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December 18, 2016

19 Times Aussies Gave Absolutely No Fucks In 2016

"Please don't grab Australia's pussy."

That's Not Tinsel, That's A Fucking Snake

Merry Christmas, Australia!

Legendary Socialite And Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor Dies At 99

"I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house," the nine-times-married actor once said.

These 3 Questions Will Reveal Your Future In 2017

What does 2017 have in store for you? WE KNOW.

17 Things People Who Hate Seafood Know To Be True


免許返納しても運転できる 高齢者の暮らしを変える、新しいクルマの可能性


Police Broke Into A Car To Save A Mannequin That Looked Too Damn Real

The cops thought it was an old lady who had "frozen to death."

How Animals See The World (360° Video)

Look through the eyes of different animals in 360 VR.



So WTF Is Happening Between Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian?

She left him?! And took all his food?! Even his open bag of chips?!

People Are Making Their Brows Ombré With Makeup And Here's What It Looks Like

"The name of this look is Barb in the Upside Down."

4 Acompanhamentos com vegetais que levam apenas 3 ingredientes

Qualquer um vai querer comer vegetais depois de ver estas receitas.

14 Food Facts That'll Totally Fuck With Your Mind

The different colors of Froot Loops all taste the same. THE SAME.

16 Of The Cutest Moments From Aamir Khan's "Koffee With Karan" Episode

Aamir Khan as dad will definitely make you want to call yours.

12 Date Night Dinners That Are Also Healthy

Good for you, good for two.

Attacks In Jordan Leave At Least 10 Dead, Including Canadian Tourist

Authorities say gunmen are now hiding in a medieval castle popular with tourists.

A Dad Woke Up To Find A Stranger Cradling His Toddler In The Middle Of The Night

The man allegedly told police that he thought the child was a "midget."

21 Words That Mean Something Else To Pregnant Women

Because "Ring of Fire" is not just a popular Johnny Cash song.

We Bet You Can't Guess These State Flags

They're trickier than you think.

Are You More Like Rey Or Jyn Erso?

Either way, the Force is pretty strong with you.

A 3-Year-Old Boy Out With His Grandma Was Shot Dead In A Road Rage Incident

Police said the driver became enraged because he believed the grandmother "wasn't moving fast enough at a stop sign."

These "How To" Comics Are Too Real

How To: Laugh at comics.

These Six Questions Will Reveal What You Realized This Year

"I feel like this year is really about, just the year of just realizing stuff."

This Is The Story A UN Court Didn’t Want Three Rape Survivors To Tell

Three women from Rwanda changed history when they testified about rape and genocide at a United Nations court. Nearly 20 years later, the same court tried to gag the film that tells their story.

Buses En Route To Evacuate Sick And Injured Syrians Were Attacked And Burned

The buses were traveling to the besieged towns of Fuaa and Kefraya, where thousands of people are trapped.

23 Cheap Ways To Be The Cleanest Person Ever

It's all about keeping up appearances — at $25 or less a pop.

16 Fucking Creepy Things That Actually Happened In 2016

"She whispered to me, 'We’re not alone in this house.’”

Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing

"Show the goodies, BAM!"

15 Drool-Worthy Chocolate Desserts That'll Make You Weak In The Knees

Because there's no such thing as too much chocolate.

34 Muddy Buddy Flavors You Seriously Need To Try

Because Chex Mix is SO last year.

27 Gloves And Mittens People Actually Swear By

Gloves, and mittens, and bear mitts, oh my!

【クラブワールドカップ】鹿島アントラーズ、大善戦 レアルマドリードと延長戦も敗退




11 Happy Little Things To Make You Smile This Week

Let's put a smile on your face.

21 petits riens qui mettent mal à l'aise

Je me sens bizarre à l'intérieur.

Savez-vous prendre soin de vous?

Répondez à ce quiz, parce que vous méritez bien de vous sentir mieux.

24 crimes culinaires qui ont envoyé des hipsters en prison en 2016

Je vais prendre mon café dans un tube à essai, et mon repas dans une chaussure, SVP.

Tous les personnages masculins qu'on croise dans les comédies romantiques

Y compris le mec qui porte des gilets pour montrer qu'il est sensible.

No, Michael Sheen Is Not Quitting Acting For Politics

"Our democracy must be defended and each of us needs to decide how we can contribute to that effort," the Passengers actor said as he denied quitting Hollywood altogether.

Muslim Girls Are Tackling Stereotypes With Fencing And It's Badass

"Getting rid of Muslim stereotypes just by playing sport."

41 Online Stores You Still Have Time To Order From

Don't give up hope! There's still time to find a great gift online.

This Holiday Quiz Will Reveal Your Celebrity Family

Happy holidays to you and yours!

We Know If You’ve Been Naughty Or Nice Based On Your Disney Preferences

♫ He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! ♫



No, CeeLo Green Didn't Get Hurt By An Exploding Phone

The singer and performer posted a video on Facebook telling his fans he was alive and well after people thought a phone blew up in his face.

Which New Emoji Are You?

Find out which new egg-cellent emoji you are!



Are You Actually Grosser Than Most People?

Be honest about how often you clip those toe nails.

If You Get More Than Five Wrong On This Quiz, You've Probably Never Seen A Penis

Prove that you didn't forget everything you learned in sex ed all those years ago.

Which "SKAM" Girl Are You?

Which badass Norwegian girl are you?



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