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December 29, 2016

33 Of Our Favorite Tech Stories From 2016

Fake news. Apple versus the FBI. Twitter's abuse problem. 2016 was as bizarre online as it was IRL, and BuzzFeed Tech chronicled it all. Here are our 33 biggest and best stories of the year.

How Trump Made Israel A Zero-Sum Game

No more bipartisan consensus. “It’s always been: ‘Somebody’s going to be ethnically cleansed and it ain’t going to be me,’” says an architect of the new Republican policy.

The 5 Big Tech Policy Battles Of 2017

As the tech industry navigates the first year of the Trump era, old conflicts over encryption and net neutrality will likely resurface, along with unsettled disputes over surveillance, censorship, and the spread of information.

Twitter Embraces Its Role As A Media Company

After years of rejecting the "media company" label, Twitter is indulging in some decidedly media company behaviors — hiring editors, broadcasting breaking news notifications, and airing premium live video.

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