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December 14, 2016

14 Of The Most Magical Desserts Australia Was Blessed With In 2016

The only good things to come out of this year tbh.

10 Secretos sobre Star Wars que nos confesó el equipo de 'Rogue One'

Hablamos con Diego Luna y el director Gareth Edwards y nos compartieron algunas anécdotas.

Students Were Handed A "Merry Christmas" Package Containing An Anti-LGBT Message

Exclusive: A stranger boarded a bus in regional Victoria to hand out the gift-wrapped flyers.

10 Things That Tell You You're Studying MCC At Keele

Media Communications and Culture...

Here's A Video Of A Self-Driving Uber Running A Red Light

An Uber self-driving car was caught on video running a red light in San Francisco on the first day of passenger testing. The company says the incident was the result of human error.

Judge Orders Trump To Answer Questions In Court Fight With Celebrity Chef

A D.C. judge rejected Trump’s arguments that he was too busy as president-elect to answer questions about his lawsuit against celebrity chef José Andrés, who dropped plans for a restaurant in Trump’s D.C. hotel in response to his campaign statements about immigrants.

No One In Congress Wants To Regulate Fake News

Regulating Facebook would invite Constitutional challenges, legal experts say, while lawmakers call for better internal policies to curb misinformation.

This Dad Narrated His Teen Daughter's Makeup Tutorial And It's Too Funny

"This is a very expensive palette and I only use a couple of them, but don’t tell my dad because it’s kind of a waste."

Order Breakfast And We'll Guess How Old You Act

Your taste in eggs says a lot about you.

How Long Would $1 Million Last You?

How quickly do you spend?

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Making Up Story Of NY Subway Attack By Trump Supporters

Yasmin Seweid told police three men tried to remove her hijab while shouting, "Donald Trump!" She was arrested Wednesday for allegedly filing a false report.

Family Of Cyberbullied Teen Who Killed Herself Says Online Harassment Won't Stop

Weeks after Brandy Vela's death, her family says they continue to see an onslaught of abusive posts about the 18-year-old on fake Facebook accounts.

Estas son 21 de las búsquedas más populares de Google en 2016

Este año la gente tuvo interrogantes muy diversas... y raras.

1 Billion More Yahoo Accounts Have Been Hacked

“Yahoo believes an unauthorized third party, in August 2013, stole data associated with more than one billion user accounts.”

17 Things You'll Understand If You Can't Fucking Sing

Maybe one day you'll sound like Adele.

When You're Alone On Christmas

You’re not as alone as you think.

Trump Will Probably Be Able To Lift Sanctions On Russia

The House unanimously passed legislation earlier this year to take decision-making on sanctions against Russia out of the president's hands, but the bill languished in the Senate, leaving the choice of whether to keep or scrap them up to Trump.

Chinese Feminists Call Trump Out For His "Straight-Man-Cancer" Behaviors

The term, which has become popular on Chinese social media, is the Chinese version of “male chauvinist pig” in English.

These Traditional Spirit Stories Will Keep You Up At Night

From the Poinciana Woman to Devil Highway, we have some legends for you.

16 Regalos que te ayudarán a conseguir un aumento de sueldo

Para tu jefe/a, con amor... y por menos de $500 pesos.

If You Bought A Real Christmas Tree, You Paid 15 Cents To The Christmas Tree Promotion Board

By law, producers must pay a per-tree fee to a group whose sole purpose is to promote the sale of real Christmas trees.

Top Adviser To Brazil's President Steps Down After Being Linked To Corruption Scandal

José Yunes, a friend of Michel Temer for more than 50 years, left his government role, following a BuzzFeed Brazil report on campaign money funneled through his office.

18 Unexpected Food Combinations Everyone Should Try At Least Once

Honey and fried chicken? Potato chips and applesauce???

Michael Flynn Deleted His Fake News Tweet Linking Clinton To Underage Sex Crimes

Donald Trump's pick for national security adviser deleted his October tweet that linked to a false story claiming Hillary Clinton's involvement in sex crimes with children.

16 Tatuajes de Harry Potter que son brillantemente sutiles

"¡Qué tatuaje geométrico tan lindo!," dice el muggle.

President Obama Barred States From Defunding Planned Parenthood

Anti–abortion rights lawmakers and advocates swiftly said they would work to roll a rule finalized Wednesday back once President-elect Trump takes office.

Men Find Out Their Prostate Cancer Risk

“It’s good to be informed."

This WWE Wrestler Clapped Back When People Took Issue With #BlackExcellence

"Excellence is not the same as supremacy. #BlackExcellence is not meant to be divisive."

We Found The Creator Of The Sad Kermit Meme And She's Got A Vault Of Kermit Memes

The Finnish teen told BuzzFeed News all the memes make her "feel very happy."

13 Personas a las que les puedes agradecer que México está como está

Un país que no respeta a las mujeres ni a sus ídolos.

How Well Do You Actually Know Your Starbucks?

Starbucks holiday drink season = all the sugar.

Tetas con un verdadero espíritu navideño

Dios, gracias por las tetas navideñas.

Chris Pratt Sends Pics Of Poop To His Friends, Too

This is what true friendship looks like.

The Torture Lobby Is Excited For The Trump Years

The Obama administration’s failure to fully reckon with fallout from the Bush-era torture program is already being exploited by the program’s supporters — who will soon have an ally in the White House.



21 Ways To Keep Winter From Ruining Your Skin

How to fake it 'til you make it. Also, how to actually make it.

Ashley Madison Unable To Pay A $17.5 Million Settlement

The owner of Ashley Madison will only pay $1.6 million of a $17.5 million settlement related to the 2015 hack based on its "inability to pay."

18 Cosas que sólo entenderás si te vuelves loco por las compras navideñas

Para ti el Guadalupe-Reyes se trata de comprar, no de comer.

Robin Thicke, Leo DiCaprio, And More Celebrities React To Alan Thicke's Death

"When Alan Thicke walked in the room, quite frankly, no one was cooler. I miss him already." —Leo DiCaprio

Pesquisadores pressionam Facebook a abrir dados após crise com notícias falsas

Nos últimos anos, pesquisas da empresa sobre o compartilhamento de informações e sua influência nas reações emocionais e no engajamento político dos usuários tornaram-se menos transparentes.

The Israeli Ambassador To The US Got An Award From An Anti-Muslim Group Amid Protest

“Well, ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t stand with the defamers and the blacklisters,” Ambassador Dermer said of the advocacy groups that requested he reject the award.

Interest Rates Are Rising For The First Time This Year

The Fed says the US economy is on the up and up.

Defense: Bill Cosby Case Was Filed To Vindicate A "Bandwagon" Of Other Alleged Victims

The sexual assault charges were also brought "by very clever people who had an agenda: the bringing down of an American icon," Cosby's defense attorney said Wednesday.

These Women Tried Fake Nipple Piercings And Damn, They Looked Realistic

"Nipple rings...among the naughtier of the body accessory."

13 momentos de pessoas sendo MUITO sinceras sobre sexo na TV

Sabe quando você fala de sexo com seus amigos? Pois é, essa galera estava na televisão.

A Louisiana Order Protecting LGBT Rights Was Thrown Out By A Judge

The governor's office told BuzzFeed News it plans "vigorously pursue an appeal” of the decision.

Make Your 2017 Better Than Ever With A BuzzFeed Newsletter!

Learn to cook something new. Find your next workout routine. Discover great DIY projects. With BuzzFeed newsletters, there's so much you can do to make 2017 the best year ever.

Impactantes fotografías de Alepo a lo largo de 2016

De diciembre de 2015 a diciembre de 2016, este ha sido el aspecto de Alepo. ADVERTENCIA: Esta publicación contiene imágenes fuertes.

Qual filme da Disney poderia ser sobre sua vida?

Ele, claro, terá muitas canções originais.

Capt. Khan, The Muslim American Soldier Who Died For His Country, Is Getting A New Honor

Humayun S. Khan, whose parents spoke out passionately against Donald Trump in 2016, will be honored with a plaque at his alma mater, the University of Virginia.

Probier mal diesen Lachs aus der Mikrowelle

Sieht fancy aus, ist aber total simpel.

Student Claims To Discover "Fake Book" With Alt-Right Materials In Columbia University Library

The university is investigating reports that a student found a hollowed-out book containing materials associated with the anti-democratic "Dark Enlightenment" movement in the school library.

27 Cosas divertidas que puedes hacer cuando quedas soltero

Una lista para reparar tu corazón roto.

26 Products That Will Help You Pack A Lunch In 2017

Turn your sad desk lunch into a happy one!

22 frases que toda mãe brasileira já falou

Desde 1500 tendo que explicar que "você não é todo mundo".

All 38 Characters From "Home Alone 2" Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranking every character in Home Alone 2 because I have a lot of feelings about this movie.

Facebook Tests "M Suggestions," Laying Groundwork For More AI In Messenger

A small test of Facebook's AI could lead to a bigger role for M, its virtual assistant.

A Teen Singer Named Jackie Evancho Will Perform The National Anthem At Trump's Inauguration

People are unfamiliar with the singer, whose latest single is called "Apocalypse."

Charleston Church Shooting Survivor Bravely Called 911 While Dylann Roof Was Still Inside

An Emanuel AME shooting survivor was the last witness to testify at the death penalty trial for white supremacist Dylann Roof. Hear the complete 911 call [WARNING: disturbing content].

Did 2016 Punch You In The Dick As Hard As It Punched Canadian Media?

Are you only half as diverse as you should be?

23 Geheimnisse, die dir Grundschullehrer und –lehrerinnen niemals verraten

Nur ein leeres Klassenzimmer ist ein gemütliches Zimmer.

11 Planners That Will Hopefully Save You When Everything Goes To Shit

Because there's no such thing as being too prepared.

Essas notícias são de 2015 ou de 2016?

Aconteceu tanta coisa neste ano que tem horas que confunde mesmo.

Os sabores de panettone estão indo longe demais

Bobeou, inventaram mais um sabor.

Elon Musk And Uber CEO Travis Kalanick To Advise Trump, Apple CEO To Meet Privately

Ahead of today's tech industry summit, Apple 's Chief Tim Cook is expected to meet privately with President-elect Trump.

Do You Feel The Same About These Disney Movies As Everyone Else?

Up is the saddest Pixar movie ever, OK? There, I said it.

Trump's State Department Could Mirror Exxon's Fortress Of Secrets

Rex Tillerson's nomination by Donald Trump has transparency advocates concerned he will lock down the State Department.

Threatened Climate Scientists Split Over How To Survive Trump

More than 20,000 Earth and climate scientists gathered in San Francisco this week, under the shadow of an incoming US administration that seems openly hostile to their work.

17 comemorações que vão te fazer sentir ancião em 2017

O tempo voa, o filme "Lua de Cristal" saiu há 27 anos e Xuxa vai completar 54 em 2017.

10 ideias para revolucionar as próximas temporadas do “MasterChef”

Incluindo a edição "Cozinheiros Fantásticos e Onde Habitam".

24 Memes That Are Too Good For This World

We don't deserve these memes.

Couples Pick Surprise Tattoos For Each Other

"She's so gonna break up with me."

12 situações que mostram o tamanho da sua inocência ao começar uma dieta em dezembro

Você vai ao médico pedir uma ajuda, mas nem ele te dá confiança.

This Artist Has Created Comic Book Covers For "Black Mirror" And They Are Dope AF

They've even got the seal of approval from Charlie Brooker!

18 Cheat Sheets That'll Help You Survive Christmas

Everything you need to enjoy the holidays.

17 Easy Gifts That'll Make Your Coworkers Love You Forever

$15 or less each for when you're obligated to get everyone something.

16 idées de cadeaux pour les gens qui font du vélo

Vous avez des amis cyclistes? Voici les cadeaux parfaits pour leur faire plaisir.

Você é um velho vivendo no corpo de um jovem?

"Eu estou com muito frio" - Você.

Só uma expert em maquiagem conseguirá responder a estas perguntas

Prove seu conhecimento aos deuses da maquiagem.

Which Political Party Is Hugh Grant Representing In "Love Actually"?

At first you might think it's obvious, but it actually is quite complicated. (UPDATE: A publicist for Hugh Grant has responded, as has scriptwriter Emma Freud – Richard Curtis's partner.)

Only A True "Elf" Fan Can Pass This Quiz

There's room for everyone on the nice list!!!

The Labour Party Just Covered "Do They Know It's Christmas?" And It's Bizarre

Never has "Tonight thank god it's them instead of you" felt more apt.

Which Extremely 2016 Trends Must Go?

Are you kind of done with avocados?

O&O: Site, Tools, & Services

Our 2016 roundup!

29 Gifts To Make Their Bedroom Even Cozier

Gift ideas you'll ~dream~ about.

18 YA Books We Can't Wait To Read In 2017

You're going to want to read these immediately.

iPhone Apps Could Be A Revolution In Health — If People Use Them

A study provides an early glimpse into Apple’s much-hyped attempt to transform its smartphones into scientific research tools.

Chris Pratt May Just Be The Man We Can All Agree On

In two short years, he went from the adorable chubby goofball on Parks and Recreation to one of the biggest movie stars in the world, his likability transcending our bitter cultural divide. But with the sci-fi romance Passengers, Chris Pratt is testing just how beloved he really is. Warning: This story contains SPOILERS.

Mexican Magazines Are Way Whiter Than The Actual Mexican Population

More than half of Mexico's population identifies as dark-skinned, but you wouldn't know it flipping through the pages of the country's most popular magazines. From BuzzFeed Mexico.

Citado em delação da Odebrecht, assessor especial de Temer pede demissão

José Yunes, amigo de Michel Temer há mais de 50 anos, não resiste a citação em delação da Odebrecht e deixa o governo. Um ex-executivo da Odebrecht delatou a entrega de dinheiro no escritório dele, segundo revelou o BuzzFeed Brasil.

What Gift Did You Want Most As A Kid, But Never Got?

A long-lost Easy-Bake Oven? An original Gameboy?

15 Madres que tuvieron ideas raras pero sensacionales

*guarda los hisopos en tarros de salsa*

Probé el perfume de feromonas de Rafa Mora y ahora soy el macho alfa de mi oficina

¿Pero es que cómo no me van a salir bien las cosas con esta carita que me gasto?

19 Of The Best Mums On The Internet Ever

"I come home from school to my mom shaving my dog..."

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Steve Madden, J.Crew Factory, Make Beauty, and more!

You Can't Go To The Grocery Store Until You Pass This Nutrition Facts Quiz

*Eats entire package. Finds out it was actually three servings*

Theresa May Says The UK Will Keep Selling Weapons To Saudi Arabia

The prime minister faced questions from MPs as the death toll in Yemen rises.

Ceasefire Deal To Evacuate Eastern Aleppo Is Back On, Rebels Say

Pro-government forces shelled the besieged remains of rebel-held eastern Aleppo early Wednesday morning, but activists later said a plan to get rebel fighters and their families out was back on.

Exclusive: Here's The Cover Of Rainbow Rowell's New Book

An exclusive look at the cover of the paperback edition of Carry On, which will hit shelves May 2017.

A Russian Program Just Launched To Help You Find Anyone’s Face On Twitter

FindFace launched Wednesday with the promise of a free program that can scan for anyone's face on Twitter.

22 Products From Amazon That’ll Make Perfect Gifts

A horse head squirrel feeder, a Game of Gnomes statue, a retro hotdog toaster, and 19 other things you’ll want to give to your loved ones this holiday season.

16 Subtle Harry Potter Tattoos That Are So Damn Magical

"What a cute geometric tattoo," says the Muggle.

Hunderte Artikel über ein Familiendrama in deiner Nähe sind Fake News

Sie locken dich auf ihre Seite, um Geld zu verdienen. Die Spuren zu den Hintermännern führen nach Georgien.

We Know How You'll Ring In The New Year Based On This "Hunger Games" Test

Welcome to 2017: May the odds be ever in your favor.

Assemble Your Ideal Pizza And We'll Tell You What Christmas Movie To Watch

Or just watch Christmas movies while eating pizza...

Como Aleppo, na Síria, virou um inferno em 26 imagens impactantes

Centro do confronto entre forças rebeldes e do governo sírio, cidade foi alvo de constantes ataques aéreos entre dezembro de 2015 e dezembro deste ano. AVISO: este post contém imagens fortes.

Tell Us Your Best Christmas Dinner Cooking Tips

Because no one likes dry turkey.

20 conversas que fizeram o Brasil rir gostoso em 2016

Saindo da pasta de prints pra entrar na História.

You Can Now Buy The Morning-After Pill Online For Less Than £5

Women have previously needed to pay up to £30, or visit a doctor's surgery or clinic for a prescription to access emergency contraception.

The 46 Most Powerful Photos Of 2016

Here are the most influential, striking, and beautiful pictures from 2016.

O mais famoso fã do Messi finalmente o conheceu e não quis sair do campo

Em um dado momento, o árbitro teve que pegá-lo no colo e levá-lo para fora do campo porque o jogo já ia começar.

13 Tumblr Posts About IBS That Are Way Too Real

"I wonder what it’s like to have a normal digestive system."

Trump Must Give Up Hotel Before Inauguration, Agency Tells Lawmakers

Major development in dispute over Donald Trump's conflicts of interest: The government agency that leases a taxpayer-owned landmark for Trump's Washington, DC, hotel has told lawmakers that the president-elect will be in breach of the contract unless he relinquishes his ownership interest. Updated: This story was updated to include a statement by a GSA spokesperson.

9 Things British People Get Wrong About Their Own Country

A new poll has revealed that on a range of subjects, from the size of the Muslim population to home ownership, our perceptions do not match reality.

A 17-Year-Old Russian Figure Skater Has Gone Viral In Japan Because Of This Anime Show

She's just like the rest on the internet right now. WARNING: spoilers ahead!

Este teste vai dizer se você é obcecado por boas maneiras

Por quanto tempo você já ouviu pacientemente um atendente de telemarketing?

TPMP, chronique quotidienne de l'homophobie ordinaire

«Four à pine», «puits sans fond»... voici comment Touche pas à mon poste parle des gays.

Você vê água corrente ou um canudo transparente nesta imagem?

Ainda bem que a internet existe para a gente passar o tempo.

Build A Savory Gingerbread House With A Cheese Hot Glue Gun

because gingerbread is, like, so last year...

38 Things You Might Not Know About How They Made "Planet Earth II"

David Attenborough recorded the voiceover for each episode in only two hours.

12 insultos muy fuertes que podrás convertir en imágenes monísimas

Porque claramente ninguno de nosotros ha podido relajarse en 2016.

Inquiry Chair Wants To Question JD Sports Over Allegations Of Exploitative Working Conditions

An undercover Channel 4 News investigation has made a series of allegations about the company's Rochdale warehouse.

20 imágenes de Miguel Ángel Muñoz que van a hacer que sientas cosas

Ha ganado MasterChef y también un hueco en nuestros corazones o donde él quiera.

Las 41 mejores fotos del deporte en España en 2016

Te cansas solo de verlas, pero merece la pena.

Syria's UN Ambassador Used A Photo From Iraq And Claimed It Was From Aleppo

"She is a woman fleeing eastern Aleppo," Bashar Jaafari said. She isn't.

15 idées de mamans aussi bizarres que géniales

Y'a que les mamans pour inventer ça.

7 Lektionen, die du lernst, wenn du mit 26 an Brustkrebs erkrankst

Was passiert ist, als bei mir im Alter von 26 Jahren Brustkrebs festgestellt wurde.

How Long Will You And Your Best Friend Be Best Friends?

Is "best friends forever" realistic?

What's Going On Around The World Today?

Fierce fighting in the Syrian city of Aleppo has stalled a planned ceasefire and delayed civilian evacuation. Scientists are freaking out that Donald Trump has picked Rick Perry to head the Energy Department. And how electronic music made by neo-Nazis soundtracks the alt-right.

Amazon's Prime Video Is Now Live In Over 200 Countries

Netflix finally has a global rival.

DMV Threatens Legal Action After Uber Rolls Out Self-Driving Cars In SF

The same day Uber started testing autonomous cars in San Francisco, the California DMV asked the company to cease its program until it obtains a permit from the agency.



12 coloriages insultants à remplir en 2017

Passez un pur moment de détente.

23 personnes qui ont eu une année 2016 bien pire que la vôtre

«Un mec m'a accidentellement chié dans la bouche.»



19 Tweets You'll Totally Get If You Google Your Symptoms

"WebMD would be more accurate if every search result diagnosed you as a hypochondriac."

Estos son los nominados a los Premios Goya 2017

Natalia de Molina y Javier Cámara revelan los nominados.

18 Times Tumblr Nailed Fragile Masculinity

"You want me, a MAN, to buy this body wash which doesn’t have the word 'SPORT' in the name and it doesn’t say FOR MEN anywhere? Nice try, pal."

Boris Johnson's Completely Useless Water Cannon Are So Useless They're Being Sold

The vehicles, which are illegal to use on the streets of London, have so far cost £320,000.

Trump Supporters Love Russia And Think CNN And The New York Times Are "Fake News"

Trump fans at the latest stop of his "Thank You Tour" said they see Russia as an ally and believe outlets like CNN and the New York Times are part of Facebook's fake news problem.

19 Vines That Prove Dogs Aren't Real

They're a figment of your imagination. H/T @incrediblyrich

18 tendencias horrorosas que no deberían seguir en 2017

¿Por qué seguís llamando por teléfono en dos mil dieciséis?

Voilà à quoi ressemblait Alep mois après mois cette année

Voici à quoi ressemblait la vie à Alep, de décembre 2015 à décembre 2016. ATTENTION: L'article qui suit contient des photos que certaines personnes pourraient trouver choquantes.



22 People Who Took Their Love Of Video Games To The Next Level

"It's dangerous to go alone, take this engagement ring."

「逃げ恥だ? こちらは常に 生き恥よ」旬ネタたっぷりのオタク川柳、応募作の一部を教えてもらった


【写真】福原愛のウェディングドレス姿が天使すぎる 幸せが伝わる5枚の写真


How Not To Be A Dick In Goa This New Year’s

As you descend on Goa with your aviators, chappals, and party spirit this holiday season, here are some handy tips to avoid destroying everything you love about my home.

This Woman Made Chocolate Tarts With "Firewhisky", And They Look Frikkin' Amazing

You don't need to go all the way to Hog's Head, you can just make this at home.

33 Holiday Destinations Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

Warning: This post may make you book a holiday ASAP.

Can You Get Through This Post Without Booking A Trip To Fremantle

This lively city really has the best of everything: art, culture, food, beaches, and a whole lot of history.

Alan Thicke: A Life In Pictures

A look back at the life of one of America's favorite TV dads.



Trump Picks Montana Congressman To Lead Interior Department

Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL commander, has been praised locally for protecting public lands but is perceived as an adversary to environmentalist causes.

How Writing A Letter To Myself Helped Me Work Out What I Really Wanted In Life

In a letter I listed the job, partner, and apartment I wanted more than anything. Within two years, like magic, I had them all.

This Syrian Teen Refugee Is Basically Peter Dutton's Nightmare

What was that about illiterate refugees?



Extreme Anti-LGBT Activists Have "Every Right To Speak Out" In Marriage Debate, Says Lyle Shelton

Lyle Shelton may not agree with the hardliners, but argues all opinions valid.

Clinton Staffer Enters The Race For DNC Vice Chair

Adam Parkhomenko, a founder of Ready for Hillary and a longtime Clinton aide, is running for the position as Democrats try to decide the party's new direction.

Facebook Spokesperson Calls Muslim Registry "Straw Man"

The company subsequently refused to comment on whether it would decline to participate in building such a registry, or endorse data collection policies championed by a group of Silicon Valley technology employees.

沖縄オスプレイ事故、なぜ墜落ではなく「不時着」と報道? 防衛省に聞いた


Alan Thicke, TV Dad Of "Growing Pains," Dies At 69

Thicke was taken to a hospital Tuesday after suffering a heart attack.

Video Shows Woman Being Dragged Off Delta Flight By Her Hands And Feet

Airport officers were called in to remove the woman after she failed to comply "with boarding and baggage check procedures," Delta said.

Of Course "Rogue One" Is Political

The latest Star Wars installment has something to say, but it's not what mobilized the #DumpStarWars faction.



73-Year-Old Grandfather Killed By Police Was Carrying Crucifix, Not Gun

Francisco Serna, who was shot multiple times Monday as he was taking a late-night walk, was in the early stages of dementia, his son said.

Pick A “Gilmore Girls” Character And We’ll Tell You What You’re Getting For Christmas

“I want a barbie and a pony and roller skates and roller skates for the barbie and for the pony.”

Parole Board Denied Indigenous Teen Access To Program That Would Have Helped Him, Commission Hears

"I think in Dylan’s case that he was very much set up to fail."

This Is What Fabletics Is Actually Like

What would Kate Hudson do?

Tegan And Sara Will Play At The Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras Party

The pop stars and LGBT rights advocates will play at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which has recently been criticised for losing its political roots.

Founder Of CorePower Yoga Found Dead Under "Suspicious Circumstances"

Police are investigating after the 48-year-old founder of the successful yoga studio chain was found dead Monday in his San Diego home.

How Many Of These Drinks From The Starbucks Menu Have You Tried?

"I'll have a Trenta, no foam, five-shot, half-caf, no foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees."

Trump Fights to Block Questioning In DC Hotel-Related Lawsuit That He Brought

Trump “is extremely busy handling matters of very significant public importance,” his lawyers wrote.

Las In-N-Out Burger en Guadalajara se agotaron en cuestión de horas

Hay gente devastada, tuiteros presumidos y sí... memes.

Labor Accused Of Smearing Greens As Anti-Vaxxers In "Sad" Push Poll

"It's sad that the Labor party would stoop this low and lie about a serious issue affecting the health of our kids."

So A “Calum Thwaites” Account Started Impersonating Me On Facebook

About eight minutes after I sent an email to the real Calum Thwaites, my face was plastered over the Facebook account that bears his name.

Scientists Are Freaking Out About Rick Perry Heading The Energy Department

The biggest funder of research in the physical sciences would be helmed by the former Texas governor who once wanted to eliminate the agency.

Harry Reid Says Electors Should Have Intelligence Briefing

Electors will be "concerned," the Democratic Senate leader said at a BuzzFeed Brews event.

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