a prime component.

A Plea To Make The National Anthem Mandatory In Courts Has Been Rejected And Twitter Can't Even

The decision comes just two days after the Supreme Court made playing and standing for the anthem compulsory in all movie halls.

25 Times "Community" Was The Funniest Show On Television

"Shirley, never change...or do if you want. I'm not your boss."

What % Ariana Grande Are You?

Are you a ~dangerous woman~?

19 Things You'll Understand If You Just Need A Fucking Holiday

"What a week it's been."- You, on a Monday.

12 Amazing Tumblr Posts About "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them"

Because we all want to adopt and protect Credence.

After Trump’s Win, Secure Messaging App Signal's Downloads Increase 400%

"I think there's a lot of fear, given Trump's alarming statements about surveillance and his penchant for revenge, that he will attempt to use surveillance to crush dissent."

How Many Of These Aussie Movies Did You See In 2016?

Are you a movie buff? Or did you not see enough?

Which Ugly Christmas Sweater Should You Wear Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like an ugly sweater!

Plane Carrying Brazilian Soccer Team Skipped Refuel Stop Before Deadly Crash

A representative for the airline that owns the plane said the pilot decided to fly directly to Medellín instead of making a refueling stop in Bogotá.

One Year After San Bernardino Terror Attack, Internet History Provides Clues To Motive

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik listened to radical sermons, pledged their allegiance to ISIS, and were upset by Christmas celebrations, but why they targeted Farook's co-workers at a holiday lunch remains unknown.

Liberal Democrats Defeat Zac Goldsmith In Richmond Park By-Election

The Lib Dems overturned an enormous Conservative majority to beat the former mayoral candidate in a by-election defined by Brexit.

Vows Against Illegal Immigration Return At Trump's "Thank You" Rally

"We will finally end illegal immigration," Trump told supporters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Martin Shkreli Is Definitely Not Mad That Teens Made His $750 Drug For $20

Australian high school students were able to re-create the active ingredient of Daraprim, a lifesaving AIDS medication, for $20.

Trump Picks Retired Gen. James Mattis For Defense Secretary

Before Mattis can take the job, however, Congress will need to pass legislation to bypass a federal law requiring defense secretaries to have ended their service seven years prior.

Instacart Is Being Sued By Its Workers

People who work for Instacart as independent contractors are suing the company, claiming they're owed money in lieu of the minimum wage, overtime and benefits they would have received had they been full employees.

The Scariest Part About Being Single

One is the loneliest number.

House Doubles Budget For Planned Parenthood Investigations Panel

The panel's future is unclear, but the influx of funding comes as both parties gear up for a fierce fight over abortion rights in 2017.

19 Skills Every Australian Mastered In 2016

From cheap avocados to ruined Shapes, it's been quite the year.

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